Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow


Game: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrowdawn3
> SEQUEL to Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Platform: Nintendo DS
Type of Game : Action
Beaten? Yes

Sound: Same soundtrack type from the previous installment. Some remixed tracks along with a set of new tracks.
Graphics: Very similar graphics to the previous title. Small improvements here and there but overall disappointing that they didnt put more effort into improvement to character sprites.

Pro: Good ol beat em up action once more with a hint of touch screen interaction

Con: Very little differences between this and the previous sequel. Sad to say the soul capture system is the same annoying thing it was in the previous except now you can fuse souls to weapons to make stronger weapons, although it requires you to catch more souls.

Replayability: Again only if you’re trying to collect things you missed or seeing the alternate endings.





Recommendation: This one was a little bit of a let down. I’d recommend this only if you want to continue from the first games story, otherwise rent or borrow it from a friend.






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