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musings from the bench-2As I sit here writing this, the world has lost its mind. Totally and completely lost its mind. There’s fighting in the Ukraine where someone “accidentally” shot down a plane full of innocent civilians with a surface to air missile provided by Russia, Israel and Hamas are duking it out again for the umpteenth time with no end in sight, ISIS destroyed a holy site in Mosul, Iraq which was believed to be the burial site of Jonah–he who found himself in the belly of a great fish (whale?) and lived to tell about it. In fact, ISIS is blowing up any and all holy sites because they consider them ‘idolatrous’. Never mind that these ‘idolatrous’ places are thousands of years old and have withstood everything Nature had thrown at them…..except for explosives, Nature didn’t have any of those. As I said, lost its mind…out of control and filled with hate. Not a good combination.

Then of course, we come back from ‘over there’ to ‘over here’ and things are only slightly better. (I say slightly only because no one is getting killed, yet.) The House Rules Committee has approved going forward with the lawsuit against the president and there will be a full vote on the measure next week. Yeah, bring up the vote on the lawsuit but not on an immigration bill that will do something constructive about all those kids coming in across our southern border. As if congressanyone needed proof of how much the Repubs hate Obama. Argh….I just can’t stand it. Am I the only one that can see the harmful effects this hatred of Obama by the Repubs in Congress is having on the country? A country that they swear up and down they love more than anything on Earth? They just don’t love it more than they hate the President.  Well, good luck with the lawsuit and the wasting of taxpayer money on it. Oh yeah, and just because a new poll shows 35% of people wanting to impeach Obama, don’t get so giddy….it means 65% don’t.


There was a report a while back about a shortage of the chemicals used to make up the lethal injection to kill criminals on death row. States that allow executions were looking into resurrecting the less humane methods such as the gas chamber Joseph-Woodor the electric chair. But Arizona death row inmate Joseph Wood took two hours to die after being given his lethal injection and people went crazy. You see, the chemicals that were being used with major successes came from Europe and those drug manufacturers are preventing prisons from using them in executions. So, a new combination is being used with albeit mixed results. Those drugs are midazolam, an anesthetic, and hydromorphone, a narcotic painkiller that, with an overdose, stops breathing and the heart. The death of Joseph Wood has been called ‘torture’ by Arizona Senator John McCain.

Now I’ve never witnessed an execution except for those in the movie “The Green Mile” and “Dead Man Walking”, but I have had to have two dogs euthanized and I find it disturbing that criminals whose penalty is death are essentially being ‘put to sleep’. They should feel some type of pain as punishment for whatever they did that had them ending up on death row in the first place.


Last Wednesday Joe Cantiello wrote in his WTF blog about a NY court ruling that spankinglets parents spank their kids. Well, according to Sarah Kovac, motivational speaker and the author of “In Capable Arms: Living a Life Embraced by Grace”, harsh corporal punishment (one spanking a month for more than 3 years usually done with a belt or paddle) will give you a child with less gray matter in certain areas of the prefrontal cortex that have been linked to depression, addiction and other mental health disorders, the study authors say.

Elizabeth Gershoff, an associate professor at the University of Texas at Austin states, “There’s never been a study that’s found a positive consequence of spanking.”

Well pardon me but, if you have been spanking your child once a month for more than 3 years with a belt or paddle, you are an idiot and both you and your child need to seek therapy.


lucas kitzmillerA few months ago I talked about Rachel Canning, the New Jersey teen who took her parents to court demanding they pay her child support and private school tuition after she moved out of the house because they disapproved of her boyfriend (among other things). Well, guess what? She was back in court getting a ‘domestic violence restraining order’ against her boyfriend (the same one her parents said was a bad influence) claiming he choked her during a fight. Seems they were walking down the street late Saturday night on July 19th when Lucas Kitzmiller  started choking her and she escaped, got in her car, drove to the police station and filed the domestic violence complaint. The temporary restraining order was issued on the 20th. The two were to appear in court on the 23rd to make the order more permanent, but I have been unable to find any reports as to whether there was enough evidence to warrant making it permanent.

Rachel still plans on attending Western New England University in the Sixteen Acres/Breckwood Blvd. section of Springfield, MA this fall where she received a scholarship to study biomedicine.


A 22-year old female photography student was fulfilling a class assignment, take pictures of children playing in a water park, when she was assaulted by the mother of some of the kids. The mother, Victoria M. Torres, 32, approached the student demanding she delete the photos of her kids. The student went into fight-or-flight mode and turned around to leave when the Mom chased after her, punched her in the face twice and pulled her to the ground and then kicked her and stomped on her face. The mother then tried to grab the $4,000 Canon Mark III camera.

The report states Torres then fled the scene (no word on whethervictoria m torres or not she took her kids with her) but was spotted by responding police officers on another street and was promptly placed under arrest. She’s been charged with assault with intent to rob, assault and battery, and assault and battery by means (shod foot). She’s due in court on Wednesday. No word on the condition of the student or her camera, but I think the next time she gets an assignment like that she gets a permit or something from the city or whoever, maybe the Parks Department, or else the teacher/professor assigns the class to limit the photos to landscapes or animals.


And finally some good news.



I was reading a report by Nick O’Malley who will cover the Patriots for our local paper now that Nic Underhill has moved to New Orleans where he will cover the Saints for a paper down there, and one sentence he wrote almost gave me palpitations. Last season’s new crop of receivers were in middle school when Brady and the Pats were winning their third Super Bowl. I take that to mean this season’s rookies were still in elementary school back then. Yup, this is Brady’s 15th season and everyone tells me the great ones know when to call it quits. I’m not so sure of that…..Joe Montana ended his career with the Kansas City Chiefs not the San Francisco 49ers.

Anyway, Gronk is back on the field and he might not be at 100% but the news is he’s back on the field. All those injuries, all those surgeries, all that rehab, let’s not screw it up now by being the knucklehead you’ve shown all of us to be. Start smart and leave the nonsense to Johnny Manziel.

Another player returning from a season ending injury suffered last year is Vince Wilfork, the anchor of the defense. So glad he and the team settled their contract issues.

My favorite player from last year is gone–Legarrette Blount is no longer with the team so that spot is still open. Who knows…..maybe it’ll be one of the new guys, we’ll see.

So to recap, Brady is still Brady, Gronk is back and so is Wilfork. As for everyone else? Let me know when the team is set and the game’s afoot.


Thanks for reading Musings From the Bench.

Until next time.

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  1. Missed that about the young lady who sued her parents and her ex-beau… Sometimes mom does know best, eh?

    It was a stupid lawsuit anyway, from the get go, and, now she should be thinking about just being thankful she ain’t laying somewhere with a broken something else besides just her pride.

  2. Western New England University is home to a top-notch law school, maybe she should switch her major from biomedicine to the law.

  3. It’s amazing how often I agree with you on the issues. I first tuned in on the issues with execution when Ohio botched one. Seems that after a rape, our killer slit his victim’s throat and she bled to death. His family was filing suit against the state because it took 20 minutes for him to die; about the same amount of time it took for the victim to bleed to death Next case please. It’s called justice. Keep up the good work.

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