UFC X Review


We get some background on Birmingham

Then goto the State Fair Arena.

Holyshit is this place empty.

Bruce Beck is our host.

They keep pimping the 3 veterans. (Don Frye, Mark Hall and Gary Goodridge.)

Frye gets an interview- nothing much.

We get the rules. We even get intros for the judges- heck we even get intros for the 3 doctors!

Mark Hall (189) vs Don Frye (216)

Mark Hall is 3-1 in the UFC, wearing a PVCC T-Shirt. (Pine Valley Community College?) His only loss was to Paul Varlens. Why did he get the 8th spot?

Don Frye is out- wearing a Met-RX shirt, making me have World’s Strongest Man flashbacks.

Bruce Buffer is in the House!

No touch, Hall tries a sidekick, Frye eats it, but uses it to clinch a bodylock and SLAMS him down. Hall has no guard whatsoever, Frye just is hammering on the floaters- and we see bruises all over Hall’s side. Hall is just hanging on to Don’s neck and doing very little offensively.

Frye just spends 10 minutes just beating on Hall. Its a slow beating, Hall does enough to prevent a stoppage, but not much more than that. Big John could stop this at any time.

Frye is telling Hall he needs to quit.
Hall: I can’t
Frye: You can, it’s ok.

Frye even pauses the beating to tell John to stop the fight, best ref in the business just stands there.

Big John FINALLY calls it at 10:23

Scott Fiedler (235) vs Brian Johnston (222)

Scott is a 5-0 pro boxer, claims limited grappling. Brian is a Golden Gloves champion out in California. Brian has never fought MMA.

Brian with two Judo trips, but goes for a kneebar and gives up his back. Scott’s got both underhooks in- pretty good technique there, but he’s too high and Brian is out. Brian’s on top, he starts pounding, Scott turtles and Big John stops it at 2:27.

Mark Coleman (245) vs Moti Horenstein (230)

Coleman is talked about as a world class wrestler, but its almost like they are talking about just another 198th degree black belt in Whatever Karate De So. They have no idea what they have coming.
Moti is the first Israeli fighter in the UFC, three-time karate champion.

Moti with a push-kick that misses, he takes Moti down and gets full mount and goes Donkey Kong on him. Coleman only has 15 pounds on him, but it looks like he’s got at least twice that.

Coleman almost has a repeat of Frye, but is much more worried about hitting the face. After 3 massive shots- Big John stops it.
Considering how long the Frye fight went, this was EARLY.

Gary Goodridge (263) vs John Campetella (235)

Goodridge is 2-2 in the UFC. By far the biggest guy in the tourney. GG is going out there in a Gi, the only one to do so.
Campetella is 5’9 and 235? Dang.

John is actually able to back the Big Daddy up, and unloads on him, Gary Clinches, and PULLS GUARD. GG is able to get a sweep, hits John twice and Big John dives on him- THATS WAY too early! Holy shit that was early @1:27. The commentary team does it’s best to defend the stoppage, but just makes it worse.

Bracket update.ufc 10 bracket

Tank Abbott joins the table. Tank got into a fight in Puerto Rico and is under suspension. Tank is just awesome on the mic. The UFC really missed being able to build around him. Dana White would have made him a monster- if only he was 5 years younger. And built to a Couture/Chuck vs Tank fight on ESPN.


Dan Severn is wearing the Worlds Strongest Man Met-RX T-Shirt and is doing autographs, Tank keeps calling him Freddie Mercury, and said he had nightmares about being raped by Freddie Mercury at Ultimate Ultimate.

Tank: Run Away fight again another day, look like a pussy today.

Semi Final: Don Frye (5-0) v Brian Johnston (1-0)

Frye with a takedown, and he starts landing elbows, Johnson taps. Hard to care on this fights since all I care about right now is Tank.

Gary Goodridge (3-2) v Mark Coleman (1-0)

Coleman with a takedown, and he gets some good shots in. Headbutts a plenty. GG gets up, and grabs the cage- he’s right in front of Colemans corner- so he actually walks over to the other side of the cage, grabbing the cage the entire time so Coleman can’t suplex him when he lets go. GG’s corner just keep screaming to elbow Coleman- who by the way can hear EVERYTHING THEY SAY. They finally separate, Coleman shoots, pounding, GG turtles and taps @4:38

We get to talk to Big John, who tries to explain all the stoppages.

Promo Package for Dan Severn. That actually makes sense, build for the next PPV, but why not show his opponent as well? Dan has put on a suit and he’s at the table. For some reason they keep wanting to talk about the Shamrock/Severn bore-fest. Poor Dan. He’s as boring almost dry paint.

I wonder if SEG ever thought about contacting Paul Heyman or Bobby Heenan or heck, Captain Lou or Dusty Rhodes and had them talk to their fighters? I would have duct-taped Severn to a chair and made him watch hours of Ali on a loop.

