The Lakers offseason moves

LakersOn Thursday, the Los Angeles Lakers were awarded Carlos Boozer off waivers after he was Amnestied by the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday. The winning bid on Boozer was for 3.25 million, this was the latest move in their underwhelming free agent offseason of 2014.

Not that Boozer wasn’t a decent pickup for a cheap price, but the team struck out on their attempts to try and get Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Not to mention Lance Stephenson would have been a nice consolation prize, but he signed with Charlotte.

The Lakers traded the rights to Sergei Lishchuk to the Houston Rockets for the expiring contract of Jeremy Lin, a first and second round pick in a salary dump.

Lin took the NBA by storm in 2011-2012 with the New York Knicks when he came out of nowhere to average 22.5 points and 8.7 assists in 12 starts before the All Star break when Melo was hurt. Most importantly, New York had a 9–3 record during that stretch. For the season, he averaged 14.6 and 6.2apg, mainly due to him seeing garbage time minutes before the injury to Melo.

Ed Davis was added to the roster on a 2 year deal worth 2 million. Davis struggled to find playing time last season with the Memphis Grizzlies, averaging just 15.2 minutes per contest in 63 games (he averaged just 5.7ppg and 4.1rpg). His best season was in 2012-2013 with the Toronto Raptors when he averaged 7.7ppg, 5.7rpg, and 1bpg in 81 games (20mpg). If Boozer and Jordan Hill start at power forward and center, Julius Randle and Davis will come off the bench to backup PF and C, respectively.

Jordan HillThey re-signed Hill to a 2 year deal worth 18 million, the 2nd year is a team option but he was over-paid for his production last season (9.7 points per season, 7.4 rebounds per game and 1 block per game). However, he averaged 16.6ppg and 10.1rpg in his last 8 games of the season so maybe that was a sign of things to come.

In a bit of a head scratcher, they also re-signed Nick Young to a 4 year deal worth 23 million. Young had one of his best seasons as a pro (18ppg) but they traded for a second round pick with the Washington Wizards and drafted Jordan Clarkson, an athletic guard who can play both backcourt positions.

The team still lacks some options at small forward (Young and Kobe Bryant are only players able to play the position and neither can play it full time) and general manager Mitch Kupchak needs to get busy to sign a few more players. Wesley Johnson and Xavier Henry are cheap options that could be signed, but he needs to get busy before they sign with other teams.

He also needs to make a decision on wether or not they want to utilize the stretch provision on point guard Steve Nash, that move would save them another 6 million on the salary cap.

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  1. Good article and I agree with much of it. I don’t think the Lakers were as interested in Stephenson or any of the other 2nd tier FA’s as some want to claim. I just don’t think there was anyone worth using future cap space for. There were a couple of guys that would have been nice adds if the Lakers had landed Lebron or ‘Melo, but no one worth using the future cap space for.

    The only way that I see the Lakers using the stretch provision on Nash is if Mitch has a trade of some sort in mind and they need to stretch him to get the player they trade for. Other than that, they should keep him, eat the full $9 million and hope that he has enough left so that he can mentor the young guys like Lin, Marshall and Clarkson. He may not be worth $9 million as a player anymore, but he could be worth every penny if he can successfully mentor the young guys.

    I like them keeping Swaggy P. He’s a sparkplug and can play the 2 or the 3. I think he can play pretty close to full time at the 3 as well, because the Lakers are probably going to be going small a lot. His deal is cap friendly in the sense that it’s not a lot of money and can also be easily traded if necessary.

    As for Johnson and Xavier. I like Xavier better, but Wesley can play the 3. He’s athletic and showed promise at times last year, but I worry that he may not be consistent enough and will be one of those players that spends his whole career showing “flashes”, but not really accomplishing much.

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    Either way I know you will carry the torch for us Lakers fans.

  5. Mostly 1 year contracts as they’re going to try (again) to sign some stars next offseason.

    Maybe Randle turns into something.

    They SHOULD go after Eric Bledsoe and try to build an actual team around he and Randle, but they’re just treading water and trying to preserve capspace for those BIG SUPERSTARS.

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