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musings from the bench-2I am sick and tired of everything that’s going on in this world, well maybe not sick, that would imply that with rest and medication things would get better, so let’s change that to fed up and tired, yes, fed up and tired.

The last cease fire/truce between Israel and Hamas lasted about as long as a snowball’s chance of staying solid in hell. Hamas wants Israel to cease to exist and Israel wants to be left in peace–OR–Israel wants Hamas to cease to exist and Palestine wants to be left in peace. Either way, each side is going to try to annihilate the other and there will be no peace. WellSeaside_Amusement_Park fine. Do it. Keep this battle going until Gaza, Palestine and Israel are no more. POOF! That area is just begging to become a parking lot for the new seaside amusement park some enterprising fool wants to build. Too bad none of the combatants or their families will be alive to see it.

Then we have the advancing number of brain dead parents who leave their child in the car on a hot day while they go do whatever the hell was so special that they had to leave their child in the car instead of taking the kid with them. These reports have been all over the news, people. Even if you can’t read them I’m sure you’ve heard about them. Smarten up. No one should die because of another persons stupidity. Which brings me to yet another fed up moment. The who’s the daddy DNA testing on the Maury Show.

Too often the women swear they’re 150% sure the guy they’re having tested is the father. The guy swears he’s 150% sure he’s not the father because he says she got pregnant while they were ‘taking a break’. Taking a break? Give me a break. If judge judy and maurya couple breaks up and are not together anymore and the woman finds another guy and they break up and the original two get back together and all this happens within a two month time span… head hurts. If the woman is nothing more than a booty call waiting to happen, then by all that’s holy use a condom. No child should grow up not knowing who the father is. If the father decides he doesn’t want a relationship with his child, then that’s on him and when the child turns 18 and goes looking for him, well, he’d better have a good excuse. And let me tell you, saying you couldn’t get along with the mother just ain’t gonna cut it.

It’s beginning to look like the Summer of 2014 could be nicknamed ‘We’re fed up with this shit going down’…..I know, nicknames are supposed to be short, but what the hell, it’s summer, it’s hot, and lots of us are fed up.

The Springfield Police Department arrested 4 men dealing and buying heroin at 10:30am. Fed up neighbors called police to complain about this because 2 of the men were setting up shop at a park at Armory Commons which ironically, is nearHeroin03 the corner where the Police Headquarters is.  A group of narcotics detectives arrested the 2 dealers who were selling heroin near the dumpster as well as the 2 buyers who were seen leaving the park with their purchases. Detectives found 150 bags of heroin and $300 on the dealers, and 6 bags of heroin each on the 2 buyers. And since the park is in such close proximity of Headquarters, the 4 perps were handcuffed and walked to the station. Stay fed up, neighbors, stay fed up.

Sometimes it’s not so much fed up as it is dumbfounded. An A/B student at Muscle Shoals, AL high school never even made it to her homeroom class on the first day of school because she was sent home in violation of the ‘disruptive hair style or color’ rule. The fact that she has had the same hair color for three years and was never approached by school administrators before has had no bearing on this year. The student’s mother has made an appointment to speak with the Superintendent , who, ironically, was the Principal when the daughter started red hairdyeing her hair, but he has already stated in an interview that he supports the decision to have the student sent home until such time as the hair is returned to a more natural ‘seen in nature’ color. I can see the distractive power that sitting in class with a student whose hair is blue, green, or purple would have on the teacher, but a fellow student? And pardon me but, Sharon Osbourne Red may not be in nature’s palette but it’s not exactly unnatural. Still, they won’t let her return to school unless she tones down the redness which she has said she will do. Wow, a student that desires to go to school…..who’d a thunk it.                                                                        brave_new_world_02

Speaking of distractions, there was a survey on Facebook which asked which futuristic novel was the scarier one, George Orwell’s 1984 or Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World. Now I had never read the Huxley book, but I read 1984 and saw the movie. However, upon further review (nod to NFL refs) I’d have to say Huxley knew what he was talking about. Computers, the internet, cell phones, texting, online games, video games, social media. Too many people think they can multitask but there is no such thing. It does not exist and it never did. Sitting at home doing homework while listening to the radio probably explains my less than stellar grades. You just can’t be in two places at once and expect to concentrate on both. Just look at the news. Listen to what’s being reported and look at what’s scrolling by at the bottom of the screen. You’re going to miss something and wonder why it happened.

Hackers in Russia are gathering millions of user names and passwords. Doesn’t matter how much cyber security there is protecting that information, these guys are getting through and doing God knows what with the information. I find it odd that this report came out around the same time whistle blower Edward Snowden was granted permission to live in Russia for three years. As far as I’m concerned he can apply for citizenship. But it just seems strange those hackers were  mentioned in practically the same sentence with the Snowden news. 

Now plenty has been said about staying safe when visiting social media sites. You know, keep your personal information private. Don’t share your phone number, computer safetystreet address, credit card numbers, all that identifying stuff that could be stolen making your life miserable while you try to prove to the authorities that you are the real who you say you are and not an identity thief. But Facebook can be sneaky. You’re posting with online friends and one of them asks you a personal question and you think nothing of it and answer. Maybe you forgot or didn’t know that what you typed can be seen by people you don’t even know. Need an example? A woman posted on her page that she and her husband were going on vacation, where they were going, when they were going and how long they’d be gone. When they got back from vacation they found out they’d been robbed. Luckily they had one of those spy cameras set up and saw who it was that robbed them. It was people she knew from Facebook, friends of friends who got the information off the news feed. I don’t know what it is about social media that makes people lower their guard. If you’ve got bars on your house windows to keep robbers out, don’t let them in through the window of your computer.

Well I’m done. I leave you with this thought:

What if all these years we’ve been mispronouncing Jesus as Geez-Us when it’s really pronounced Hey-seuss? And wouldn’t it be something if his occupation wasn’t that of a carpenter but a landscaper?

Thanks for reading Musings From the Bench. Until next time when I try my hand at movie reviews.

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  1. Regarding your line… “Too many people think they can multitask but there is no such thing. It does not exist and it never did.”

    I once read a study that said it was better to forget about multitasking and just concentrate on getting one job done and then going onto the next job, then doing that one and moving onto the next…. ob lah di lah dah…

    And by doing that you get more done than if you tried to multitask.

    I have proven that to myself at wor on moretahan one occassion… whenever I am doing copy jobs that need to be collated and I try to do more than one collating job at one time, I invariably screw something up… have to stop and then do everything all over again thereby… spending more time to do less.

  2. I really need to copy edit better … sheesh… “at wor on moretahan one occasion” should be… “at work on more than one ocassion”

  3. Concentrate on the task at hand is a good motto. I think so many things come at you at once that you try to handle it all at once. Our brains aren’t set up for that. Texting and driving takes your eyes off the road for an average of 5 seconds, according to a commercial I saw. But even driving while listening to the radio can be dangerous, especially when your favorite song comes on. Case in point, I was driving down a straight section of road a little over the speed limit when Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” came on. When I came back to my senses I was traveling at 80 mph. Thank God there were no cars, pets or people around, I wouldn’t have been able to stop and would have probably ended a life.

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