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joe11) On Sunday I saw this blurb in the newspapers… “A Canadian restaurant worker landed in hot water after she failed to show legendary singer Aretha Franklin any r-e-s-p-e-c-t.”

Seems, the first Lady of Soul had just come from a sold out concert and had a powerful case of the hungries. She couldn’t wait to chow down on some junk food… probably not the most sensible thing for her to do since she is a diabetic but, hey, it’s her body and her health. The junk food of her choice happens to be Johnny Rockets when she is on the road.

So off she went and ordered her usual meal of burger and cherry coke to go. Welll… that’saretha27n-2-web not so bad… even for a diabetic…

Now, her ladyship is not exactly a young chicken anymore… 72… and is slightly… ahem… overweight… so, sometimes standing and waiting… especially after bouncing around on a stage… is a bit of a strain and she needs to take a load off her feets.

She gandered about; saw lots of empty seats in the fine dining area and copped a seat to wait for her order. Sensible thing to do right?

Well… in a huff, a worker… 30-something, according to the articles I read… appeared and went up to Ms. Franklin and said, “You can’t sit there.”

Franklin said… “Excuse me, what do you mean I can’t sit here?”

And, this here Johnny on the spot employee of the regal Johnny Rockets said the seating area is only for people who are eating in.

Franklin actually stayed reasonably calm… I wouldn’t have if’n it were me being confronted… oh my lord, I would not… but… to Franklin… no biggie… and she said words to the effect of… fine, I’ll eat it here.

The worker’s reply? “You can’t have it here because we’ve already rang you up as a takeout customer.”

Now, let me stop right here… you mean that if I buy some food at any fast food place and order it as “take out” I gots to take it out? I can’t change my mind? I never heard of that rule before. Just saying.

And… we talkin’ fast food here… this is not even Ruby Tuesdays… or, some other type of sit down place…. I mean really.

But, word has it that this “damned the torpedoes full speed ahead” employee then told Franklin.. remember 72… over weight… so elderly is the operative and respectful word… that she had to get up and stand outside the Rocket’s premises… in a common food court area.

Franklin essentially said take this food and shove it where the sun don’t shine, honey… well, actually she said, as she got up to leave… “You should eat it yourself and you pay for it.”

Now… just to establish how dumbass this worker was… Her ladyship was with her nephew and he mentioned to the worker that this was not just some ordinary old person but Aretha Franklin. And, either that went right over this table wipers head or she simply just didn’t give a good damn… because she said she didn’t care who Franklin was.

Franklin later told reporters that “She’s a public servant and she shouldn’t speak that way to anybody, celebrities or non-celebrities.” Franklin said she doesn’t believe the worker should be fired, just “spoken to.”

RocketsA Johnny Rockets spokeswoman told news peeps that the franchise owner is sorry for the actions of “a new and very young employee.” She added that the owner has spoken with the employee and has clarified his takeout policies.

Let me say this about that….. Aretha is totally and 550% correct… it’s all about respect and treating a customer the proper way… with politeness… whether you like it or not.

Let me be clear… I really don’t care if some service worker had a bad day… if they had an argument with their kids or significant other… whether they got a cold… whether they got no sleep… if they got a hangover. It’s not my problem.

My problem is this… whether the person I am dealing with… a worker in a fast food place… a supermarket… a corner store… wherever… can give me service and sell me what  I want.  And, whatever I decide to buy I want it as fast as I can get it and I want it with maybe not a smile on the face but with the minimum amount of grief and at least a “thank you”. You can pass on the “please, come again” it’s not really needed but the nice stuff and a “thank you”… that is necessary.

The other thing? This is a 30-something person… that is not a young employee. That is someone who is… or should be… at a period in life that they should have some common sense and know how to treat people.

The bottom line is that if you can’t meet those requirements… respect and politeness while servicing a customer… then get the hell out of that line of work and go do something else.

The final word from Aretha was…. “I like Johnny Rockets and I’ll go on liking Johnny Rockets, but not that one”

You a better person than I Gunga Din… ooopps… I mean Aretha Franklin.

