James Garner Passes away at 86

James GardnerJames Garner has passed away.

Garner has been in a TON of movies, including several classics that have to be on your DVD shelf. Allow me to pay tribute to this great actor in some of the movies I’ve seen of his, since I’m a little young to have seen Maverick the TV show or the Rockford Files.

I’ll take these in order.

The Great Escape

1963- The Great Escape

Every bit a Steve McQueen movie, James Garner does get second billing on the movie, and its a very good one, the 60s had a TON of WW2 movies come out, and few have risen up to become classics, this is one of them. James Garner plays a “Scrounger” who might actually be the most important person in the whole film, and I can tell you, a scrounger is still one of the most important men in the military.

Support Your Local Sherriff

1969- Support Your Local Sheriff

Don’t like Westerns? Then watch this one- this has got it all, from the lonesome stranger wandering in, to the old Bugs Bunny sticking your finger in the gun barrel bit, to the hero wanting to skip town before the big battle, his woman thinking thats a good idea- then changing his mind. Just a fun time- there’s a sequel too, but its not as good.

Tank1984- Tank

Tank is a fun movie. Just watch it. I’m not going to give you a plot, and I’m not going to tell you anything about it. Find it on Netflix, find it on HBO, just watch it. There are worse ways to kill 90 minutes and wonder what happened to C. Thomas Howell.

Murphys ROmance1985- Murphy’s Romance

Sally Field and James Garner. This is a classic, by any definition, easily my favorite James Garner movie, and quite possibly Sally Fields as well. This is what happens when you get a great story, great director who just lets the story flow, and you pair two actors together who just let it all go in a small town, and you simply don’t have to throw a climax or a fight in there. The small jokes are worth it, and the whole thing just feels real.

Maverick1994- Maverick

Ok, this one is awful. The only good parts revolve around Jodie Foster just not giving a shit and just having fun. Mel Gibson tries to carry the movie- and he tries bless his heart, but with a bad script, Jodie almost giggling when she’s not talking and James Garner just showing up to make sure no one ever makes a sequel. Its a bad movie to enjoy. I do love the tub scene though.

My Fellow Americans1996- My Fellow Americans

OK, is this a movie you need to go out of your way to go see? Oh Hell no, is it fun to sit and watch? You betcha. Dan Akroyd is great in this movie, and its just a fun way to kill 90 minutes.

This movie is even more fun if you know what a STRONG Democrat Garner is, Watch this one and Bullworth back to back. Its a fun ride, and Jake Lemmon is always a blast.

Space Cowboys

2000- Space Cowboys

Just a fun movie, Clint Eastwood tries his best to steal the movie, but Garner is a background character who swipes his share along with Donald Sutherland. Just a fun fun movie.


So there you have it, a short short SHORT list of some of the movies Garner is in, I do need to see some of his other ones, such as The Americanization of Emily or Move Over Darlin.

Any other movies I need to get to sooner rather than later? Let me know.



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  1. One of my all time favorite actors, although I only saw a few of his movies, I still watch “The Rockford Files”, and he was co-star with John Ritter on “8 simple Rules”. I was sad to hear of his passing. RIP!

  2. One of the few actors that always made a movie watchable no matter how bad… In addition to those mentioned I would add… Maverick (TV series); Skin Game and Support Your Local Gunfighter!.
    Can’t recall ever having seen the Americanization of Emily but it’s supposed to have been his favorite. Guess I gotta go find it now.

  3. Always thought my Dad looked like James Garner as I was growing up. Dad died in 1996 and now it feels like he’s died all over again. RIP, Jimmy.

  4. R.I.P. James Garner. One of the best of our time.

    Great Actor. I always enjoyed his work.

    David, nice tribute.


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