Don Frye vs Mark Coleman

Tourney Final

Man this is a money fight, and might be why the UFC hates tourneys. You can’t tell me you couldn’t sell a PPV with a Tank/Severn and Frye/Coleman (both undefeated) contest.Coleman vs Frye

Coleman with a takedown, Frye is trying to defend, but wall-walking hasn’t been discovered yet. Frye eats a headbutt, and he’s busted open. Frye is blocking some of the punches from Coleman, but not all of them. Coleman changes to side control. Coleman gives Frye a small window to escape and Don is out and up. COLEMAN IS BURNT. But he gets a takedown when Frye moves in. Frye keeps looking for a spot to explode again, but it doesn’t happen. Big John pulls Coleman off, but its just to clean the blood off- a rule I hate in the early days. Big John tells Frye he’s gotta do something as he’s cleaning him off.
Frye just stalks Coleman until he’s backed against the fence. Frye SHOOTS! He’s got a double but there is nothing there. Coleman on top, and he’s going for damage, but he tries to get a submission, Frye gets on top. Coleman explodes and PICKS FRYE UP. If grabbing the cage wasn’t allowed Matt Hughes would still be wetting his pants over the slam that would have came. We have a Coleman chant! Coleman starts pounding away, Frye’s mouse under his eye explodes and Big John calls it @11:36!

Special Features:

Ground and Pound 101
with Mark Coleman

uh, no. Its a Coleman Interview.

– Coleman says he is reason for no Headbutts today, that’s entirely possible.

– Colemans Manager said Don Frye was a bad guy, but found out later he was a good guy.

– Don Frye never got over the fight, and Frye hated him for it.

– Considers Frye a good friend today

– Supposed to fight Brock Lesnar his first fight back in the UFC, but hurt his knee.

Yup. Learned a lot there about Ground and Pound. That’s 101 right there.

Mark Coleman gives commentary just on his fights

vs Moti Horenstein

Coleman says they lied about his height and weight, instead of 6’1, 245, he says he was 6′ 235.

– He didn’t have any respect for Karate.

– Coleman cheated on his diet, wanted to be as big as possible.

– Coleman didn’t want to wear the gloves but his manager talked him into it. He wanted to take them off after the first fight, but had to keep them on.

– Big John liked to yank people off during stoppages, he had some problems with Big John at the time over it.
He does have a point, Big John could be kind of an ass in the cage.

Vs Gary GoodridgeGary Goodridge

– Didn’t know anything about Goodridge at the time , was a little intimidated.

– Says you can’t do tournaments today, the skill level today is just so high, no one could make it through 3 fights in one night.

– Saw GG was big and strong, but he couldn’t stop his takedowns.

– Coleman didn’t respect Ju-Jitsu, cause he was stupid, but he knew GG didn’t know it.

– Turned down a role for the movie “Gladiator” but didn’t have the time. He was supposed to just sit on a horse.

– Gi made it easy to take him down, and today he knows that the closed guard is garbage.

– GG wanted to try and stop the headbutts by exposing his teeth.

– Became a good good good friends with Goodridge over in Japan.

– Says he lets Goodridge walk around the cage cause he didn’t care at this time.

– GG was doing him a favor bu grabbing the cage, since he could just punch on him.

– When Big John pulled him off Coleman thought he almost blew out his knee.

– Coleman is running out of things to say. Needed to have Rogan or Anik in there to bounce questions on him.

Vs FryeColeman vs Frye2

– Coleman said he had like 10 minutes to rest before the UFC said it was time to go. He was ready. Frye wasn’t so the UFC had to stall a bit longer.

– Feels the UFC wanted Frye to win. “Sexy-Ass Don Fyre”

– Felt confident since he was bigger and stronger and a better wrestler, and he didn’t know Jits- but neither did Don Frye

– Went to camp in Arizona, but the guys there were so bad, he was able to power out of it all, so he lost even more respect for it.

– Said he was lucky to never face a good submission guy in the UFC in 10, 11 or 12. He didn’t have to worry about it until he went to Japan. It set him back and he was stupid for it.

– Don Frye was stronger than he expected.

– He points out a portion of the fight where he would have been armbared in a second.

– Breaks down how Frye got out of his headlock.

– Coleman constantly reflects on how he didn’t know anything about MMA at the time, and didn’t even have a striking coach.

– Just wanted the fight to be over and wanted to win


This is a far batter card than 9, and one of the better championship matches in the early SEG days of the UFC. To have a n 8 man tournament, with no withdrawals and no alternates having to come in, is nice to see, even though it is clear the wrestlers are coming, and they are coming hard.
The presentation is really lacking, if there is one thing the  SEG/UFC had a serious problem was is the presentation. Jim Brown is gone, and yes, Blacknick has legitimate credibility, but man he is useless on the mic, and his interview skills are severely sub-par. Its nice to see  Bruce Buffer in here, and he’s a welcome change. Guys like Tank coming over is fun, but he’s worried about putting himself over than doing any good on the fights. Dan Severn trying to make excuses for that fight was also a joke.
I do prefer the UFCs where we get a 4 man tourney and some single fights, but lets be honest, this bracket was setup to  make Don Frye and Dan Severn the next matchup, and make Frye a star. Since Coleman was unknown, and Goodridge was a solid opponent that would make Frye look at manly destroying with his girth and ability to take a berating.
If Coleman was the real deal- then we have a budding rivalry.
As it turns out, Coleman was a dream come true for SEG in this bout, and if they could have kept him, he could have lead them somewhere, but thats getting ahead of the story.
This is a solid night of fights, and just the brutality of Frye/Hall and Frye/Coleman is awesome to see.

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