2) There is this guy… Dr. Henry Louis Gates, a Harvard professor, author and filmmaker… who has this show on PBS called finding_your_roots“Finding Your Roots.” Its premise is simple… Research a peep’ history… Gates uses famous peeps. Begin with DNA testing of a saliva sample with the purpose being to find a detailed human history of where that DNA originated. The process to get there is detailed and labor intensive… hours upon hours of digging and digging through many various layers of various histories. Once the digging and the searching is over a profile is pieced together and the result is a detailed family history that Gates presents on-camera to the subject.

And, some of the stuff in the family trees can sometimes be jolting and/or eye opening to say the least… such as in Finding Your Roots, Season One that was presented in 2012… Samuel L. Jackson, Condoleezza Rice and Ruth Simmons learnt that each had white ancestors… Harry Connick Jr. is presented with the fact that an ancestor captained a pirate ship… married couple Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are distant relatives.

Now PBS is prepared to present Season Two (starting in September) of the show and a panel convened last Wednesday (7/23) in Beverly Hills to discuss the upcoming new season.  On the panel were playwright Anna Deavere Smith, recording artist Nas, actor Khandi Alexander and Henry Louis Gates Jr. They spoke about the premise of the show… that is, uncovering personal family histories.

Nas, 3rd from right
Nas, 3rd from right

In the process of the discussion it was revealed that Nas will be a featured personality for one of the shows, and, it was also revealed that Nas was presented with 1859 documentation of an ancestor being sold as a slave. Specifically, it was the bill of sale that transferred ownership of his third great-grandmother Pocahontas to a Southern slaveholder.

Nas said has initial reaction was “First, I was enraged when I looked at the bill of sale. I was like, that guy that owned property owes me some cash. My people made him really wealthy, so maybe I should find his family and talk.”

Then after he was able to absorb the reality of what he had in his hand he said he began to think about who his ancestors were and what they contributed to America. He also said, “I thought I would never know anything about my family past my grandparents, and I was willing to just accept that because I had no way of finding out. So, when I saw the bill of sale, I had to stop and deal with that for a moment. This is a sale of a human being. This was business here in this country… and now, I’m on a mission to find out more.”

Gates later told media sources that when he finds a situation where a white and black person may have the same white ancestor… usually a slave owner who dipped his wick (Thomas Jefferson ring a bell?)… the only way to confirm that they are related is to have both take DNA tests.

Gates said, “We have had white people say no way.” It goes without saying that many were wrong about their supposition on that topic and it was way more way than they thought.

When Nas was asked about if any of the stuff he found out about his history would finds its way into future material he said he had no plans to do so but that “… it will probably happen on its own… I cannot disappoint these ancestors now. I have to represent.”

Still, Nas being Nas… said about his third great grandmother… “Just finding out her name was Pocahontas, it made me wonder what she looked like. She had to be hot.”

After reading this piece about Nas and the idea that there were others… blacks and whites… who had common ancestors it had me thinking that if any of us had ancestors from back around the late 1700s and on through the 1800’s and the civil war era that it is very possible ya’ll may not be as pure blood as you would have thought you were. Might be quite a few black peeps walking around that may have had their African ancestry a tad watered down by some white DNA. And… there may be some… heck probably more than just some… white folk walking around with some African DNA. OR… maybe Indian or Spanish, or, who knows what all type of DNA.

The point is we may not be as white, black or otherwise as we all think we are and we may have a lot more in common than anyone could ever have had imagined.

Maybe America is more of a melting pot than we ever really considered it to be. What may have started out as promiscuity… or even forced sex… rape… now may be somehow a beginning of a realization that there is a blood tie that goes deeper than was ever considered possible. And, like MLK, Jr. once said “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.

It is said that everything is relative… maybe no one ever knew how relative it really was or is.

Stick that in your pipe and toke on it for moment. As the song goes… “We are Family’’ and boy o boy… what a freaking family we may really be when all is said and done.

FYI: Staring in September, the 10-part series that traces celebrities’ ancestry will focus on, among others, Nas, Ben Affleck, Jessica Alba, Tina Fey, Sting, Stephen King, Derek Jeter and chef Ming Tsai. The show premieres Tuesday, September 23.

