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joe11) On Thursday (7/17) this little ditty was running all around the brain of the NYDN website and the wire services… “A Chicago man is accused of slapping and spitting in the face of a 79-year-old female… while barking, ‘Rosa Parks, move.’”

Some 55-year-old white honky schmuck (yeah I said it and I meant it) twice went at Arnette Hubbard for the commission of thewhite-man horrible crime and social malfeasance of smoking near him while outside the Daley Center in Chicago. Now I can understand how sometimes peeps who smoke near peeps who don’t can be a tad upsetting to peeps who don’t… what with the smell, the smoke drifting near their eyes, etc… but… if it’s legal for the smokers to smoke where they is, then in my opinion, it becomes incumbent upon the non-smokers to move their asses. However… spit at Hubbard and called her Rosa Parks. Ummm… did I mention Hubbard is black?

As the schmuck walked away… which is what he should have done from the get go… Hubbard, who is known for her dedication to civil rights and women’s issues, followed Nicosia and called for the gendarmes… or at least someone in the court house who enlisted the gendarmes… to assist her as she confronted him about his asinine actions and comment… so he spit at her again and this time enhanced his asininity by slapping the 79-year-old in the face.

The schmuck did not know it yet but he made a big mistake by slapping and spitting at this little old black lady whom he had size… 6-foot and 240 pounds… age and strength on… he also had hit and spit at a judge… a spunky judge who has a history of being a fighter for civil rights as well as women’s rights. She is not known as a person who backs down when she senses injustice, is the point.

Funny about stuff. Ya just never know who is gonna be what these days… a little old lady black person who just happens to be a circuit court judge. Go figure.

He was arrested and charged with four counts of aggravated battery and a hate crime before ordered held on $90,000 bail Tuesday.

Judge Arnette Hubbard
Judge Arnette Hubbard

The Chicago Tribune reports that Hubbard was the first female president of the National Bar Association and Cook County Bar Association — both black lawyers’ groups. Robinson, past president of the Cook County Bar Association said, “She’s an icon in our community. People of good common sense and decency, people of good hearts should be outraged by this. Not just because of who she is but that this happened to anybody.”

What she said!

Now… this dumbass’ attorney said Wednesday his client denies the incident happened as prosecutors described it. He said he will try to get video surveillance from the Daley Center Plaza, where the incident happened.

Something tells me video is not gonna be real supportive of this dude… just a feeling I got. I just think this is nothing but a typical lawyer’s dance as a prelude to negotiating a plea deal where the hate crime disappears somehow and he pays a fine and gets some community service… like maybe emptying the outside ashtrays and sweeping up outside of public buildings and places like the local NAACP office.

2) On Monday (7/21), it was reported that a NY state Appellate Division Court ruled last Wednesday (7/16), that a Long Island father’s spanking of an 8-year-old boy “was a reasonable use of force”.

072114_spanking_855This overturned a Suffolk County Family Court judge who had determined last year that the father of the boy had abused his son “by inflicting excessive corporal punishment.”

Now… this is what is supposed to have happened… or… in news speak “allegedly”… the proud papa allegedly spanked the kid with an open hand as punishment for cursing while they were at a friend’s party in 2012.

Gonna go with, the dad got the kid with a good swift whack on his ass.

But, it was further alleged that when daddy and little sonny boy got home daddy done whomped on the kid’s ass with a belt… presumably… and allegedly… a good stiff and strong leather belt. Probably real similar to the leather strap that hung next to the broom closet in my childhood home… it wasn’t allegedly either, it was unfortuantely damn freaking real… the one with the little strips of leather that hung from the leather handle… that stung and left these red welts.

Ahem… moving onward and upward…

Daddy, whose name was withheld, said he whacked the kid with his hand but never beat him with a belt… at no time.

So, after hearing the evidence… the Appellate Division said there was insufficient evidence to uphold that charge.. the alleged belt whomping… and gave him a pass on the spanking… the alleged hand slap to the ass

Specifically, the court… a four-judge panel… ruled… “The father’s open-handed spanking of the child as a form of discipline after he heard the child curse at an adult was a reasonable use of force and, under the circumstances presented here, did not constitute excessive corporal punishment.”

Now… this goes along with a California court who ruled last year that a woman who hit her 12-year-old daughter in the rear with a wooden spoon should not be labeled a child abuser.

And, another court… this time in Florida… ruled that a single spank does not qualify as domestic violence.

