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joe1On Thursday (8/7) there was a story making the rounds about this messed up dude who killed his wife and the eventually killed himself after taking his kids on a two-state failed escape attempt.

Headline in the NYDN read… “Had an argument. She was cheating on me. I won”. That’s what the crazy dumbass schmuck wrote on Facebook… man-killed-wife-staten-island

Here’s the back story… at about 2:30 am, Keith Belajonas kills his 28-year-old wife, Christina, in their Drexel Hill (PA) home. He grabs his kids… two sons, ages 4 and 5… and books it out the door armed with two guns.

A witness says he heard one child say, “Is Mommy dead?”

Police arrived to find a blood trail on the front steps and the woman’s body inside with a gunshot wound to the head and multiple stab wounds.

The killer runs to Staten Island (NY) where he checks in with his brother working at a 24-hour CVS… leaves the kids… free of any injuries.. physically anyway…  but before running he figures he needs some thing for his flight to freedom… he sticks up the place… he leaves with a case of beer and a pack of butts… reportedly no cash.

It’s now about 6 am. Long story short… he tries eluding NY cops by running through various residential neighborhoods, winds up on a dead end street and two cops block him in and call for backup.

Within seconds of being trapped a shot is heard… cops descend upon the car with extreme caution… copters flying overhead ready to warn of any activity around the perp’s vehicle… guy is found dead from a shot from his own gun. Cops never fired a round. suicide

“Had an argument. She was cheating on me. I won”.

What exactly did you fucking win?

And, what legacy have you left your children?

I got nothing else. Not a freaking damn thing to add.

Except to say… it was worth it?

A case of Bud Light and a pack of ciggies.

A person dead and mutilated… two kids traumatized… maybe never to recover from that trauma… psychologically scared…

But… I guess I’ll never hear an answer will I?

2) On Sunday (8/10) the NYDN reported that Saturday afternoon a 12-year-old girl in the Rockaways doing what a lot of 12-year-old kids do… she was playing… and she wound up being shot on a basketball court.

The report is that a shot was fired at an intended victim, who was missed, and, the young girl, Aliyah Vargas, was hit and wounded in her left leg.

Luckily, police were in the area monitoring a basketball tournament, and quickly apprehended and placed into custody a man and a woman they believe were involved in the stupid ass shooting. The man is believed to be the gunman and the women, an active accomplish due to the fact authorities said the dude handed her a gun and she stashed it into her purse.

And… cops do have the gun. gun

Sort of hard, cold evidence they got the right idiots.

Charges against the two were pending as of Saturday night.

The other stroke of luck was because cops were right there… a call immediately went out for EMT help and the young girl was rushed to a hospital and the last report was that the wound was non-life-threatening.

At least one family, and a neighborhood, who won’t have to mourn the loss of a loved child… still… they will be left in an abject fear for the unwelcome craziness of random violence that can appear out of nowhere, however.

A local resident, said gunplay has not a rarity in the area anymore and that “It’s getting ridiculous over here. I’ve been here all my life and I think this is the worst I’ve ever seen it.”

On Tuesday the NYDN reported that police had formally charged an 18-year-old wanna be bad guy who was aiming at another 18-year-old wanna be bad guy in a gang related beef but hit young Aliyah instead.

I understand the allure of being a part of something that makes some kid someone feel like more than what that kid feels they really are 2010-04-12-TLbecause in some cases the attitude is that they are not that much and that there ain’t that much hope of ever getting anything or anywhere… especially out of the circumstances they are in.

Circumstances that are essentially nothing… poverty… a lack of anything of substance. Anything and everything is a constant struggle to get… including food and a place to sleep away from physical and mental strife.

So, young peeps gravitate towards gang life.

Unfortunately, incumbent upon that gravitation is the fact that most gangs exist and flourish due to the perpetration of misery upon their own neighborhood folks… including children.

violenceThey rule by might is right… they control whatever rackets they can… and sell drugs for money… to fund their existence… they prey upon their own kind. They rule by who ever got the biggest and hardest fists… at first… and they claw their way up the ladder of power within the gang. If, they do the big bad deeds they get further along… they acquire power… strength… cred… importance.

And, as they climb the ranks they get comrades in arms… and enemies… so they need more than just fists to back up their plays. They need fire power. They get guns and more power and more power… and… maybe get real damn lucky and make a move to be the kingpin of everything there is… at least in the gang territory… the neighborhood.

adamcohnMaybe… if they ever get that far because it’s all so fragile and shaky… and… if they don’t watch their own damn asses they very well could be an afterthought in a gutter all bloody and dead.

