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Robin Williams
Putting together a top ten list is quite difficult for me. I’m not the type of guy that is going to take an actor’s work and say, “Oh yes, that’s a great movie, but that’s not his best work.” The way I do this is I pretend I’m looking at my DVD wall, and I have every movie Robin Williams ever did, and I get to pull 10 movies, and the rest of them are going to be burned for all time.
This is a little harder than you might think. Robin Williams did an amazing 78 movies. I had no idea there was so many, keep in mind he did 4 movies this year alone- he’s done 81 movies.Think on that. In 37 years of work, he did 81 movies, normally you have to go back to the studio age to get production like that.I’ve seen 39 of them. I can’t think of many actors that I’ve hit double digit movies on, I mean looking back on James Garner, who also just passed, and he’s not even close to 39. I guess the only one that might be more is Samuel Jackson, but that’s only because he’s been in more movies than a porn star with new boobs,

So, lets take a look at the top 10 Movies Robin Williams did.

And, no, POPEYE is not on this list- but I do love that movie.

220px-Mrs_Doubtfire10. Mrs Doubtfire

Maybe his most iconic role for the kids who have no idea who Mork is, but after you watch it several times, it kinda loses a good bit. Still, a very good movie and well worth the time. Sally Field has to put up with him, and, the only time I really enjoy it is when he’s away from the kids.

220px-Patch_Adams9. Patch Adams

Again, a slight drop-off on the rewatchability scale, but, a very solid movie, and with recently gone Phillip Seymour Hoffman as well. This is not a well-loved movie, but for a bio-pic I still think it’s a solid movie.


8. Death to Smoochy

While Ed Norton steals this movie, it’s still a solid effort by Williams; under-appreciated  by most, this one is worth the darkness. Danny Devito turns in what might be his best effort since Hoffa. The more I think on it, the more I might move it up. I need to see this again.


7. Aladdin

Yes, we have to have a cartoon in here. Aladdin is one of the best of the Disney movies, and Williams is one reason why.


6. Jakob the Liar

While not exactly one of his most popular movies, Jakob the Liar, I think, is a movie that Robin Williams wanted to do as he got older, but just wasn’t very good at it. He almost plays a guy who wants to be helpful, but has no idea how. This isn’t the deepest movie, or even a great movie on the surface, but it’s the type of movie to watch once, and then don’t worry about it for a few years, then site do see it on a Pay-Tv or Stream and throw it on, then sit down and watch the whole thing again. Some movies just have that role in the world.

You forget that it’s Robin Williams in the movie for a long time, and in the beginning you almost  feel sorry for Robin Williams as he almost looks like he’s been beaten before starting the movie. Its a good thing. If you haven’t seen this movie, you might want to, at least once. To see his performance here, then to see his malice in Death to Smoochy is a turnaround with some range. Now, I want to move Smoochy up a bit.

Best of Times

5. The Best of Times

Best of Times is a Kurt Russell movie, he dominates the whole thing, and you can kinda get the feeling that if this movie was real life, it would end up the same way as the movie did. I do wonder if they tried to get “Glory Days” from Bruce Springsteen for the soundtrack. If you haven’t seen this movie, and/or are a fan of 80s sports flicks, then this is all kinds of awful 80s movies. Its a fairly weak script, although with a very good premise, and Kurt and Robin just do their best to pull this movie out of the mud. If you can buy Robin Williams, at ANY age playing split-end. Then you can buy this movie as greatness
The bit-parts are well done and even the wives seem to have a blast doing this. Not a classic, by any means unless you just miss the popcorn flick. Its rewatchable cheese, and I am stunned Bill Simmons hasn’t done 15K words on it.