One last hing… maybe next census we need to get another box on that form… maybe we need to stop thinking in just balck and white and realize that life is composed of all different shades…   and not just two. And, that nothing can be compartmentalized as simple as 1,2,3… do, re, mi.

The beauty of the human race is that it is really very limitless if we allow it to be … free of hate or bound by hate. Your choice.

Imagine that, eh?

3) I got an email on Monday (7/28) night… it began… For those of you interested in linguistics:  Here’s your English lesson of the day: Complete or Finished?

Seems a lot of folks believe no dictionary has ever been able to satisfactorily define the difference between “complete” and “finished.” Screen-Shot-

However, during a recent linguistic conference, held in London, England, and, attended by some of the best linguists in the world, Samsundar Balgobin, a Guyanese linguist, was the presenter when he was asked to make that very distinction.

The question put to him by a colleague in the erudite audience was this: Some say there is no difference between ˜complete” and ˜finished” Please explain the difference in a way that is easy to understand.

Mr. Balgobin’s response: “When you marry the right woman, you are ‘complete’. If, you marry the wrong woman, you are ‘finished’. And, if the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are ‘completely finished’.”
His answer received a five minute standing ovation.

All I gots to say is right on, Mr. Balgobin. And, thank you for clearing that up for us all.

FYI: I did some research… this is a story circulating around the internet and it varies a tad from presentation to presentation but it is essentially as presented here. The usual Johnny on the spot and reliable Snopes site has nothing about the veracity of the story.

Me? Hey…even if it is baseless in its presentation and jsut something somebody done went and made up… the fact is, that the logic of the explanation is a thing of pure truth and beauty… just go with it and let it be.

Speaking words of wisdom… let it be…

FYI… go Google.. Balgobin Jokes… see what comes upcat wink

4) Last week I wrote about a case in which a man died while in an apparent chokehold. Eric Garner of Staten Island, died July 17 after a confrontation with cops who were arresting him for selling loosies or single cigs.

Now, in the past week more stuff done hit the fan…

A Brooklyn cop was put on modified assignment Friday (7/25) after allegedly stomping on a suspect’s head. Seems this officer had subdued Jahmil-El Cuffee on suspicion of marijuana possession when he ups and whomps on his head with his damn foot as he lay on the ground. steps-suspect-head

How we know this… this is something that is befuddling me no end why anyone does this asinine stuff because of this… stunned onlookers videotaped it.

What brought all this about? Guy was selling OZs??? LBs??? Weight???

How’s about cops saw the dude rolling a bone so they up and stopped him and one thing led to another and before ya know it… Standard ops these days it seems in NYC… resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and now possession of weed… with a trip to the hospital with some neck and head injuries.

Guess it’s better than dead, though.  But… WTF!!!!

So, that was cop number two placed on modified assignment… desk duty and ordered to surrender his gun and shield.

That’s bad enough right?

Not done yet…

Police are investigating whether a cop put a seven-months-pregnant woman in a chokehold while busting her for illegal grilling in Brooklyn… right… illegal grilling.

And? Correct… another incident caught on film.

Pics in the NYDN show Rosan Miller, 27, struggling with a cop who appears to have his arm around her neck.

How did this come about?

A cop went to the building on Thursday (7/24) about a domestic incident involving another resident in her building; returned on Saturday and saw the woman grilling some stuff. One thing led to another… words were exchanged and a scuffle broke out…

cops-put-pregnant-woman-chokeholdLady is arrested for disorderly conduct… no word if she officially got busted for grilling illegally which is why all this dumbass stuff started in the first place… her brother charged with harassment and obstruction of justice… her husband charged with resisting arrest and obstruction.

Okay… yep… it is a violation to grill but to let this escalate into an incident where a person… a woman… a pregnant woman… a 7-months-pregnant woman gets put into a chokehold and then busted… Excuse me?

Let me say this one more time… the choke hold is prohibited by the NYPD… it is more or less illegal for an officer to use it as a method to stop or subdue someone. Now… I can see if an officer’s life is in jeopardy… or if some citizen’s life is in jeopardy… you need to subdue the threat as efficiently and quickly as is possible. If that means a prohibited choke hold is necessary then screw it… use it. Better than somebody laying dead on the ground.

