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BaN BrooklynWhat up world! This EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. July is coming to an end. In the Northeast the last thing you want to see is Summer breezing by, because that means we’ll be dealing with that bitch called snow real soon. I hate that bitch. I really do. Trying to stay upbeat so I got some Money Makin’ Nique coming through the headphones. His new song Rent Money got me feeling good right now. I don’t know if it’ll last, but it should right now. I’m feeling good but this week’s blog is dedicated to two NFL dumbasses, and a player I hope doesn’t become a dumbass. This week I’ll talk about Ray Rice, Justin Blackmon, and Johnny Manziel. Let’s get it!

Ray Rice, the running back for the Baltimore Ravens, has been suspended two games for his offseason arrest for an assault charge. For those who don’t remember, Ray was caught on camera dragging out his unconscious girlfriend (now wife) out of an elevator in an Atlantic City casino. He’ll also be fined $58,000 and asked by the NFL to undergo counseling. I don’t know about you but two games feel real light. Yes, we have no idea what went on in that elevator, and all we saw was Ray dragging his now wife out of the elevator but we do know that the woman was UNCONSCIOUS! She got knocked the fuck out somehow, and I have a hard time believing that Ray did not knock his girl out.

I got a problem with men who put their hands on women. They aren’t men. They are cowards and to see a man who very likely committed a cowardly act get a lesser suspension than someone who was arrested for marijuana, or for weapons, basically crimes that only hurt themselves, is sickening to me. I can’t condone what the NFL, and Commissioner Roger Goodell has done here. The man has dropped the ball. Plain and simple.

Another NFL dumbass who won’t be able to drop a ball anytime soon is wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Pardon my language but what the fuck is this nigga thinking? Blackmon, already under an indefinite suspension, has been arrested for the third time in his short career for marijuana possession. I’m sorry but how are you already suspended and you get arrested for doing the same shit that got you suspended!? The man can’t be this stupid, can he? The Jacksonville Jaguar receiver who only has four more touchdown catches than arrests has likely just seen his NFL career ended. The kid clearly has a sickness, and while I typically argue for athletes like Justin to get help, I am in full belief that the Jaguars and the NFL should throw the damn book at him.

Why? Blackmon already knew he was in a rough place with his franchise and the League and instead of laying low, he goes and gets arrested again. I understand he has an addiction, but can’t he just say no to the wacky weed? Playing in the NFL isn’t something handed to you, you have to earn it, and this fool is just giving it away. I can’t deal with such stupidity and I don’t think the Jaguars organization or the National Football League should allow this man to be an employee of their league. No more suspensions. It’s time to ban this dumbass.Justin Blackmon

Finally, I pray Johnny Manziel doesn’t join Ray or Justin on that dumbass list but he has me worried. That Instagram picture of him rolling up a bill in a bathroom out in Vegas got me thinking he may have an issue. Why? Rolling up a bill in a bathroom, usually means you about to go on a ride with the white girl. I don’t mean Johnny’s date when I say the white girl. I mean that cocaine. Somewhere I hear Fat Joe a.k.a. Joey Crack screaming “Thank God for that white!!” The picture and his actions just seem far too suspicious, and I don’t know how he allowed that image to surface. With that said, I hope the kid knows he has to put his partying actions to bed.

Now that training camp has started, this shit has gotten real. No more Vegas trips, no more clubs, no palling around with Drake, and even though his boy LeBron is joining Johnny in Cleveland, he needs to keep their rendezvous to a limit. It’s all about football. Manziel has his doubters inside and outside the Browns organization and what better way to prove them right by bombing your rookie season, and get caught out there partying too much. If he wants lessons on how not to be a dumbass, allow me to give him one: focus on football. If you play well enough you can party later.

I’m done. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting 7Poundbag. Peace.

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  1. I got nuthin to say about Rice… you done said it well.

    About Manziel… I did not know he did that with picture, etc…. not too freaking bright.

    now… about Blackmon… yeah he is a dumbass and the NFL needs to throw the book at him. Banned… with a chance to appeal way down the road.

    Personally, I think weed should be legal and treated like booze but since it ain’t and its mostly illegal all over the US of A and against the NFL rules…. let the chips fall where they may. Three strikes and yer out.

  2. I’m also in favor of the legalization of marijuana but since it is illegal and Blackmon keeps getting arrested for it then he should be booted out the League.

  3. No wonder they say the NFL doesn’t care too much about domestic violence. A two game suspension? Rice can do that time on his head.

    One thing you can say about Gronk and all his partying….he never appeared drugged up, just drinking and dancing the night away. I still say giving these young guys the big money right out of college puts them in a direct line with what can be determined ‘the wrong crowd’. Sure hope he gets his head straight or he is out of there.

    Sounds like Blakemon needs a little of the same treatment Ricky Williams got. “You’d rather get high on weed then get highly paid playing football? Okay, go smoke your brains out, you’re done here.”

    Good stuff, EJ. Worth the wait.

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