BCS Playoff Preview

My Playoff plan, Wrote this several years ago. Enjoy.

As college season comes around we have the same problem we do every year- over 100 schools trying to get to the championship game, that is not a championship game that is not recognized by the governing body of it’s sport. Do you realize that if we all banded together and made a trophy, presented it to Louisiana Tech as our National Champion. It would be, in the eyes of the NCAA JUST AS VALID as the BCS championship?

You have 4 types of teams that begin play this fallFlorida State Seminoles

  • 1) Teams that must go undefeated to do anything to get to the Big Payday. These are teams like USC, Miami, Va Tech and other Major schools from the Power conferences that don’t have very good schedules to prop them up. These schools, if they get one loss, more than likely will never recover from that loss without MAJOR luck and help by other schools losing- two losses and no matter what they have no chance unless a meteor hits the East Coast.
  • 2) Teams that have pretty much no chance of going undefeated because of the schedule or conference they are in. But due to various factors they are in play for a championship because a) they are in such a power conference that one loss is almost forgivable, and unless we have 2 major-conference teams undefeated they almost are assured a spot. These are teams like LSU, Fla, Texas (unless that conf continues to drop off.) and Ohio State/Mich winner. b) They are such a name school or pull so much press, that they can go overrated and get put into a bowl they shouldn’t be in, but the only people that will get upset is the schools they jumped, the bowl will be happy to take them, the conference they play will be happy to play them, the network will be happy to see them pull ratings, etc. This team can make the NC if they win the games they should, and don’t get dropped more than once, as they normally do play a tough schedule. And if you don’t know what team I am talking about- stop reading and go away, I don’t want to explain thing to you for the rest of the week.
  • 3) Teams outside that are looking to break into the Big Game, but need heaven and earth and the Nile River to help them- and even a tie knocks them out. This is your Boises, Nevadas Utahs etc. As much fun as Boise was last year- if that happens week 3 out of conference no one cares.
  • 4) The other 85 teams- They have their paydays already- it’s when they go play USC at USC, LSU at LSU, UM at. . . well, you get the picture. These teams go play to get a check and then later look for a lower tier bowl to get a vacation. Every now and again they may rise up to knock off a big-boy or get fame for hanging with the powerhouse (such as LA Tech/Neb aka the game that got Troy Edwards picked by Pitt) The great unwashed know what they are- and even though they may complain when Tulane goes undefeated, it’s not really serious, except to the coaching staff, they are looking for a bigger check and the Alumni, also looking to write that bigger check.

Now how to fix this in a playoff?

There are several ways posted but I like this playoff system better (and if you listen to JT the Brick I pitched this on his show- he had to cut if off to let on John  Lucas interview but he told me he loved it but don’t see it happening for at least 20 years, but to copyright it and get some cash for it. )

First we take the 4 big bowls- sorry Cotton, you get left out. And we return to the days of the conference tie-in

Rose: Big 10 vs Pac 10

Orange: ACC

Sugar: SEC

Fiesta: None

Then we plug in Natural regional Rivalries to fill the Big 5Conference Call

Rose: Big 10 vs Pac 10

Orange: ACC vs At Large

Sugar: SEC

Fiesta: Big 12

(the Big 12 could get the Sugar but bear with me.)

So that is where the conference champs go. This makes the conference championship game more important and the regular season is still meaningful.

Next we fill the 3 open spots with At-Large teams, these being from the WAC, the MAC, Ivy League-I don’t care one of the minor spots and ND if they are worthy. The easternmost team goes to the Sugar, the other to the Fiesta.

This gives the conferences a place to know where they are going, instead of some silly draft. And the minor conferences are guaranteed at least two spots in the playoffs, three if the Irish are not that good- and if they are good, then the ratings get popped for one year and it’s all good.

Two weeks later they play the semifinal games- one on the West coast (San Diego, Dallas, whomever rotate it like the NCAA) and one on the East (Miami, Charlotte, New York again who cares?)

Two weeks later the Championship- min 100K seats. Play this on the off week before the Superbowl.

This solves the bulk of the problems in our system.Mountain West

#1 minor bowls still get their games that matter- infact they can spread their games out too, the Independence bowl here in LA can play their games at 2 before the “Western Championship” at 7 such as a primer. Or the Outback can play before the Sugar Bowl etc.

#2 The Mid Majors get their chance- If Boise can beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta bowl then they deserve to meet USC in the WC, if not then they got a chance. If ND is really good that year- then they can prove it by beating LSU.

#3 If a Conference champ has more than 2 losses, the bowl can change them out for another team- this will NEVER happen (not gonna tick off that conf unless you want to get replaced by the cotton bowl when renewal time comes up) But its nice to throw the idea in.

The only real problems that this system has is that only 1 minor conf team gets a shot if ND is any good, sorry, them the breaks- but if they stay good for years one of the majors will take them in, in 20 years the Big East may have 30 teams by then. And it may not be fair for teams that keep having to travel to another teams home- I.E having to play LSU at the Sugar Bowl.

But when that check comes in, I’m sure they’d play in my backyard next year if I ask.

Just stay out of my garden and watch the soft spot by the phone pole on those crossing routes


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