MMA Roundtable: 7/25 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! This week we talk FN fallout, preview the top of the UFC on Fox card and more! This week we have Roni and David going Mano-a-Mano

Conor McGreggor1 Did Conor do enough to earn a top 5 fighter?

Roni: I think he did. After all, the UFC is always looking for somoene that sells, and he does.
They are never ashamed of allowing such fighters get a shortcut to the title, so I am amazed they didn’t put him next 🙂

David: He’s dominating everyone, and since these questions went out, he’s signed to fight Dustin. I’m a huge fan of both men, and if Conor wins this one, then he has to get the next title shot- or a number 1 contender’s spot the the very least.

2. Is there a such thing as an Irish Invasion or was it just home field advantage?

Roni: Nah. The fights were made for them to win. Same as they did on Brazil on their first cards.
All matches were favorable to the guy fighting at home. It makes good business sense….though a little unfair for their opponent.

David: There is no doubt that the Irish represented themselves very well, but of course, they did fight fighters that they were favored against in Vegas- but on the other side, they were  UFC fighters that they fought, not like they were fighting Tank Abbott or anything.

UFC on FOx 123. How does this UFC on Fox card rank with the others?

Roni: weak. At least they made some noise.

David: I don’t think it is as solid top to bottom as some of the others, but I do think its better than some they have had. I’m not sure what fans they are going to get off this show. I would think we would get some better names, if not better fights.

4. Who Ya got?
Robbie Lawler vs. Matt Brown

Roni: I got Lawler, though Brown is not to be triffled with.But if he buckled with Erik’s kicks, he might be in for a bad night against Robbie.

David: To me, this might be the only fight on the card I really care about. Matt Brown is on a roll, and Robbie’s is coming off the title fight. If this one goes to the ground, expect Dana to have a stroke so bad he grows hair. I’m taking Matt Brown in a upset, simply beacuse I’m pulling for him.

5. Who Ya got?     
Anthony Johnson vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Roni: My heart says Nog, but my head gives the nod to AJ.

First because I don’t know how Nog’s coming back from his injury.Heard reports he is not yeat 100%, but feel pressured to fight and stay active.

Besides, AJ seems to have (finally) found his groove, and he will come out hunting for Nog’s head if he gets a chance. IMO Nog is the better boxer. But power is on AJ’s side.

If Nog can dictate the pace and the distance, he can outbox AJ.
He needs to weather the early storm and hopefully bring this fight to the ground (I know, easier said than done! Pull guard if he has to!).

If the fight stays standing, it will be a game of cat & mouse. If Nog can stay out of trouble, he can win a decision. But lately judges have been awarding more points to aggression, so just staying out of trouble might not bring Nog the victory.

David: I’m taking Johnson, if he makes weight, I’m not sure Nog can stand and trade with Johnson all night, and I really don’t think he has the power to drop him. I also think that Johnson can stay off the mat if Nog does go to the clinch game and drags him down.
I’m taking Rumble, only beacuse he’s the only one with stopping power.

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