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MLB RT 5 August 2014

1. “Last night, late in the Angels’ 5-0 win over the Dodgers, Josh Hamilton flied out to center fielder Yaisel Puig. Puig, as Puig has a tendency to do, just sort of “waved” at the ball as he caught it, and Albert Pujols, anticipating this, tagged at first base and took off for second. Puig, caught off guard, scrambled to throw too late at second.” This is a recap as published by Will Leitch on Sports on Earth. 4 August 2014. Now, here is the question; IF you were Don Mattingly, what, if anything would you do?

Yasiel Puig

ARCHIE: Sometimes I KNOW I am old school because I would have pulled his ass right then and there. I would not have waited until the change of sides. I would have walked out to the mount, took the ball and waved him in. Tough shit if he did not like it. IF he bitched or moaned too much about it, I would have followed up with a two game suspension and a fine.

JOE: Pull a Bill Martin, as when in a game when Billy thought Reggie was not hustling after a ball in play Billy yanked Reggie in mid-inning. I’d have yanked Puig’s butt right then and there. Disrespect? Too bad… he already disrespected the game by not playing it the right way. And, it’s not an isolated incident.


STEPHAN: This seems to be a question that I have answered before. I think Mattingly should sit him down and really hammer in to his head that this kind of on field behavior will not be tolerated. I think he should be benched for a game, to show him that he cannot do this type of thing, and that then should have to do 50 fly ball drills the right way in order to get out of that rhythm.

SANDY: Really what can he do but just tell him to keep his head in the game. Puig is still a little bit of a show off, as are other young players with his skills. Hopefully he grows out of this stage and realizes that the players will take advantage of you if you insist on doing those kinds of things.



2. You get to play Owner/General Manager/Manager of any team in MLB on July 31st, which team do you choose and what move WOULD YOU HAVE MADE, that did not get done?

ARCHIE: I realize that the Braves might not have as much money as some of the other contenders to make a large move, but I am really disappointed they never tried to acquire either Lester or Price. They do NOT have the starting pitching good enough to make a legitimate run at the WS.

JOE: Pirates… would have packaged outfield prospect Josh Bell with some other pieces for Jon Lester.

STEPHAN: I still stand behind my original pick a few weeks ago, that if I am the GM of the Tampa Bay Rays. I DO NOT trade David Price. You are riding a streak of the best record in baseball over the past 30 games. They really could have made a push. I understand why they did it, because they could not afford him after next season. I would have traded him next year over this year because you still had a strong chance to compete in the AL East.

SANDY: I’ll choose the Dodgers of course. I know the Dodgers are trying to get younger, so hanging on to their top 3 prospects was important to them. I still would have tried to get a back of the rotation pitcher. At this point anyone would be better then Dan Haren, a lesser pitcher or bullpen help would not have cost them 3 top prospects. I’d also try to get a bat or 2. No way to completely fix this team thru non-waiver trades. Maybe the waiver wire will produce some options.

OaklandAs3. After the deadline deals were done, which team made themselves MORE of a World Series contender? Which team basically whiffed and will no longer be a serious contender for the WS?

ARCHIE: IMO, the Braves whiffed. They got Bonafacio and Russell from the Cubs at the last second but I don’t see those making serious contributions down the stretch. Bonafacio is a perennial utility man moving from team to team. IF they Braves were going to continually search for an utility guy, they never should have traded Prado and/or Infante.

JOE: Tampa Bay said they were no longer serious contenders by giving up Price. Can they still contend… maybe… but without Price I don’t see them doing it.  More of a contender? Gotta be a tie between the Oakland A’s and the Detroit Tigers… both now have very formidable pitching staffs that put them both as favorites to be finalists in the AL playoffs.DetroitTigers

STEPHAN: Hard to pick between Oakland and Detroit. I think with the move of Lester, the A’s bolstered their pitching rotation and will be a serious threat in the post season. However, the Tigers landing David Price really improved their chances and probably are now the favorites in the American League. I think Oakland gave up too much in Cespedes, and could cost them some offensive production down the road. So, I’m going with Detroit on this one. I don’t think any one team really “whiffed” but I think the Dodgers should have made one or two moves to help their lineup. I don’t think it cost them a chance at the Series, but may have slimmed their chances a bit.

SANDY: I’ll say Detroit will be serious contenders. I’ll go with the Braves as far as not making any serious changes to their roster. They may still have a chance to win the division because the 3 teams below them were never serious contenders.


4. Parents and kinfolk often find themselves watching one of their own in the minor leagues hoping against odds to see them make the big league roster. At what point should they intervene and tell them to get a real job?

ARCHIE: There was a player that spent 23 years pitching in the minor leagues and never made it to the big leagues; NOT EVEN ONCE. IF you have the talent to make it to the Majors (to stay there) I feel it will happen before you turn 26-27. After that, give it up and get a real job. There are not that many Jimmy Morris’ out there.

JOE: Depends… who is supporting them and their family if they are married with kids? If they (kinfolk) are helping then late 20’s is long enough. If the player is managing his own finances and getting by then play as long as he can.

STEPHAN: I am completely biased on this question. Because when I was drafted many moons ago, I was fortunate enough to have played professional baseball in the Milwaukee Brewers organization. While I never made it past Single A and suffered a career injury, my parents, and family were 100% supportive of my dream, and never wavered off of that. If you have the talent to even make a minor league roster you should always keep that dream alive.

SANDY: Not sure if a parent should intervene at all. These are young men with great hopes and dreams of making the big leagues. I also think if you’ve been knocking around the minors for 5/6 years, it’s time to re-think your career choice.

5. Interleague play; has it run its course and is it time to stop the nonsense?

AL logoNL logo

ARCHIE: I never really liked it in its conception. I liked it even less when it had the same old match ups every year. AND NOW, I hate it even more that we see Interleague play ALL SEASON long. It is August for craps sake! The pennants are on the line. Why is my favorite team on one coast playing an interleague game on the opposite coast? I want to see them play those teams they have to overcome to make it to post season.

JOE: In a word… yep

STEPHAN: Interleague play has been almost second nature anymore that it does not seem to mean much anymore. I think they just need to drop the whole “interleague” word and just call it a regular season game.

SANDY: I never liked the inter-league play, besides the freeway series for some teams, you might only play a team every 3 years, so there is no rivalry, thus no need for them and just as an added bonus, stop the unbalance schedule also, and it stinks.

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  1. Interesting… Yankees with a pitching staff racked with injuries.. retread starters and rookie starters beats the Tigers’ 3 Cy Young winners and the other guy (Porcello) … 3 games out of 4…

    Game1: 2-1 (Yanks W) Brandon McCarthy over Max Scherzer;

    Game 2: 4-3 (Yanks L) in 12 innings Hiroki Kuroda (ND) vs David Price (ND)

    Game 3: 5-1 (Yanks W) Chris Capuano over Justin Verlander;

    Game 4: 1-0 (Yanks W) Shane Greene over Rick Porcello

    The point?

    It’s baseball and it’s never over ’til its over.. and if ya make into the plyoffs and get hot… ya just never know.

  2. That part about getting hot plays huge in the post-season. I know my Braves shut down early too often during their 14 year stretch of Division titles and it ended up costing them dearly in the post season when they could not turn it back up and the team they faced came into the post season on a hot streak.

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