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BaN BrooklynWhat up World? This EJ and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. What you’re about to read is the second version of this week’s blog. You see I had to trash the first one. I’m far from a perfectionist, but I just didn’t like where I went with it. My space wasn’t right. It’s like when you listen to music. You might lilke a song, but the lyrics are a bit too dark. So you think dark. However, you don’t want to be dark. You want to be good. So, I wrote the first blog in a dark space, changed up my flow, and said “you know what, let me trash that shit and start over B.” So here we are. This week I’ll talk a little Tracy McGrady, Why I respect Anthony Rendon, and would I trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love? Let’s do this!

Tracy McGrady has retired. Some of you might be saying to yourselves “ain’t T-Mac already retired”? Yeah, his basketball career is done (shit it’s been finished for years before he actually retired . . . let’s keep it real now) but this week Tracy retired from his baseball career. That’s right. T-Mac played some baseball this season. The 35 year old McGrady made four appearances this season with the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League. T-Mac pitched 6 and 2/3 innings and had a 6.75 ERA. So he wasn’t exactly good at the shit. However, he started the Atlantic League All-Star game where he recorded his only strikeout. YAY? He also participated in the home run hitting contest where he hit exactly no home runs. Wow, he was worse than Jordan at this baseball thing, huh?

t macAnyway, T-Mac who hadn’t played the game of baseball since high school was determined to fullfill a lifelong dream and the Skeeters, the same team that gave Roger Clemens a shot at pitching again, was more than happy to give him the opportunity. He brought some star power to the team, he brought an attraction to the Atlantic League, and now that he’s finally done with baseball, I wish him the best going forward. However, I got to say it: he sucked at baseball. Lawd was he awful. Damn . . . bon voyage T-Mac!

Someone who doesn’t suck at baseball is Washington Nationals third baseman Anthony Rendon. Rendon was considered to be one of the biggest snubs from this year’s All Star game and he was asked by a reporter if he’d watch the game. His reply was that he would not watch the game because “I don’t watch baseball (on television) it’s too long and boring.” Somebody applaud this man for speaking the truth. I may root for the Mets, and I have a rooting interest in the Toronto Blue Jays but I can’t tell you the last time I’ve watched a baseball game on television. Why? Because it is boring to watch on television. It’s fun to go to a game, but like Rendon, and I’m sure like many I cannot watch the game on television. I definitely can’t watch it the same way I watch basketball, or soccer. Those two sports keep my interest. I can’t watch football on TV either. Well, I can watch most of a game, but not the entire thing. I usually lose interest at some point. Why? It’s not easy to keep your attention on something for hours at a time.

However, I applaud Rendon. I’m not one of those people who put athletes on a pedestal. To me they are regular people, just like you and me. It’s just that they are paid extraordinary sums of money to play a child’s game. Only difference, really. So, this is how I see it: when you go home, or you’re not at work, do you want to be reminded of your job? Would you want to talk about your job all day long, or see reminders on television of what you do? I damn sure don’t so I don’t blame Rendon for not watching the game, and using the All-Star break as a way to get away from his job. We all need a break from what we do, and if his break away from the game is to get away from it as much as possible, then damn it that is his perogative. Nothing wrong with speaking the truth, and I just wish more athletes did the same. So thanks Anthony for saying what a lot of us think of our Nations “Pastime”.

LeBron JamesOur national pastime is the NFL, and my favorite sports league is the British Premier League (yeah I love soccer that much and GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!), but out of the four major American sports I watch the NBA over anything, so I have to talk a little roundball in the blog. Last week, after my blog posted, LeBron James made it official and returned home to Cleveland. I have much respect for the move. By choosing to return home to Cleveland and to a younger Cavs squad, LeBron signaled that it’s not all about winning titles for him. If it was all about titles he would have stayed in Miami, a team that made the Finals four straight years and won two rings. The Heat with LeBron is much closer to a ring then this current Cavaliers squad. Well, that could change if the Cavaliers can end up with Kevin Love.

The power forward has never made the playoffs with Minnesota, but Kevin Love is arguably a top 20 player in the game and adding Love to LeBron and Kyrie Irving would make the Cavaliers the favorite in the Eastern Conference. However, to get Kevin Love it would cost the Cavaliers nineteen year old Andrew Wiggins. The young Canadian is very raw, but you look at his game at Kansas and what he has done so far in the Las Vegas Summer League and I see a player that can be a star in five years. The thing is can the 30 year old LeBron wait five years for his talented sidekick in Wiggins?

I look at Andrew Wiggins and I see a player that is incredibly athletic, can get to the hoop with ease, and likes playing defense. This is what I saw at Kansas, however he’s thin, can’t shoot very well, and he’s going to have some growing pains adjusting to the NBA game. With all that said, I would urge the Cavaliers to keep him. Yes, Kevin Love helps LeBron now, but I look at Wiggins and I can’t help but think he’d be the Scottie Pippen to LeBron’s Jordan. I’m not prone to hyperbole, and I know what I just said sounds crazy but I think Wiggins can be that good. So, instead of dealing Wiggins, I’d look to deal Andrew Bennett and Dion Waiters. Now, I don’t think Minnesota is going to trade Love for those two, so the Cavs are going to have to lower their sites a little.

A player that I think would be perfect playing alongside LeBron is Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans. The power forward can spread the floor, and hit the three point shot. Essentially he’d be a poor man’s Kevin Love, and a poorer man’s Chris Bosh, but he has similar skills to those guys. Playing alongside a creator like LeBron, and a creator to a lesser extent in Kyrie, you are going to need wing players who can hit the open shot because they are going to be open with defenses having to key in on those two stars. Anderson proved it playing alongside Dwight Howard in Orlando, and Anthony Davis in New Orleans that he can do just that. Also, with New Orleans trading for Omer Asik, Anderson could be made available. There is a youth movement in New Orleans, and they might benefit with Bennett and Waiters. So, if I were Cavs GM David Griffin, I’d keep hold of Wiggins and try to find a somewhat lesser alternative to Love that can help now. Anderson is that man. If it happens . . . I’m a genius. Remember that.

I’m done. Not my usual 2,000 word opus this week but I still gave you over 1,300 words of pure uncut verbal crack this week. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting Peace.

Peace OUt



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  1. See? Now ya gone and went and got me all thinking about what you were gone be so dark about…

    Earl, Earl… give in to the dark side…




    All I know is the Cavs roster, as is, will not go beyond the 1st round in the playoffs… that is… if, they even make the playoffs.
    So, if they want to keep LeBron for more than the next two years they better go get somebody to help out.

  2. The first blog was all about the situation in Gaza. I grew up with Jewish neighbors and Palestinian friends. All on the same block. So I have a point of view shaped from that but when I read it back I decided it might not be the best thing to post so I ended up trashing it.

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