BUT… that is involving the threat of extreme and violent activity…

Loosies? Grilling? Rolling a joint?

Please, this stuff is at worse a summons and if need be… call some officers who have experience with dealing with these nickel and dime “crimes”. Officers who can resolve the situation with common sense and diplomacy.

None of these incidents should have ever gotten to the point where a choke hold was deemed as the only way to resolve the so-called problematic situation.

And, grok this… although all of the peeps being subdued and choked and arrested are of the so-called minorities segment of society, this isn’t a white on black thing. Check out the “color” of the cop stomping of that dudes head… black. Dude getting whomped on is black.

It’s what Al Sharpton once said was not a white on black crime but a blue on black crime…

The interesting part of it all is this… why is this stuff only seemingly occurring in the working class sections… or less rich areas?

Nothing on Mad Ave? Not on Wall St? 5th Ave?

Just asking…

Police are supposed to preserve the peace; not add to the destruction of the peace. I ain’t no expert but something is definitely not right and needs to be fixed a soon as can be.

Three incidents that should have been handled and contained with a minimum of violence were handled exactly in an opposite manner… one dead… one hospitalized… another three busted and taken to jail wasting time and money.

Something gotta be done… what I’m not sure. But, very recently Mayor Bill DeBlasio said, “Breaking a law is breaking a law, and, it has to be addressed.”

He’s entirely correct but how it is addressed is the question and the fact is… it goes for the men in blue as well the peeps on the street.

5) Listening to CBS radio in my car and a lady comes on to tell me how white my shirts can be… no she don’t… sorry Keith and Mick… BUT… she does tell me in the last week or so gas prices have dropped about 9 cents per gallon. Now, this is supposed to send shivers up and down my spine and cause me all sorts of glee like its some cosmic orgasmic great news? gas prices2

Whoop de freaking do… the guvmint… big oil… or whoever… just saved me a big 9 damn cents. Lets for arguments sake call it a dime… 10 cents.

Let’s say, for arguments sake, say my SUV has a 20 gallon tank… I fill it once a week… my commute back and forth is real damn short… less than 5 miles one way. So… let’s see… 10 cents times 20 equals? What? $2.00?

Ya’ll just saved me a big freaking damn 2 bucks and I’m supposed to be all happy about that… yeah… it’s a big freaking orgasmic something all right.

Know what I can buy for 2 bucks? Absolutely nothing worth talking about.

Not a decent loaf of bread… no milk… no 8 oz bag of shredded cheese… not a pack of hotdogs, unless you be getting the worst piece of pork, beef and chicken entrails you can find… essentially and absolutely nothing. Oh, wait… a dozen large eggs if ya catch a sale. Maybe.

Ya’ll wanna save me money… lower the damn prices on stuff and start by reducing gas prices by at least a buck… and that’s only an extra $20 dollars a week in my pocket.

cost of livingCome senators, congressmen, please, heed the call and do something about prices and do it now… my paycheck has gone up a piddling .015%… maybe… in the last three years. Inflation in 2013 to 2104 is reportedly 1.50%. That’s in just one year. One year. That’s also 100 times more than my last raise.

I have no buying power and the big news is I’m saving 9 cents at the gas pumps.

Pleeeeaaaasssseeee… get freaking real, will ya.

We need money pumped into the economy and prices brought back down so folks can afford to buy stuff they need and maybe have a few bucks left over to do something stupid with. Like take the family out and forget about struggling to make ends meet.

Don’t know what that could be because the cost of everything is so damn inflation

A ball games cost a family of four anywhere from 150 bucks to 300 bucks.

Restaurants for less than $75 bucks for two?

Nothing fancy mind ya… a couple of beverages… an appetizer… main course… maybe a small steak… not even a porterhouse or filet… forget about it.

A movie for less than $30?

Maybe a matinee and a couple of small sodas and a shared large bag of popcorn.gas prices3

I’ll take my 9 damn cents but don’t expect me to break out in a chorus of “God Bless America” as my backside feels violated one more time.

Yeah… cosmic orgasmic great news my ass…

The only thing that even resembles anything orgasmic about this entire situation we all be in… us not in that privileged 1%, that is… is we be getting screwed… some might call it violated unconscionably… royally… shocking and morally unacceptable…

In a place where the sun don’t shine.

