Netflix Tops 50 Million Subscribers: What does this mean?


Netflix just cracked 50 Million.

Numbers released for June have the subscriber global reach is up to 50.05 Million.

The final push over the past 3 months has mainly come from overseas markets with 1.12 million of the 1.69 added being non-US.

Netflix added 1.69 million new subscribers globally to reach 50.05 million. International markets delivered 1.12 million of those additional members. Total paid subscribers increased to 47.99 million, up 34.7 percent from the same period last year. Total revenues for the company increased 36.9 percent over the same quarter last year, to $1.34 billion. Net income was up 144 percent to $71 million

Amazing that Blockbuster turned buying this place down.

What does this mean going forward?

Lets compare it to the biggest premium channel on the Block, HBOHBO

Per Variety: In 2013, HBO and Cinemax added almost 2 million subscribers in the U.S., which was the highest increase in 17 years, he said. That gave HBO and Cinemax a combined 43 million total subscribers in the U.S., with two-thirds of that represented by HBO, according to Bewkes. In total, HBO has 130 million subscribers worldwide.

Per Businessweek, HBO has about 114 million total members—the number hits 133 million if you include subscribers to its Cinemax division.

You can see that Netflix is gaining on the top dog of Premium cable.

So what is going to hold streaming back? First off is the bandwith issue is not going away, I work for a major broadband provider that is spending BILLIONS increasing the network, yet talk to a dozen people whining that the speed still isn’t good enough, and those that want HD is under an even bigger rock. Even as we try to build networks to the 3.0 that Netflix wants, its still not going to be good enough in a few years- considering if you have 2 TVs, you don’t need 3, you need SIX- kid grabs a tablet and wants to watch and you need NINE. Whats that? You want to throw down some Blue’s Clues for the Kids? You just cracked TWELVE, and you have passed anything copper can do with any kind of stability. How many of you have 4 TVs? 2 TVs and an iPhone / iPad / iThis / iThat?

Good luck in the future with a 5M download. Many companies are pushing Gigabit connections, but I really can’t see that being more than a spot-solution. Next up, many customers are having problems with overage costs. Version and ATT are both having problems with customers this summer spending 10-12 hours a day streaming shows and movies, since kids don’t go outside anymore, that created a lot of problems for both the network and the Billing people. Netflix has been working on agreements to limit this, but when providers like ATT see them as a threat to Uverse and the Direct TV buyout- it could get interesting. With the Networks killing Aereo, this could be the next battleground.



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  1. I love Netflix. We have the streaming AND disc service. I hate it when I’m streaming a movie or a show I couldn’t see because it was on cable and we don’t have it, and then the rebuffering starts happening. Sometimes it can happen four times in ten minutes….that’s when i give up and shut down. I also enjoy some of the Netflix produced series such as ‘House of Cards’ and keep watching until I’ve seen the entire series in one sitting. Still, with all the rebuffering or shows and movies they don’t have for streaming, it’s still a hell of a lot cheaper than cable or satellite. BTW, we don’t have iPhones and the only tablets we have are in prescription form.

    Thanks for the info.

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