How much data did Comic-Con use?

Comic ConHow much data did Comic-Con use?
You would think at Comic-Con there wouldn’t be much call for much bandwidth, not like any of these people are tech-savvy.

Sarcasm Font off.

AT&T has released the stats from Comic-Con.

During Comic-Con, about 34.6 Million posts were made to social media (I would guess 31.8 Million of these were pictures of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman). The conventioneers also talked the equivalent of 1,092 days on the phone. . . Most likely about the secret screening of Age of Ultron for 6.5 seconds

So how much Data?

12,135 GB.

Just for fun, in case you want to break out the calculatorWonder Woman

Video Streaming (Standard def)= 650 MB/hr
Video Streaming (High Def)= 2 GB/hr

So think of how many times you could stream Batman vs Superman vs the amount of Data used to talk during Comic-Con.

How does this compare with Previous Years?

8,520GB of data in 2013
4,960GB of data in 2012
2,020GB of data in 2011.

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