6) Ya’ll may have heard the dude that owned the NFL team the Buffalo Bills had passed away and his estate is looking to sell the team… Rumors are the price could approach about $1 billion smackeroos. For the third lowest valued team in the league. Go figure. Crazy money is what it is…

But it ain’t my money so whoever is looking to be paying that price? Knock your socks off.

Well, it now appears there’s this rich rocker and roller by the name of Jon Bon Jovi who is interested in Buying the Bills But as

Bon Jovi making a play to buy Buffalo Bills?
Bon Jovi making a play to buy Buffalo Bills?

rich as that dude is… rumored value is over $300 mil… he ain’t gonna be able to pony up the asking price for the team. So, he is heading up a consortium from Canada… a group of businessmen who own among other things the NHL Toronto Maple Leafs, the NBA Toronto Raptors, and the Air Canada Centre where certain from sports teams from Toronto just happen to play some games…to make a run at buying the Bills.

Or… so, the rumor goes.

Well needless to say… some folks in Buffalo upon hearing the rumor… ya’ll know how rumors get legs… are a tad peeved at the rumor and of course Mr. Bon Jovi and a huge anti Bon Jovi 140728bonjovi_250campaign is growing and growing in the Buffalo area. In fact, Bon Jovi free zones have been sprouting up all over the place. And, some of the folks behind that campaign have contacted some of the Bills past famous players to help raise money to help find a buyer for the team that will commit to keepng the Bills in Buffalo.

Enter Andre Reed… retired Bill wide receiver/Hall of Famer.

Wanna hear Reeds thoughts on the matter?

“Man, fuck Bon Jovi! You might as well just take this city, throw it in the river, and let it go down Niagara Falls.”

He said that recently as he met with some of the campaign peeps and a reporter at an upstate casino. Now as it would happen on a large screen behind the bar, ESPN was broadcasting a piece about how the Cleveland Browns’ jet-setting rookie, Johnny Manziel, was calling James LeBron “my guy.”

Reed chimed in… “Who the fuck is Johnny Manziel? LeBron ain’t your guy! You’re not ‘Johnny Football.’ You’re ‘Johnny Rookieandrereedawesome Bitch.’”

Then Reed added that he didn’t think a blue-collar town like Buffalo would stand for Manziel’s hoopla… “They’d boo that motherfucker outta here. The fans would put him in his place.”

Reed is one opinionated muther who ain’t afraid to speak his mind. Huh?

But, even if the Bon Jovi led consortium were to buy the Bills there is the matter of a lease that runs until 2018… not that money couldn’t find a way around that little detail… but the lease specifically has a clause that the Bills can’t move until 2018.

Plus, various reports also say Bon Jovi has no intention of moving the Bills even if he did get control of the team.

Rightttt… maybe he doesn’t… but, how’s about his consortium friends who would be probably ponying up at least 80% of the cost of the Bills?

But, considering all of Reeds posturing and opinionated opining… and considering that little fact about money… when someone asked if… just suppose… the team gets brought by the Bon Jovi group… moves to Toronto… and they call ya’ll up and ask if you would come up to support the team… would you go?

Reeds response? “If they pay me enough money.”

See? Its is all about the Benjamins and nothing more… It’s just like the Mob guy in Goodfellas… “Pay me my money…”

Nothing more and nothing less. It’s just business.

7) Last Thursday (7/24) there was this piece in my areas’ local rag… the Connecticut Post and it kinda pissed me off.

Now a lot of you who read me stuff know I am from a small suburb just a hop, skip and a hollar from Bridgeport called Trumbull. Trumbull used to be a small farm and orchard very rural town. Some places had dirt roads when I was a kid. Now it’s very developed… gots paved roads, condos, malls… very modern but it still retains a New England charm to its environment and even has appeared on some national lists as a very desirable place to live.

Be that as it may… it’s my home… been my home for just about forever and I kind am very proud of most of what Trumbull is and does… Hell we won the Little League World Series one time and its High School Marching band has played at special events like the presidential inauguration.

Anyway, back on Thursday there was this article and when I finished reading it read it I was pissed and a tad embarrassed to say I was from Trumbull.

