Robbie Lawler Decisions Matt Brown in a Brawl for the Ages


UFC President Dana White has said on numerous occasions that it is in our fiber as human beings that we love to see a great fight.  On Saturday night Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown reminded us all why we love this sport.

In a grueling pace of a fight, Lawler and Brown stood and banged at a pace that only the elite of the sport can even imagine going at.  When this fight was announced last month every educated MMA fan knew what was going to happen.  There was no way this fight wasn’t going to be amazing.  You had two guys that loved the standup game and have as much heart as anyone who has ever competed in the Octagon, and with a title shot on the line, every fan knew that this fight was going to be do or die for both athletes.  Dana White guaranteed that this fight would be memorable, and it was.

From the opening bell, Lawler and Brown traded shots with Lawler initially getting the better of Brown for the first two minutes.  Brown was able to turn things around in the latter part of the round as if to say he wasn’t going down that easy.  Three rounds of steady energy followed with Lawler landing counter shots and busting Brown open on his cheek, nose and ear.  Brown showed he belonged in there however landing elbows from close range and a number of leg kicks and body kicks.

The fifth round saw Brown, behind on the scorecards, going for broke.  He knew it was either knock Lawler out or get knocked out trying.  The first minute was reminiscent of a game of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots except the Robots knew technique and body kicks.  Lawler was able to counter many of Brown’s shots but not without Brown landing shots of his own.  By the end of the fight it was obvious both men had been through a war, but Lawler showed that technique and counter striking was the way to beat the always moving forward freight train of Brown as he took a unanimous decision victory.

It’s been said too many times that the fans are the winners in fights like these, but tonight as cliche as that sounds, it was true.  There are certain fights that remind us why we love this sport.  It is the heart, the desire and the willingness to put it all on the line at a chance for glory that draw us to these athletes and make us tune in fight after fight.  Lawler will go on to face Johny Hendricks in a rematch for the Welterweight Championship while Brown loses his first fight in nearly three years, but these two fighters on Saturday earned their place in the minds and the hearts of MMA fans everywhere for many years to come.

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  1. Question for you.

    Did you get memories of Forrest/Bonner watching this fight?

    It felt like it to me, if you watched that 33 RPM fight on 45 Speed (If you are old enough to get that reference)

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