But, kids don’t ever see that part of it.

They don’t see… and probably don’t really understand the life and death part that it is so final in its essence. Especially, when you indiscriminately start shooting off guns every which way without thought for what happens… like the inner_opreality of a bullet striking flesh and bone. Or… of who it strikes.

They think TV and movies are real… you just pull out the gats and start firing off rounds and the shots ring true and at everything you be aiming at gets hit.

But… that rarely happens.

Guns take real skill to use properly. Skill that takes time to learn and then hone so that when you fire a round it might actually hit what you think you be aiming at. Never does it happen where the guy just whips his piece around here and there, shooting off rounds, and, leaving his enemies down for the count.

Aliyah gets the bullet… on a playground… or… the bullet shatters a tenement window and goes into someone lying on couch or a bed… or… ricochets off a brick wall and into a baby being wheeled down the street in a stroller by a mom… a mom who might even be but a child herself.

I really do understand that that type of life is real option for a lot of youth in a lot of inner cities… especially areas that are destitute with loads of unemployment and little chance of opportunity… of getting anything meaningful when it comes to work that can mean real money that puts food on the table and clothes on the body and living in a decent rat free, roach free place with walls that aren’t moldy or falling apart.

I understand it’s easy to get caught up in the entire easy money thing… which in itself is a fallacy… a lie… because as the song goes…

“… The easier it looks;

The hotter it hooks;

There ain’t no such thing as easy money…”

So what’s a poor society to do?

Not really sure… I don’t have the easy answers because just like that easy money there ain’t none.

But, we best be doing something or we be looking at a lot more mayhem and a lot more funerals of a lot more children.



3) Over the weekend there was talk over the internet, and in certain newspapers, about Idris Elba big presence… and it had nothing to do with his acting abilities… but a lot to do with the presence of a prominent bulge below his belt.elba bulge

The stories on the net, and in papers, appeared along with a picture of him on the set of his new movie “A Hundred Streets” which appeared to be evidence that the man was a porn stud in waiting.

Slow on the uptake??? He had a bulge in the crotch of his pants that was immense. Made Harry Reems look like a piker in the… ahem… manhood department.

When the man of a lot peeps new found fantasies… many of them ladies… and sudden attention got wind of the talk, Elba tweeted… “The good news is I got a shit load of followers. The bad news is, that is a mic wire.” He then added… “Calvin Klein called my mobile; they want me in their next campaign… foot long john’s Coming Winter 2014.”

Elba added that his “ego went into spaceship mode” with the attention on his manhood.

The NYDN pointed out Elba’s light hearted reaction about the discussion of his bigness was a lot different than “Mad Men” star Jon Hamm’s reaction… after photos of his bulge went viral over the Internet last year. FYI: Rumors are that he is indeed a big star and certain sources say the rumors are very true.

but, whatever, I guess it’s better than being called out for the opposite.”

It never ceases to amaze me how easily many peeps in our American society get overly excited about things that are big and especially when it comes to sexual stuff.

All I got to say is that if that’s what floats the old boat then you are welcome to it. Me? I gots other things to occupy my grey matter.

And, yes… seriously… I only read Playboy for the articles. Lotta good writing in that mag, ya know. Those CDs? Research for a future article.

4) On Tuesday (8/12) it was reported that Barneys had agreed to pay $525,000 to settle claims that they targeted minorities entering its Madison Avenue flagship store as potential thieves.

In English… they racially profiled peeps.

They used the logic that if a person was black or Hispanic then that person was more likely to steal stuff and needed to be watched. And, even if they did purchase stuff they should be stopped and questioned because… well… because they were black or Hispanic and probably stole that credit card that they used to make the purchase.

So, when State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s investigators heard from customers and former employees that this dumbass pattern of racial profiling began last year in what the store said was a crack-down on a big spike in shoplifting and credit card fraud the shit done hit the proverbial fan.

So, this is how they finally choose to “fix” the problem… throw some green stuff at the problem and swear that they were “… fixing past policies… (and will be) monitoring the actions of Barneys and its employees to make sure that past mistakes are not repeated.”

Ok… money does help, somewhat. I mean, hell, who can’t use a tad more of that in their pockets. And, if, Barneys does keep its commitment to doing what they say they will do… then maybe it’s a win-win situation.

Equality sometimes unfortunately comes with baby steps.

And, when it is achieved, the results are sometimes strange and unforeseen…

Like check out this Bramhall’s editorial cartoon…









5) A little pup is recovering after being tossed out on a highway in New Jersey.