And, the Minnesota Supreme Court cleared a father who hit his 12-year-old son 36 times on the upper thighs with a wooden paddle, ruling that spanking isn’t necessarily abuse.

Now of course there are two sides… more or less… to the argument here.

One side says that a parent needs to educate children about right from wrong. And, sometimes a little whack on the hiney is needed to get some attention.

The other side says spanking is not necessary at all and that it’s an old-fashioned thing that needs to be left in the past. They say there are other ways to get a child’s attention to explain something is wrong and some behavior needs to change.

Now, before I get into anything else… let me say this about some of that… in no way do I ever advocate using something other than an open palm… once or twice… on a child’s bottom. No where else… like their head or torso… and never with anything but an open palm… no wooden spoons… wooden paddles… belts, leather straps… or anything else. Never… no way.

Now… having said that…

Me… I think there are certain times when, and where, a “time out” is just not gonna work and a good swift whack on the ass is needed to say “Hey, little dude… or dudette… stop the shit and pay attention… cut it out and if you can’t act appropriately we gone leave and have a good long talking? Capiche? And… it’s not something that will be real pleasant for either of us. Double capiche?

Just my opinion on the situation.

3) On Sunday (7/20), Bob Raissman, of the NYDN, wrote that Pam Oliver’s demotion from her NFL sideline gig suggests she’s no longer considered a Fox. Raissman is playing on the media giant’s name…Fox Sports… as well as how some folks refer to a good looking woman… as a fox.

Seems, Erin Andrews is now set to join Fox Sports’ No. 1 broadcast team this fall, while, in Raissman’s words… “…the veteran

Oliver gets ‘elevated’ to a senior correspondent role.”

Pam Oliver
Pam Oliver

Raissman goes on to say that Pam Oliver is a victim of prejudice… age discrimination and sexism as well as a double standard.  Raissman specifically says that “Men who work for sports divisions are actually paid to find women they think other men will drool over while watching a football telecast. Yet, when it comes to men, the Foxies have no problem with a heavyweight, triple-chinned Tony Siragusa roaming the sidelines. Fox pays Siragusa for his football knowledge and comedic value. That’s the way it should be. His looks are irrelevant.”

And guess what? So should Pam Oliver’s… her looks…be as irrelevant… as well as her age. The fact is the only things that should matter are… can she do the job… and… can she do it better than most others… man or woman… good looking or not so good looking… old or young.

So, is she knowledgeable about what she does?

According to a lot of peeps, including Raissman… yes, she is. In fact, Raissman says she had years of professional experience and a record and resume of outstanding work while being on the Fox Sports team.

Jeff Pearlman… who is an accomplished sports writer… SI and Newsday… and a respected author of five sports books and four New York Times best sellers… goes a lot further… he wrote on his personal blog, “…truly, as good as it gets at this sort of job. She knows how to interview, and doesn’t merely ask fluff nonsense. She’s quick on the fly, researches the hell out of games, has a long and storied history of asking the right question at the right moment. She also has never, ever, ever used the medium to turn herself into a nonsense-endorsing celebrity spokesperson for dietary supplements and the like. In pro athlete translation, Erin Andrews would be, oh, Mark Sanchez; Pam Oliver is Peyton Manning.  However, Pam Oliver is also 53. And African-American. She isn’t white and blonde and perky. These days, that’s what sideline reporters almost always are…blonde and perky. They’re eye candy for the neanderthals who need eye candy.”

Now, that… all of Oliver’s skill and talent… suddenly means nothing.

She just ain’t young enough… her hair may be getting a tad greyer… and her face lined with a little more of life’s experience… she just ain’t Foxy enough to be a Fox Sports employee. And, she ain’t a man. And, if, you read what Pealman says there may be some underlying ethnocentricism… aka racism… involved.

But the bottom line… being foxy is a necessity in her line of work… because a little firm jiggle and T&A still matters for Fox.

So, Oliver gets kicked upstairs in what is seen by most peeps as a purely ceremonial role that means little else than a title and maybe some sort of advisors pay check and possibly a news piece here and there. While some new blood… a fox… is brought on board… young and foxy blood with firmer body parts when the only body part that should matter is what’s between the ears and how a person… a woman… can do the job they got hired to do.

And speaking about Erin Andrews…

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews

4) Erin Andrews is considered, by many peeps, no Pam Oliver, but then, she ain’t exactly chopped liver either. Even by the wag that thinks she is more Mark Sanchez to Oliver’s Peyton Manning, she is still considered a competent and an able reporter in her own right. Still, the fact is, she ain’t no Pam Oliver…


Did ya’ll watch the MLB All-Star game? Even if ya’ll didn’t, ya’ll probably heard that Derek Jeter… the lock for the Hall of Fame Derek Jeter… sliced a double the other way leading off the game against pitcher Adam Wainwright.

