Project Loon: Full of Hot Air?

Project LoonThe Loons are coming.

What is Loon? If you live out in the sticks, or happen to travel a lot, or are stuck in an area where Dial-Up is the best you can get, (by the way, how does the site look in Black and White?) then Loon might be your savior.

What is Loon? Quite simply, Loon is a product that Google is looking to start rolling out next year to provide internet service. Basically a collection of balloons that will be carrying WIFI routers that homes will be able to pick up, then those balloon will send that data over the internet, or to best of my understanding, its like satellite internet, only both the upload and download will be done over the air, with no phone or cable line needed. Homes can have antenna’s much like they do for broadcast TV to relay the signals back and forth.

The balloons are expected to float in the stratosphere, above where airplanes and most storms are, and stay up for over 3 months, then as they float down, another goes up to replace them, as technology improves, the balloons will stay up longer and longer and making it more and more feasible for larger areas.

The potential customers are not only people out in the sticks or third world countries, Google is also aiming at rich people vacationing or using the Loon system as a stable roaming area for both Data and Cellular usage.

Loon is currently undergoing tests in Brazil.

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