The story was that the Trumbull American Legion team was playing the Cheshire American Legion team in the American

Legion Baseball regional Playoffs… best of three winner advances. Trumbull was behind 8-2 as the 8th inning was about to begin.

Trumbull coach Brett Conner calls out to the umps he’s got something to discuss… Cheshire was playing with an ineligible player.

The player had played at the Quinnipiac University Summer Showcase, and Conner, being the pitching coach at Quinnipiac, knew before the game that the player had participated in the Summer Showcase.

So what’s the big deal? According to American Legion sources… “He was ineligible to play. Once he plays in a showcase, anything after the season, he’s ineligible to play in the tournament.”

Cheshire coach Bill Robertson took the high road and essentially kept his mouth shut on the matter.

American Legion:   Cheshire in field vs Trumbull
American Legion: Cheshire in field vs Trumbull

A Trumbull team assistant said “We had to do it. It was in the rule book. A rule was broken. The final decision’s ours. It’s ours.”

Now the situation was that Trumbull could advance to the Super Regional in Stamford with a win on Thursday against Cheshire.

My problem?

Why the fuck did the Trumbull coaches wait until the top of the eighth to raise the issue, as opposed to bringing it up earlier?

Trumbull said… “We were fighting our conscience.”

Bullshit! If you were winning you never would have mentioned it. You were losing and losing by more than a run or two and with 6 outs left you played your trump card. The honorable thing would have been right from the get go to just call everyone together before a pitch was tossed and say that Cheshire had a player who was ineligible to play.

The Trumbull coach had the information. He knew it and he didn’t do anything until it was to his great advantage.

Bottom line is he taught his kids… 12 and 13-year-olds… that whatever it takes… just win baby even if it means doing something dirty and underhanded.

Zone 3 chairman Dana Murphy confirmed that there was an ineligible player and said the rule was the rule but opined… “By hook or by crook, they are down 8-2 in the eighth inning and they have that ace up their sleeve. They had the roster from the showcase at Quinnipiac. (The Trumbull coach) had the set of rules which he had me read, so he had everything in play. It’s dirty pool, but they are actually right. The kids are all warned prior to the season that any extra activity at the close of the season would make them ineligible.”

Cheshire Coach Robertson was angry that Trumbull waited seven innings due to the fact he had used his ace pitcher and now wouldn’t have him for Games 2 and 3.

And… I said  Robertson took the high road and didn’t say anything… he did make one comment… “I’m comfortable when I go to bed at night with my honesty and integrity… it’s disappointing the way others conduct their business. My honesty and integrity is beyond reproach.”


And, what happened in the next two games? Call it instant karma… call it fate… call it justice… serendipity… maybe even revenge served warm… a bit of schadenfreude.

Cheshire won 10-4 in Game 2… after being down 4-0… and then kicked ass in game 3… with a 12-2 seven-inning drubbing to eliminate Trumbull.

Cheshire American Legion Senior Team
Cheshire American Legion Senior Team

It rubs me wrong and sorta galls me that this mutt… or that the officals who govern that level of sports in Trumbull told this mutt to do what he  did…  is/are coaching/teaching these kids… sports on that level should be as much about honor and doing things the right way as it is about competing and playing to win. It’s where sports is still sort of pure. At least, I have always felt that way.

I guess maybe I was wrong.

And… on Tuesday (7/29), the Cheshire American Legion Senior baseball team beat host Stamford 7-5 to capture the program’s first Southern Division Super Regional Tournament and will play for the State Title on Friday (8/1).

Good for them.

8) Ya’ll heard about about Beyoncé and JayZ are about to split up? Ya’ll heard that Bey is looking for a new abode to reside Beyonce and JayZwithin? That she was spotted looking at a $21 mil place in Chelsea?

Ya’ll heard about this?

Ya’ll know what? I don’t give a fuck… Third page of my newspaper this morning is devote to these two. This is considered big news? Its gossip and not worth my time.

The only reason it wasn’t front page news is that there was this devastating fire in Brooklyn where kids were caught inside the burning building and NYFD peeps heroically were able to save their small rears from being cooked to a crisp. Especially, the actions of a rookie fresh from fire training academy… two months fresh… who went inside a smoke and fire filled room and saved an unconscious 4-year-old kid.