And, ya’ll probably heard that Wainwright after being removed from the game told reporters, that he gave Jeter “a couple of pipe shots” because Jetere deserved it in his last All-Star game, and, then said that in hindsight, that maybe he “should have pitched him a little better than that.”

No sooner were the words said, then the Twitter world was all twitterized with the news about a pitcher grooving a fat pitch that Jetes was able to serve for a hit.

And, our newest hot body on the sidelines… Ms. Andrews… met up with the twittered-dee-ed; twittered-dum-ed Mr. Wainwright after the eight inning and asked him about what had slipped past his lips. And, essentially he said he was talking with tongue-in-cheek and would never groove a pitch to a player in a game that mattered.

Andrews and Adam Wainwright
Andrews and Adam Wainwright

Yes, it’s supposed to be an exhibition of sorts of the best of the first half of the ongoing MLB season but it does matter, in a manner of speaking, because whichever league… AL or NL… wins the game then that league also wins home field advantage for their side’s rep in the World Series.

Now, before I go any further… I know that before one pitch was tossed in the All-Star game that Wainwright was on record saying it was gonna be a real honor facing Jeter for the first time ever in his career and something he could tell his grandkids about. He also added that he was gonna do his damndest to get the dude out, too.

So, when he says he wasn’t really serious about tossing a meatball for Jetes to drive down the line for a two base hit… I kinda believe the guy.

To be clear… here’s the exchange…

Andrews: “The comments you made to the reporters after you pitched, what was that all about?”

Wainwright: “You know what, sometimes my humor gets taken the wrong way. I feel terrible about this. If anyone’s taking any credit away from what Derek Jeter has done today, or off me or anything, it was mis-said. I made a mistake by that. I hope people realize that I’m not intentionally giving up hits out there. I know this game means something and I’m guessing people are thinking I’m going to try to give up home runs to Miguel Cabrera next, too. I’m very competitive and I think I said yesterday that I did not want Derek Jeter to get a hit. I think I said it today before I pitched. I don’t know. It’s a distraction, and I do not want to be a distraction. I wanted it to be all for Derek, so if anything is taken away from his moment then I sincerely apologize.”

Anyway… it is what it is and he said what he said and it got all twittered and blown way out of proportion in my mind.

However, this does not end here… Ms Andrews, who herself has 2.2 million twitter heads afollowing her, asks the seemingly innocuous throwaway question… “Well, we appreciate you clearing that up. Don’t you love social media?”

Wainwright replies… “No, I don’t love social media.”

Stop right here and let me say this… that question and his reply are the same as if you… or myself… had done something dumbass like… Oh, I don’t know… like maybe sent an email to somebody that once you hit send you went “Oh shit” because you hadn’t finished editing and hit send by mistake.  And your coworker goes… “Don’t you just love emails and computers?” And the reply is, “No, I don’t.”

You don’t agree? … maybe? …maybe not? Kinda, sorta?

Kirk Minihane
Kirk Minihane

Well, if you don’t agree, then you and a certain Boston radio head are in agreement. Because it seems that radio guy doesn’t agree with my logic… because after the twitter event and then the Andrews’ interview and what some have said was Andrews giving Wainwright a soft landing on his comments… this is what WEEI’s Kirk Minihane demonstratively said: “What a bitch! I hate her! What a gutless bitch! Seriously, go away. Drop dead. I mean, seriously what the hell is wrong with her? First of all, follow-up. Second of all, the guy admitted he did it. He admitted it. He told reporters he threw a couple of pipe bombs. How is that social media’s fault? I hate her. I seriously hate her so much. Social media is the reason she has a big house! Shut up. Shut up. I shouldn’t call her a bitch, I’m sure she’s a nice person.”

The rant ended but the words were done said… and if someone after his show or during commercial break said to him… “Ya know that was kinda, sorta rough what you done said” and then followed that up with “Don’t you just love live radio?” And he might have said said “No, sometimes I don’t.”

Well, ya’ll get my drift here?

Sometimes peeps say stuff they really don’t mean and it gets misconstrued by either trying to be funny or lighthearted (Wainwright?), or, in a heated moment (Minihane?) that they wished they had never uttered.

