What happens next for Spike and TNA?

TNAIs TNA dead?

Dixie CarterI have to think so. The WWE got very little love last time its contract came up, and they ended up crawling back to USA network just more for continuity sake than anything else, since the WWE Network is the future of the company for the time being.
TNA does not have a network, heck, they barely have a television presence, having been stuck around the 1.0 rating for seemingly years. Lord knows they have thrown everything at the wall and yet none of it has boosted ratings.
The reasons for this failure are many, and I’m sure there are as many top ten lists as to what failed and why. My own personal reasons would be the lack of long term booking and misuse of homegrown talent. Easy to say, harder to fix.

Lets be honest here, Spike has no idea what its doing. Since coming out of the Country Music Television age, they have gone through name changes, attempts at being a PG-13 version of Playboy, attempts at getting a major draw for teens with wrestling, MMA and X-games, and now the only face of the Network is John Taffer.  Spike is basically FX and TNT’s bastard child. You have to think they started to look at TNA as a money pit. They dropped money on Sting, dropped money on Hogan, supported getting rid of Jeff Jerrett, spent a ton on King Mo and Rampage to help both TNA and Bellator, and not only did Bellator dick them over by trying to put them on PPV instead of on the network that was paying them, but they barely showed up on TNA and disrupted storylines when they did.
TNA went cheap a long time ago, and stayed cheap. Even the WWE still cares about houseshows, and when they comes to town you can tell, when TNA comes to town, you don’t know until that week. When I watched TNA they never even showed the house show circuit like the the WWF did back in the day.
What is Spike to do? Keep this show afloat for the same ratings? Buy Ring of Honor tnn spikeand try again? Drop wrestling and concentrate on Bellator until they see how the new direction goes? They seem to be happy with the Taffer/G4-lite/TNT movement, and running Fast and the Furious is going to be cheaper than paying for Kane or Edge to jump ship. I have to think they want that timeslot for a signature show, and TNA failed at Mondays.
As for TNA? There are options, 1.0 ratings are not to be laughed at on a lot of networks. Netflix is an option, moving to another network (MTV2) could work.
Dixie has money, she could float the company while they look to sell it. Buying time on a network could work. In today’s DVR culture, running TNA at 11:00 pm on Saturday might work for Spike or even Sunday afternoon. Spike did them a huge favor by giving them time to go look.
Consider that a going away present.
As for TNA.
Take a long look at your bottom line. Take a long look at who is watching your product. Look at the angles that people care about.Beautiful people Get a plan and stick to it. If not for Spike any owner would have pulled the plug on this product a long time ago.


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  1. We watched TNA years ago when we had “free cable” (the guy who used to live here forgot to cancel his cable service) but found it lacking. They just didn’t have the storylines. I mean, The Abyss was nice but I couldn’t tell you the names of any of the other guys who had jumped the WWF/E ship at the end of their careers. And the octagonal shaped ring was more of a novelty than anything else. I’ve seen better wrestling on the local Spanish channel.

  2. I just started watching TNA a few weeks ago and enjoyed the in-ring work. The storylines were terrible, but so are WWEs. TNA is at least better in-ring than WWE, which I can’t even watch.

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