MLB RT 24 JULY 2014



MLB RT 24 JULY 2014

1. Who has the best Mascot in Baseball?


ARCHIE: The Philly Phanatic beats out the San Diego Friar or Chicken, Bernie Brewer and the Brewers sausages and all the rest. He is one special character.

JOE: I’ll go with the Philly Phanatic

STEPHAN: it’s a tossup between the Philly Phanatic and the San Diego Chicken.

SANDY: I rarely pay much attention to the mascots, but the last game I watched was Phillie, so I’ll go with the Phillie Phanatic.


2. Will Big Pappi go into the HOF as a DH?

David Ortiz
David Ortiz

ARCHIE: As hard as it is to make the HOF as a closer or specialist, I think it is just as hard as a DH. I am pretty certain that Big Pappi makes the HOF but I feel they will want to list him as a First Baseman. I HOPE they list him as the personification of the DH. As much as I dislike the DH, I still think that he is the epitome of that title.

JOE: Yeah, I think so. He has far more ABs as a DH than 1B. But, I mean it all depends if he makes the Hall though. 😉

STEPHAN: He should. If not just for his outstanding play. His contributions off the field as well.

SANDY: Probably, but I think HOF should be for those that play offense and defense, but because of the DH that would exempt AL pitchers and that wouldn’t be fair, so all position players should play offense/defense. Don’t like DH.

3. Who do you predict as block buster trades before July 31 deadline?

Tampa Bay Rays v Boston Red Sox

ARCHIE: The Tampa Bay Rays are currently 7 games out of first and have 3 teams to hurdle to get to the lead. For that reason I think they will once and for all get what they can out of David Price. I might be wrong, but he is tired of hearing all the trade rumors and I think Management KNOWS he will earn top dollar arbitration in 15; after all he is making $14 million this season. I really think San Francisco will make a push to have Price in their rotation by August 1st.

JOE: I don’t think there will be one, actually. Just a bunch of middle/low level movement of players from one team to another… sort of like the Chase Headly trade the Yanks and the Padres just did.

STEPHAN: David Price I think will be a Cardinal by the first of August. However I still think Tampa has an outside shot to win the weak AL East if they keep him.

SANDY: David Price, Cliff Lee and perhaps Matt Kemp. Dodgers could also include Ethier/Crawford in a trade package.

4. Which current team leading their division, Baltimore, Detroit, Oakland, Washington, Milwaukee and San Francisco will NOT win their Division?

ARCHIE: I really only see only the AL Central as being secured at this point. The other Divisions are up for grabs. However, I think the Nationals and Braves will continue to swap back and forth and the late September schedule will see the winner in that Division. The two teams basically have mirror image schedules that month with 6 head-to-head games home and away against each other; 3 game against a team above .500; and the remaining teams all against the rest of the division.

And the same goes for the Giants and Dodgers. They each play one team for 3 games and both of those teams are current Division leaders. After that they only play the rest of their Division the rest of the month. Their 6 head-to-head games will likely dictate the winner of the West.

In the AL you cannot count out the Angels and Yankees but I see both having some definite issues to address to overtake their respective Division.

JOE: San Francisco. I think LA puts on a late season winning streak to put the division out of reach for the Giants.

STEPHAN: just one? I don’t think Milwaukee, San Francisco, or Baltimore wins their division. I think the Cardinals take the central, Dodgers in West, and Yankees in AL East.


SANDY: I’m biased on this one and can only hope it San Fran, since I’m a Dodger fan.

5. Five pitchers as of 24 July have 12 wins. Which one finishes with the most?


ARCHIE: I think Joe and I think alike on this one. You have to remember Kershaw only has 15 starts but he has 11 wins already. He will probably wind up with the most wins this year. However, according to the five current listed, I think Porcello will end up with more wins than the others just due to the Division he is in.

JOE: None of them… However, either Clayton Kershaw or Felix Hernandez, both with 11, will have the most wins this year barring any injuries.

STEPHAN: I am doing this just off memory, so if I’m wrong don’t shoot. I think Kershaw finishes with the most wins. Not sure if he has 12 now or not. But he gets the most victories. If Price does move to St Louis, he will be right there combining both leagues.

SANDY: I don’t know much about Porcello, but I’d have to rule out Tanaka as he may not come back this year, so I’ll go with Adam Wainwright, although I think Kershaw will beat all of them, currently with 11 wins, but I digress.


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