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I really like  Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. I mean, Really, I loved Shaun of the Dead, for all its flaws, and I really enjoy Hot Fuzz more than it deserves. I even can put up with Scott Pilgrim Vs the World on multiple viewings.So I was excited to see the World’s End. Not only is it the end of the “Trilogy” but also had a lot of the characters from the first 2 movies in it- plus a whole Beer-Run premise.
Plot of the Worlds’ End is fairly simple. A man who is an alcoholic, realizes that life was never better than when he was in high school, and ran his little world in the little hole-in-the-wall town.
Worlds End CrewThe last hurrah was called the Golden Mile- 12 pubs on a stretch of road in town, and on their last day of school, they made it 9 stops in, before smoking and over drinking caused them to run off the rails and fail in their quest. So Simon Pegg decides he wants to bring the gang back together one last night and run the golden mile.
We get a whole bunch of backstory on the other members of the gang- none of it very interesting- and Simon convincing them to come along. Each asks about another member- Simon says they are in, and they agree.
These people are morons.
So of course, they all agree, and they all show up, and they begin the pub crawl. I do tend to enjoy some of the little parts in here, like meeting one of Simon Pegg’s former lovers. who just happens to be one of his buddies sister, and the fact that 2 of the early pubs have gone the equivalent of Starbucks and look the same, I do with the whole “no one remembers Simon Pegg in the city he was once King over.
Worlds EndingThere are some funny bits here, but there seems to be too many parts wasted. I almost feel like this should have been 2 movies. I understand it could not have been, there just might not have been much for the buddies to do rather than get drunk and miss the old times- no wait-0 that could be a very good movie. I think it started to go there, with the sister sub-plot, and the whole crawl.The problem is the Aliens, they are pretty goofy, the fight scenes have been done to death, and to be honest- I get kind of bored. the whole Robots argument is also kind of lost on me, and not even James Bond can make it all better.So thoughts on the movie?
I have to say, again no spoilers, there is something there, I hate the ending, I’m bored with the Aliens, and its by far the weakest of the three Pegg/Frost films. I think you almost have to see it- and it does have good reviews- just not for me. Its a movie you throw on for a PG-13 audience when you want to kill time. 3. But yes, I’ll end up buying it anyway to get the commentary track. Damn you Pegg.

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