MMA Roundtable: 8/1 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, were this week we take a look at the fallout from UFC on Fox 12, the mess at 205, and what the future holds for both Lil Nog and Dennis Bermudez. Our panelist are Roni and David.

Anthony Johnson1. Where does Anthony Johnson fit in at 205?

Roni: IMO he is a top 5 ATM. Maybe one or two more wins to cement him as a title contender.

David: Going to be interesting, Rashad would be a perfect matchup, but they wont fight, since they are the two highest ranked fighters at their gym. Guffy would be good, but will he fight over getting a title shot? If DC beats Jones and Jones gets an immediate rematch, maybe. The UFC likes to match winners vs winners, and everyone else in the top 9 is coming off a loss (Hendo, Glover, Shogun, Phil Davis and Lil Nog- the last two vs Rumble) so unless Bader wins, he’s going to have to fight a guy coming off a loss- if OSP wins? Is he even top 12?

2. Has Rumble erased his first tour in the UFC from the buying public?

Roni: Probably so. it’s been impressive. But they need to give him another fighter. One who can test him through 5 rounds.

David: They don’t mention it. I think as long as he stays at 205 and above- he’s fine.

3. What happened to Clay Guida?clay guida

Roni: Nothing. He’s the same as always. People around him just got better and he did not.

David: Lack of being a threat on the feet. The days of being able to just outwork everyone are over.

4. Where does Lil Nog go from here?

Roni: Hopefully, he and his brother go to the HoF and to enjoy life. They are legends. They built this sport. Time to enjoy it, without the grind.

David: Home

5. Who would you like to see Dennis Bermudez fight next?Dennis Bermudez

Roni: How about Frankie? Should be a fun fight.

David: Winner of the Dustin Poirier/Conor McGregor fight. If its Dustin- then that is a legit number 1 contender fight, if its Conor, then it builds him a name fight.

6. UFC on Fox 12 did 2.02M viewers up from 1.98. Surprised? UFC on FOx 12

Roni: Yes, but not too much.
Cards were just not good, so this one looked much better than the ones around it.

David: Actually yes. I’m surprised the UFC did as well as last time, and I wonder if this is almost the bottom line that UFCFOX can expect.

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