Back in the day it t’weren’t so immediate where hundreds upon thousands… sometimes millions… of folks instantaneously heard, saw, or, read what you said/did and damage control was a lot easier.

Today what with the media, video, and other social media type things… Boom! Bang! Whoosh! … Instant karma gonna get you.

There’s an old piece of advice I was once given about email protocols… write once… edit twice… and then hit delete. And, do it all over again. By that time a cooler, saner head will be prevailing and you will say what you want in a more logical, reasonable and responsible manner.

Seems to me something like that should have occurrred here by all concerned.

Unfortunately, with things being so live all the time a lot of peeps sometimes say and do stuff that as soon as it be done… they wish it could be undone. But it can’t.

In no way am I trying to absolve peeps for not being responsible for what they say because they should be. But, by the same token, stuff sometimes do happen and we all make mistakes.

Wainwright made one when he said what he said.

Minihane made another when he went overboard with his comments on a professional reporter who asked nothing more than a throwaway comment about some silly-ass social media.

Now… everyone step back… go to your respective corners and let’s just do it all over again.

Would that we could. Huh?

To his credit, Minihane has apologized about his derisive comments on calling Andrews a female dog…and hoping for some sort of jihad upon her head…  but… next time it might be sound advice to follow this piece I once heard many moons ago… If you can’t think; then you shouldn’t talk.

alice-march-hare-mad-hatterCuriously, where I hear that?

In a Walt Disney cartoon version of Alice in Wonderland… then eventually was read in the book by Lewis Carroll. The quote was said to Alice by the Mad Hatter and the actual words went down… Alice: “I don’t think…” and… the Hatter says, “Then you shouldn’t talk.”

So, let’s not get so carried away about stuff that is really just not that serious… okay, folks?

I mean, try and use that energy for something that really matters… like… oh… speaking out against war or some other something mundane like that.

Nuff said, eh?

5) Not sure if the news about Eric Garner has reached many folks outside of the metro NY area… but, let me summarize the incident as concisely as I can for ya’ll… Garner was out and about on the streets in his Staten Island nabe selling loosies… single cigarettes… which is not a legal thing to do. But, then so are a lot of things not legal to do but peeps do them all time and cops continually look the other way.

Things like have a drink of wine at movies shown in city parks. Open bottles are not legal whatsoever in NYC but I have yet to hear of one peep ever getting popped for opening a bottle of Chardonnay at any of these events.

Back to Garner… to be open about it, the dude has been busted before for this highly heinous offense against humanity as well as selling other odds and ends that he probably didn’t have a peddler’s license to be vending out on the street.

At the same time, there was a consensus opinion from those on the block that he was sort of a neighborhood lookout… keeping his eyes peeled for strangers in the area or trouble on the make and about to escalate.

Anyhoo… some policemen approach Garner and he … now, let me be clear… this dude is about 350 pounds… he is big.eric-garner-11 Anyway, these policemen approach Garner and he starts protesting to them for harassing him every time he and they meet. He also claims he ain’t even selling no loosies. Well one thing leads to another… he ain’t fighting the cops and seems to back away… if anything, he is trying to get out of this situation with the least amount of grief that he can be invovled in… a call at some point goes out and other cops arrive on the scene… then two cops grab Garner by the arms with one putting an arm around his neck in what is called a chokehold… a hold that is not allowed by the NYPD and hasn’t been since 1993.

They take him down. He wonks his head on the pavement. He says he can’t breathe.

Long story short he’s cuffed… EMTs arrive and they don’t seem overly concerned about this eric-garnerman who claimed he couldn’t breathe. Not one person seems to check him other than some cursory glances and no one attempts any potentially lifesaving procedures… like CPR.

Longer story shorter. Garner is dead.

How do I know all this? I read the papers AND I saw the video on the news…

Peeps all over the place got phones with video capability these days and someone used one… and I gotta say, he… Garner… looks like he is in a choke hold… mind you a hold that is forbidden by NYPD… and is taken down hard… and… if you listen you can hear him… Garner… saying “I can’t breathe.”

And, yep, earlier he can be heard saying he was not selling any smokes before the incident went down. But PD sources say four full packs and one partial pack of butts were found on Garner. Untaxed cigs I might add.

Now… selling untaxed cigs is definitely a crime… selling anything on a NYC street without a license is a crime. The reality is if ya ain’t got a license to peddle whatever you be peddling… ya’ll be liable to be arrested. But, selling loosies? Untaxed or not?

