Nate Diaz vs Anderson Silva

Diaz vs SilvaNate Diaz vs Anderson Silva.
This will not happen.
Seriously. The chances of this fight ever happening are about as possible as seeing Fedor in the UFC fighting Mark Hunt for the UFC Middleweight Crown.
Sorry Stockton, but the fight just doesn’t make any sense to put together, its not going to be that big of a draw, and its just a bad idea all around.
Diaz vs Anderson1. The Money.
Nick  thinks he’s a boxer. While he might be one of the best ever to walk in the cage (debatable, but not a ludicrous statement) and he thinks he should be paid like Money Mayweather. Amazing.
People at the top of the card think they are the cause of every PPV purchase and they should get half, and everyone else cries about the lo pay at the bottom of the card. Anyone ever get the P&L statement on the War MMA show? Just wondering, since there have been a bunch of those cards s. Point is. Diaz is going to demand a half-million to step in the cage. Anderson Silva gets a hefty Show and Win payout- plus a percentage of the PPV points. meaning to break even, the UFC might have to hit the numbers GSP/Anderson did- or sell a ton of very expensive seats in San Jose. Unless there is a strong under-card, I don’t see it. There is no change this is a Fox card either- the Money just isn’t there.
Anderson Silva2. Anderson Silva doesn’t want this fight.
Diaz, for all his flaws has 2 great aspects to his game- he’s got a chin unlike any other, and his ground game is almost as solid. Anderson Silva is going to have to go 25 minutes in this fight- vs a guy that moves forward peppering with jabs and short uppercuts, and if the fight goes to the ground- can get up against most high-level wrestlers. Why would Anderson blow a one and done fight to get back his title against a guy that can hurt him, is hard to take down, even if Anderson wants to. Yes if Anderson can get the type of KO he got against Vitor or Sonnen 2.0, then I’d be all for it. Anderson can get that against Vitor, or Bisping, or even Rockhold- all top-level guys, and all guys that are going to be easier to drop than Nick Diaz. Beating someone like Vitor or Luke would easily move Anderson higher in the rankings- and ensure him a title shot- and a Bisping fight will gain him as much money as a Diaz fight, if you consider the gate as well. Plus, if Anderson loses- he’s on a 3 fight winning streak, and at his age, he might never get enough wins together to fight for a title. A loss and he almost has to move to 205 and the easier path to the Jones fight we have all wanted for a final big payday. (And yes, Anderson could fight Glover and Anthony Johnson/Phil Davis and get a title shot.) All he has to do is avoid Rashad and DC and he’ll get it. A loss to Diaz and he is behind a half-dozen fighters for another crack at Chris.
Nate Diaz3. Nick DIaz really doesn’t want this fight
He would have to move up to 185, he would be in a world of wrestlers at 185, and his frame is simply going to suffer if he has to run around a cage at 200+ pounds for a half hour. Anderson Silva is dangerous. Diaz is far from scared, but where does he go if he wins? He’s not getting a Hendricks fight off of one win, Dana doesn’t trust him to go on a winning streak. He’s not about to stick around at 185 to put together a run there to get a title fight there. Anderson Silva at 185 is a one and done payday for Diaz, and he really doesn’t need that type of pelt on his wall, and I really don’t think its a big money fight. Nick Diaz needs to go fight in the US version of K-1.
Let’s keep in mind that Diaz wants huge paydays- Anderson is a HUGE payday, if forced to do this fight. Diaz will fight.

Do you love this guy?

4. Dana White will not book this fight.

Won’t happen.
If Diaz wins- Anderson Silva is destroyed in the title picture for at least a year, and will be nearly 40, and as I said before, I can’t make 500K PPV buys with Rashad vs Silva, or DC vs Silva. Mark Munoz vs Anderson Silva on a three fight losing streak? Good luck making any money on that fight.If for some reason he slips up and books it- then what? Diaz has to show up to Main Event pressers, Dana has a LOT of money to make this card feasible on his bank statement, and Anderson isn’t exactly Ric Flair in talking people into the building, he’s best to let his actions do the talking. Someone has to talk this fight, and Diaz can talk if he wants to, but that might change based on what he ate for breakfast.

If Anderson wins, he has to do it impressively, or else he’s not back since he barely beat a blown up welterweight. If he dominates, well he should have, and he’s STILL another fight until we get the third fight with Chris, or even better- whomever just beat him for the belt (Anderson vs Vitor in Brazil? Yes Please)

If Nick wins. Great, Dana just got a guy that is gaining on Tito for being a gadfly the pelt of the GOAT on his wall. Now he’s going to want seven figures just for the weigh-ins. He’s going to want a title shot- and he’s going to want every other round fought in a smaller cage suspended above the regular octagon. He’s going to want Nate Diaz to get a title shot in Bellator and Gilbert to retire the 155 division and have the next TUF in Stockton. This is going to be a nightmare.

Better for Nick to sit there and whine about getting a fight that will never happen, and then get too old for even Bellator to make any use of him- just like Tito. Let Anderson get his return match and see who he can face for his title shot.
Tito vs Diaz – Bellator 200, Live and on PPV!


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  1. Just for the sake of conversation, let me disagree with you on all levels. 😀

    1. The Money.
    it is there.
    Say what you want, but both Diaz brothers have loyal fans.
    The same can be said about Silva.
    It matters little whom they fight, they will watch it.
    And it will be Silva’s first fight after his defeats AND the injury. Even people who are not loyal fans, will want to see SIlva in Action.
    This would be PPV and no one will care about the rest of the card. The big story of this card is the return of the spider.

    2. Anderson Silva wants this fight.
    Diaz, for all his flaws, has a huge plus: He likes to stand up and box. Plus, he doesn’t have KO power.
    Silva will showcase his Matrix defense.
    Moreover, Diaz does not kick.
    After this freak injury, the last thing Silva would want is an opponent who’ll try to chop that leg off.
    So for all means and purpose, this is actually a dream fight for Silva. Someone who’s low risk and that will gladly engage on a standup fight.

    3. Nick DIaz really wants this fight
    Nick and Nate wants to get paid. And this is a money fight.
    Win and he gets instant bragging rights. Instant recognition.
    And even if he loses, he lose nothing! he gains instant respect for fighting the GOAT, a thing GSP run away from.
    So they have nothing to lose (even in a loss), a lot of money to make, and if he somehow pulls it off, he can/should become an instant top fighter, smack in the middle of title talks! (who could deny them)?

    4. Dana White will book this fight.
    If Silva wants and Diaz wants it? Absolutely!
    There’s money to be made, and Dana obviously knows this fight is big money.
    Face it. Silva will not make a new run for the title. He said it. Most people know it.
    He wants fun fights.
    This is a perfect fight for welcoming him before throwing him to the murderers row that became 185 division.

    If Diaz wins, he becomes the genius who pulled him off retirement.
    And he adds instant excitement to WW division.
    If Silva wins, Diaz loses nothing (he didn’t fight at his division).

    As for Silva, a win will stop the losing streak.
    A loss? Desn’t matter. Silva already said he is not hunting for the belt.
    Silva would still bring viewers against anyone. Or he can retire!
    He certainly cemented himself in GOAT talks. He has nothing to prove to anyone. And if he didn’t prove it to some, I bet nothing he’d do now would change their minds…

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