4. Good Morning Vietnam

In 50 years if you pull a Robin Williams movie, this is the one you pull. Its equal parts standup and story. When Robin Williams is being Robin Williams this movie is GOLD. GOLD I tell you, and if you are a fan of his standup, you are a fan of this movie. I might get a little fussing since its not top 3, but let me make the case here. The whole Robin-as-teacher just falls flat on me, and then her brother just makes me feel like its there for a “GI is Good Guy” message and it hurts the movie. Williams goes through all this mess to meet the HOT CHICK, meet her family, and so forth, then he is forced out, and never even says goodbye or says anything to her, or sends a message. We could have easily dropped this plot for more hating at the radio station. I do love the What a Wonderful World segment, but this is by far Robin Williams at his best with a script just going nuts.


3. World According to Garp

World according to Garp, is a john Lithgow/Robin Williams/Glenn Close tour de force. The movie just rolls whenever one of them is onscreen.
Its a very good book, if you have never read it, and the movie, in its own way, is just as solid. I’m almost surprised it hasn’t been redone, especially after Kinsey came out. I do wonder if it would fly in today’s world or what the current political forces would think of it. Maybe a mini-series on lifetime. If you have not seen this movie, you need to watch it. It is utterly amazing that ROBIN WILLIAMS did this movie and pulled it off. I don’t think he cracks a joke the entire movie after he gets the girl.
Robin Williams might have done his best job here, this might have been his best performance here.



2. Good Will Hunting

Never cracks a joke, rarely even gives a smile until the end, Robin Williams just gives a powerful performance, and when he discusses his wife, and Matt Damon finds his weak spot, its just a great scene. Next to the “apples” Scene, my favorite part in it, and lets be honest, there isn’t another scene close to it.


1. Dead Poets Society

This is NOT a Robin Williams movie.
The teacher could have been done by Kevin Kline. He could have done this and the movie been almost as good. Almost.

Williams gives one of those performances where he just doesn’t have to be goofy or manic, he  just has to be a solid actor, with a twinkle in his eye, and Williams pulls it off. He’s comedic when he needs to be, and strong when he has to be. Its a Solid Effort in a role that was small, but he brought his working boots to the set. It would have still been a great movie if a Kevin Kline did the role, but Robin Williams comes in like Reggie Bush and gives it just the shove it needs to become a classic.

Your thoughts?




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  1. You nailed how I feel about Mrs. Doubtfire, and, why I don’t have it in my own personal top ten list of Robin’s flicks. Unfortuantely, half the movies you have here, I have never seen…

    I guess I got some movie watching to do for myself, eh?

  2. Mrs. Doubtfire was released when I was a kid, and I hate that movie. Wouldn’t be in my top 10 at all, but I do get the appeal it has for most of my generation.

    I’ve seen most of these movies, and I recently saw 80’s bomb Club Paradise on TV not too long ago, but for some reason I really want to watch Aladdin now. Haven’t seen it since it was in theaters when I was a kid, but I want to see it now.

  3. Mrs Doubtfire doesn’t do much for me, but it does have it’s good spots. You could get me to swap it for Popeye without much Prodding.

  4. Make sure you catch World According to Garp. You are of the age to appreciate the early 80s. What else have you missed?

  5. Yeah I got to see World According to Garp. I didn’t see Patch Adams either. I’ve seen the rest of these movies though.

  6. ummmm… out of the… what 89 or so movies?… probably 69 of them. Of yours.. the Kurt Russell one, Patch Adams, Jakob, Aladdin and Smoochy

  7. Netflix has some of these movies available for streaming. Right now I couldn’t pick one over the other.

    Side note: A few years ago I had to have a very painful gyn procedure done when the Doc thought I might have cancer. It was just a test, but no local or general anesthesia could be given At the moment I felt the most pain I shouted out at the top of my lungs “DEATH TO SMOOCHY!” like I was ordering a hit. I don’t think the staff had even seen the movie because no one even reacted while I was laughing like a loon.

    Probably TMI, but deal with it. 🙂

  8. DPS is one of my fave movies EVER. He did an amazing job and showed some broad range with his acting skills.

  9. That’s too funny.

    I yelled out FREEDOOOOOOOOOM not long after Braveheart came out, when I was getting a bone reset.

    Not quite the same reaction.

  10. I rewatched The Birdcage yesterday (streamed from Netflix) and realized it was really a Nathan Lane movie.

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