This is not exactly the mafia stopping a trailer truck full of cartons of Lucky Strikes and then going off peddling the cancer sticks to whomever is on the streets ala “Goodfellas”.

And, about Garner having an eye out for trouble a coming down the pike… witnesses say just before this entire tragedy happens… and, yes, it is a tragedy for everyone concerned… the NYPD, the people of NYC, and, especially for Garner and his family… including 6 kids… he’s dead remember?… anyway… witnesses say that he was involved in breaking up a scuffle… a scuffle that could have had the potential to turn into something entirely worse than just a little street disagreement and a few punches thrown. Ya never know these days. Guns and knives appear out of nowhere sometimes over some very stupid stuff. Anyway peeps say he had just stopped a potential tragedy from becoming reality… only to become a part of a real tragedy himself.

Now… the Mayor of NYC… Bill DeBlasio… and his commissioner of police… Bill Bratton… both say they believe from what they have seen Garner was put into a choke hold.

Ahem and oops…

An illegal hold that the NYPD prohibits.

Seems there should have been another way to handle all this. It also seems cops need to be doing stuff besides stopping folks from selling stuff like loosies or other small piddling stuff that is more or less inconsequential. Seems maybe they should be going after guys with concealed weapons or… oh, yeah… “Stop and Frisk” ain’t legal anymore. And… Bratton told his men to go after the little guys because his illogic is stopping the little guys will stop the bigger crimes from happening.

Isn’t that the same logic crime fighters used to use when they went after the guy smoking a bone on the street? And sometimesnypd-protest-eric-garner still do? Even though, most of these arrests are thrown out of the court room when, and if, they get that far.

All these arrests do is clog up the legal system… the courts, the prisons, the cops’ valuable time that could be spent doing something much more better than worrying about the penny ante crap. And cost millions and millions of dollars. Dollars that could be spent elsewhere doing a whole lot of good.

A guy in an op-ed piece in Tuesday’s (7/22) NYDN wrote… “There’s a point at which aggressive policing makes criminals of people for committing harmless acts… drinking in a park, say, or smoking a joint on their stoop or even just jaywalking. Cops and civilians engage in millions of encounters a year, each with a small chance of going wrong. How many don’t may be underappreciated. But every needless one risks another Garner. And with every phone a camera now, there’s no hiding the violence when it happens.”


And Garner’s sister said… “Many people that own stores sell illegal cigarettes. They lose their license, not their lives.”


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  1. RIP Eric Garner. I don’t smoke but I see a few guys around my way selling loosies, and they aren’t wrestled to the ground and choked out. It’s excessive force, but I’ll wait to see how Bratton and DeBlasio are going to play this one out.

    As far as spanking? As someone who grew up getting hit with whatever was in my Mother’s reach, I don’t get why they need a court to tell you that spanking is OK. It’s your kid. As long as you aren’t going overboard and doing some sadistic shit, I don’t get the big deal if you hit a kid with a belt, open hand, whatever. As long as it’s in a corrective action and not an abusive one. I don’t have kids, granted, but if I did, to hell with that timeout shit. I turned out fine with a whack or two and I’m sure my kid will too.

  2. Heard on CBS radio that Bratton is saying a department wide re-training will be done on how to actuate an arrest and the use of force. He said, “… a retraining of every member of the New York Police Department.”

  3. My kids were little when psychologists came out with their “spanking your child only teaches them that it’s okay for big people to hit little people” theory. You were supposed to talk to your child in a calm, non-threatening manner and explain to them why their behavior was unacceptable. I can’t imagine anywhere in the space time continuum that this theory would get the point across better than a smack on the butt to a five year old who just threw his brother’s legos in a burning fireplace. As one psycho logist told me, “Discipline comes from the word disciple, Jesus didn’t go around spanking his disciples.” I should have told him that Jesus was dealing with adults, not children.

    You know, I don’t care who the sideline reporter is during a televised game they aren’t really needed. Guys need eye-candy? Have the cameraman take shots of the cheerleaders.

  4. I agree with your view on the sideline reporters.

    It’s a lot wosre in baseball. At least it is with the local NY teams, it is. The Mets’ idiot in the stands has gone as far as doing an entire interview during an inning. I mean there is a game going on and its bad enough when the regular announcers go off on a tangent unrelated to the game but now I gotta listen to some schmoo do an interview with some jamoke in the stands?

    I wind up yelling at the TV until I realize the remote hasa button that can change the channels. Still, I wanna watch the damn game.

    My feeling is this… Ya wanna interview people then get a talk show.

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