Kids at window of burning building
Kids at window of burning building

The rook… a former Army medic who did a stint in Afghanistan circa 2012… Justin Tallet said… “I just knew I had to get him out of the apartment. That was the only thing I was thinking.”

We need to spend more time with people that matter than with people that are “… carefully orchestrating the business of splitting up as (their) On the Run tour grinds to an end.”

Or, as the question was put: Why stay together if it’s such a grind to do it?

The answer? Money. Greed.

Like I said I don’t give a fuck…

Now the NYFD as well as all fire peeps… I give a fuck. They do not get the praise and the honor they so much deserve for what they do.

Justin Tallet
Justin Tallet









So Mr. Tallet… and all your fire fighting brothers… Bless you… stay safe and continue to do what you bravely and honorably do… I for one… with respect and admiration… appreciate it.

Ya know what’s really sad? About an hour ago… I went to check something about the Brooklyn firefighters on the NYDN site… Bey and Jay are still “front page” news… the Brooklyn fire men… nowhere to be found… ya gotta either go to the Brooklyn section to find anything or scroll almost to thje very bottom of the web site.


Priorities folks… we need to set some damn priorties.

9) But then again… maybe some of us do have our priorities straight…

In just 22 hours, complete strangers raised almost $15,000 t o help a cancer-beating teen.

The kid… Alex Hunter… was first diagnosed with stage 4 cancer when he was just 4 years old. He endured radiation and chemotherapy, and beat the damn cancer into remission.

Then in 2011… when he was 13… he was diagnosed with another rare cancer in 2011.alex-hunter.1jpg

This time it involved his thyroid gland. He did it agin… chemo and radiation… gotcha ya sumnabeetch! Remission.

But, now at 16 his teeth… due to the chemo, etc… were ruined irreparably and needed to come out.

One small problem… his insurance company said… fine but we ain’t paying for it. It’s not a medical issue.

Grandmama said… “… of course it’s from a medical issue.” Grandmama is totally correct. WTF is wrong with these insurance companies? And, why does it seem a lot of these insurance horror stories seem to emanate from California?

The family says new teeth will cost about $11,000. They are applying for help from various foundations. They also started a gofundme site… and by late Tuesday (7/29) the site had already raised $15,000.

So… maybe there is a vestige of hope that we aren’t totally going to hell in hand basket after all. trump

10) And, did ya hear that Donald Trump says he’ll submit a bid to buy the Buffalo Bills?

But, he said he doubts that it will be the winning bid because he’s “not going to do something totally stupid” to make the team his.

Which means he is leaving the door open to either do something somewhat stupid or at least half-assed. No?





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  1. Great blog. Let me start off with the obvious: that model is hot, and I lost respect for Andre Reed with the “if they pay me enough” line. I was with him until I heard that.

    Now with the more serious: I think any place that had a mixing of races and cultures over the years are more diverse than it seems on the surface. I like Dr. Gates and I watch that series from time to time, but I’m of the belief that no one is one thing. Take myself for example. Son of immigrants who’s parents came here from Trinidad. I’m a dark skinned black man. However, I have Indian ancestry (from India) and I was told that one of my ancestors was a mulatto, meaning that there is European blood in me as well. Looking at me you will never see any of that, so no one knows what is in their family tree until they research it.

  2. My ancestors… as far as I know anyway… came to America in the early to mid 1900’s… Italy and Poland. Now who the heck knows who was hanging with whom back before then…

    Example… I found out some years ago… my “Polish” ganddad was really from a part of Poland that sits right next to Russia whose borders have drifted back and forth over the years. Some folks say he may not have been Polish at all but… Russian. So, maybe I got some Mongol blood, Asian blood, who knows what blood.

    As for my Italian side… Africa is just a relatively short boat ride away…. Spain is arounf the geographical corner… as is Greece… or the Middle East…

    The point being like you say you can’ t know diddly if you don’t do squat about finding out about the family tree with the proper research.

  3. And .. yep.. she is hot… was jsut scrolling around looking at some other candidates’ pics and wowzers… she just jumped up and grabbed my attention.

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