The 5 worst free agent signings

Worst Free Agents

They can’t officially sign until July 10th, but assuming they do I’m going to give my worst FA agreements/signings so far.

Channing Frye1-Chandler Frye.

The Magic were average at shooting the 3-pointer last season, I get that. They made just 35.3% of their 3-balls (tied for 19th) and needed some help. But, to spend 32 million over four seasons on a 31-year old big man? The amount was shocking, I know he made 6.4 million last year but I thought his salary expectation was the mid level exception (5.3 million).

He averaged 11.1 points per game and 5.1 rebounds per game with the Suns last season, but he made 37% of his 3’s and that’s clearly why they signed him. I guess they had to overpay him a little because it is Orlando and they don’t attract the best FA’s, but 4 years? I guess the length of the deal surprised me more than the actual amount. His 3-point % was the third best of his 8-year career.

Orlando has stockpiled forwards: They just went against conventional thinking when they selected Aaron Gordon 4th overall (when he was projected to go in the 6-10 range) in the NBA draft, they have Tobias Harris who can play either forward spot and has shown to be a solid player since they acquired him from the Milwaukee Bucks for JJ Redick, and they also have Andrew Nicholson and Kyle O’Quinn. Now, sure they can trade one of these forwards but they won’t receive much back for him. But, acquiring Frye just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. I don’t get it.


Ben Gordon2. Ben Gordon

Yes, he still plays in the league, he was locked to the Charlotte Bobcats bench for most of last season. He only played in 19 games and averaged a career-low 5.2ppg (on 34.3% FG shooting and just 27.6% on 3’s). However, he’s a career 40.2% shooter on 3’s and that seems to be Orlando’s game plan in free agency.

Improve their outside shooting. He’s another 31-year old, but at least it was just a two year deal worth 9 million. It just seems to me that they could have found better veteran leadership, but this strikes me as another weird signing by the Magic.


Trevor Booker3-Trevor Booker.

Utah signed him to a two year deal worth 10 million. For somebody who averaged 6.8ppg and 5.3rpg with the Washington Wizards last season? I’m fairly certain you can find a D-League player that can give you those numbers for the minimum salary of $910,000. In contrast, Jeff Adrien averaged 6.8ppg and 5.8rpg between the Charlotte Bobcats and Milwaukee Bucks and signed for 1 year and the veteran minimum ($910,000).

Booker wasn’t the reason the Wizards had a good season and surprised some folks. Not by a longshot, he was just a decent backup who was forced into making 45 starts due to Nene’s injuries.


Avery Bradley4-Avery Bradley.

He’s a good defender and he had a career-high in scoring for the Celtics last season (14.9ppg), but the amount surprises me, 32 million over four seasons. He’s just 24 and will have many paydays ahead of him, it seems like they overpaid for his potential. His numbers weren’t overly impressive.



5-Marvin Williams.Marvin Williams

He signed a two year deal worth 14 million with Charlotte after averaging a lackluster 9.1ppg and 5.1rpg in 66 games (50 starts) with the Utah Jazz last season, he averaged 25.4mpg. The Hornets lost out on free agent Gordon Hayward so they decided to sign his former team-mate and overpay a player who has achieved his potential in the NBA after 9 seasons.

Honorable mention: Jordan Hill two years and 18 million,

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  1. I didn’t put Meeks on here for 1 reason: The average salary is around 5 million and Meeks produced good numbers last season. 6.3 million per season isn’t as outlandish as the other contracts on my list.

  2. Tell me if you think any of these should also apply:

    Trevor Ariza – 4yrs $32M
    Darren Collison- 3 yrs $16M
    Chris Bosh – 5 yrs $118M
    Josh McRoberts- 4 yrs $23M
    Patrick Patterson- 3 yrs $18M
    Spencer Hawes – 4 yrs $23M
    Chris Kamaan- 2 yrs $10M
    Jordan Hill- 2yrs $18M
    Pau Gasol- 3 yrs $22M(aware of what he can do, still think he got too much)

    Keep in mind I’m a Pelicans fan so I’m fully aware of what a bad contract looks like. (Eric Gordon $15M with no hope in hell he opts out)
    I don’t think any of these contracts look particularly sane.

  3. Ariza is on my best free agent pickups, that’ll be done shortly.

    Collison will start (and was signed to a reasonable contract) with Thomas signing with the Phoenix Suns.

    Patterson was overpaid and somebody I considered.

    Bosh was paid to be the #1 option next season and the player they are building around. Definitely could have been on there, but I decided against listing him.

    Hawes and McRambis are excellent role players off the bench (keep in mind the average NBA contract is around 5-6 million a season). Kaman is a decent player and a decent salary.

    Hill was on my HM, but the Lakers had to spend money and if he continues to improve….they could could easily trade him to clear cap space next summer….if he sucks…..they have a team option on year 2.

    Gasol was expected to fetch 10-12 million per season (he can still post 16-17ppg, 9rpg and 3-4apg), he took less to play for the Bulls.

  4. Nice post, DJ, as usual.

    I can’t comment on 4 of the players since I don’t know any of them well enough. But as far as Avery Bradley. I have no problem with that signing.

    I think it’s clear that Rondo’s days are numbered. Bradley is young and getting better, Rondo is freaking head case and I’m sure the Celtics are looking to get rid of him for the best they can get. I’m sure lots of teams want him… but they’ll be sorry when they do!

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