New Jersey State Police are looking for the asshole(s) that tossed the pupdog from their vehicle onto the busy thoroughfare where she got hit by another vehicle.

Some crazy ass, but damn good person, stopped traffic and got the seriously injured Terrier mix off the road to relative safety. A trooper who responded to the horrid act of cruelty immediately rushed the animal to the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital where personnel noticed the severity of her cuts, abrasions and even internal bleeding. They began treatment of the poor critter.tara

The little dog is expected to live and eventually will be placed in a home that will care for it for very long and loved lifetime.

A New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals spokesperson said of the woman who rescued the dog… “The dog would have went into shock and died if she didn’t do that. She went above and beyond.”

One call to police suggested that the dog may have jumped from a car but if it were so then it’s a tad strange that none have come forward inquiring about the loss of their pet.

The article I read said that anyone with information regarding this incident should call (732) 312-7153, and that a reward of $1,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest and prosecution in this case.

If, someone does call with info and if a dumbass heartless idiot is caught and it is proven that they did this stupid, asinine, cruel act then I hope whatever extent of the law that they can be held to is fully applied. Including jail time… as full and as long as a stint as possible; in whatever lockup is possible.

And if, they accidentally happen to fall over a mop laying carelessly in the hallway on the way to their cell and should fall and bruise their own damn head… or a little blood gets spilled… oh wellllll…

6) A female jogger in the Indian city of Bangalore was targeted by a potential sexual predator.

As it was explained by the victim… Veena Ashiya Chindlur… “Around 9:30 a.m., my friend and I were jogging when he made strange noises and eve-teased me.”

“Eve-teasing” is an Indian term for public sexual harassment or molestation.

But, as the jerkass made his move to vamoose, Ms. Chindlur got more than pissed about what he had just did and she wanted a measure of revenge and satisfaction that the freak was aware he was… well… a dumbass, jerkass, less than human, freak and lowlife.

She picked up her pace and ran after her attacker, overtook the SOB forced him to his knees and proceed to put a kick ass on his sorry butt and then made a call to India’s version of 911. 390-jogger-0810

The sorry piece of crap got up and with his yellow tail tucked under his sorry rump ran off but Chindlur’s jog partner had captured the incident on her cell phone and cops were able to nab the man just minutes after the attack happened.

If ya’ll been reading anything in the press ya’ll probably are aware womenfolk in India are not always given the proper amount respect that they should be due. In fact, in Bangalore… Chindlur’s city… these events are, unfortunately, commonplace if not everyday occurrences.

Chindlur says what she did is proof that women can retaliate against abuse… even though women are “unable to digest the fact that (they) can also retaliate” because going after an attacker… an abuser… “is just not acceptable in our society.”

Chindlur is now a hero in Bangalore… especially amongst other women… and the video… of the abuser getting his ass handed to him by a woman… has logged many thousands of views.

What becomes of the attacker is now unknown to me but my guess is he may be spending some time in jail over there, and, from what I understand, Indian jails are not as “nice” as American jails. So, his ordeal with Chindlur might have been a walk in the park compared what he may be facing soon.

Who knows… the abuser just might be in for a long dose of having the tables turned and becoming the abused.

Not something I would say is correct but then justice isn’t something that is always kind or even necessarily “correct”… but it can be severely and cruelly just.

Karma can be a bitch sometimes… eh?

7) Aw… ya throw like a girl. Remember hearing that in the olden days? Sometimes still today… I bet it is still said when some little guy kid throws a tad on the limp arm side…

But, I guess anyone who has ever said that never heard of Mo’Ne Davis…

Mo’Ne Davis’ philosophy when it comes to pitching… as in throwing a baseball to a batter… is cut and dried and simply simple… “I just strike them out.”

Mo'Ne Davis
Mo’Ne Davis

She added that when the opposing batters first see her on the mound they tend to think she is a soft toss sort of pitcher but “….then they see my fastball and they get kind of scared and I just strike them out.”

On Sunday (8/10) 13-years-old Mo’Ne just pitched the Philly Taney Dragons into the Little League World Series by throwing a three-hit 8-0 shutout win over Delaware to win the Mid-Atlantic Regional in Bristol, Connecticut. In that Sunday game she totaled 6 strikeouts with that fastball of hers… the game before that… another win… 10 batters were strikeout victims.

And, Mo’Ne doesn’t’ even consider baseball her best sport… basketball is her preference. I nfact she wants to be in the WNBA… that’s her goal.

Mo’Ne is sorta a dominant type of pitcher now, but, back when she was forced into the job out of necessity because no one else was available, she didn’t fare so well… giving up an inside the park homer.

Hard work and perseverance enabled her to become a much more better pitcher, and, as that happened her confidence grew… and… well… what you see is what you get. A dominant fastball that can strikeout double figures in any given 7-inning Little League game.

How confident is Mo’Ne? In an ESPN interview she said… “Clayton Kershaw, I challenge you to a pitch off. ”

Yep… that Clayton Kershaw… MLB”s Cy Young winning Clayton Kershaw.

You go girl…

FYI & Update: According to… Clayton Kershaw has responded to Mo’Ne’s challenge…

“Hey Mo’ne, just wanted to say congratulations on making it Williamsport. That’s awesome, such a cool thing for you to get to do. Such a fun opportunity and I heard you’re ready for a pitch off. I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m prepared. I’m ready for whenever you can make it out to LA, just let me know.”

Now… this is what they mean when they say “Be careful what you wish for… ”

Ya’ll ready, girl?  ‘Cause Clayton is willing and able…

Hmmm… dagrabbit… closest the Dodgers get to the east coast is in late September when the team travels to Chicago to play the Cubbies… 

Maybe ESPN can pay Mo’Ne’s airfare to LA? Round trip, of course…

8) I would be totally, and insanely, remiss if I did not at least mention the tragic and shocking death of Robin Williams who it has been determined committed suicide. A suicide, that to a large degree, depression was involved… a disease that Mr. Williams was suffering with and tormented by. 21 07 Robin Williams

New York-based psychiatrist Harold Koplewicz says, “It’s real, it’s common and it’s treatable. Unfortunately, it comes with a burden of shame.” The shrink who is the president of Manhattan’s Child Mind Institute, added, “If you have a physical illness, you get treated and people don’t judge you for being weak. With depression, people always judge, they say ‘Snap out of it.’”

Williams, had bipolar disorder and struggled with addiction… drugs and booze. Not a few of us suffer from being depressed from time to time but not to the degree that Robin Williams did.

It’s strange how a man could be so devoted to making the world laugh… to doing so much good… and could be in so much pain… psychologically, and probably physically, that he becomes so lost and desperate that he decides to call it a game… cash in his chips… to just quit and end it all.

Some of you reading this may actually understand more than the other of us how it is to be afflicted with depression… depression like Robin Williams had.

Please don’t be afraid… ask for help and it will be given… even if at first some ass pooh-poohs you… please, just ask someone else or go somewhere else and just ask. Help is there for the getting.

They got pills for that… and… people who care. Honest.

Just like Pagliacci did
I try to keep my sadness hid
Smiling in the public eye
But in my lonely room cry
the tears of a clown
When there’s no one around
Smokey Robinson – The Tears Of A Clown


n-SEX-large3009) I’m bored… roaming around the internet…

Stumble over to HuffPo and I see this…

“The future of sex looks pretty awesome…”

And, I think… No freaking kidding…

It’s sex… what’s not to like? And, how could it not be awesome?



10) Police cars are usually models like Fords or Chryslers. But, definitely not a Maserati. n-DECEPTICONS-MASERATI-large570

when a patrolman in Braintree, Massachusetts, saw a Maserati resembling a police cruiser he pulled it over.

Braintree Deputy Chief Wayne Foster tells The Patriot Ledger the luxury Italian car was painted black and white with a police-style shield on the doors, and police-like decals. Foster said the door shield wasn’t accompanied by a police-like phrase… “Protect and Serve” or some such slogan but with “Decepticons punish and enslave.”

When the patrol officer asked the driver of the Maserati “WTF?”, the driver said he was helping him and his fellow officers “because other drivers noticed him and slowed down, thinking it was a police vehicle.”

No good deed goes unpunished… The driver, whose name was not made public, was summoned to court to face a charge of impersonating a police officer.


And this weeks gratuitous pictures…











Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley (27) is an English model and actress…
















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  1. Great as always, and all I will say is I agree with you about point #9 and wouldn’t mind enjoying that with the lovely lady of the week.

  2. So many kids with guns. So many people whose first thought is if only I had a gun _____ would leave me alone. I dread the beginning of the school year because I know a goodly number of kids will never be alive at the school years end. But, like in a neighboring city, stop the gun violence and they switch to knives. I don’t know the solution and I don’t think Congress does either. I’m just surprised the 18-year-old shooter didn’t ask for a do-over because he hit the wrong kid. Insanity rules.

    I saw that story about the Decepticon police car. The driver should have said he was either returning form Comic-Con or on his way to one. Maybe the cop would have laughed and let him go. But yeah, a Maserati without the specialized paint job would get noticed in Braintree, MA.

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