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Sigorney Weaver1. How often have you seen the movie?

Archie: I have seen this many times. I still watch it once a year

David: Three times in the theater, when it was new, and who knows how many times on DVD. Oddly enough, I think I’ve seen the sequel almost as many times, but I don;t think I’ve ever seen them back to back.

2. Does it hold up?

Archie::With a cast like that, it is still a go to movie for entertainment.

David: I’m just glad Lucas had nothing to do with this one.

I can see it now, the Stay-Puff is redone, the CGI is all redone, Gozer is now Linsey Lohan and 40 feet tall, and oh year, Slimer fires first.

Peter Venkman3. Favorite Character?

Archie::Bill Murray as Peter Venkman

David: I’m an Egon guy. I understand its a sterotype, but I just find his deadpan just amazing. I love the scene in the elevator when they first fire up the proton packs, He just stands there as Peter and Ray start sliding over in the elevator.

4. Least favorite character.

Archie: Slavitza Jovan as Gozer….I did not think her character added much to the movie.

David: Gozer is a bit of a castoff, I’ll admit, but there really isn’t a character I didn’t like.

GhostBusters5. Do you think the movie would have worked with Akroyd, Belushi, John Candy and Eddie Murphy as the foursome?

Archie:: Hell yeah! It was already a great cast. That foursome would have been a SNL reunion of ultra members.

David: I don’t think so, Eddie would have taken over the movie, or it would have been a Sci-Fi Blues Brother/MIB mix.

6. If you had to cast the Movie today, who would you lose (or do you reject the idea?)

Archie:: I am not sure of this question. If it means who would I lose from the original cast and/or replace; I guess I would try to replace Rick Moranis with Joe Pesci..

David: I don’t want to see a third movie. If the first two were never made, I could see Jason Sudeikis as Egon, Luke Wilson as Ray, Will Ferrell as Peter, plus we can throw Oliva in the Sigorney role!

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  1. No one thinks the Winston character (Ernie Hudsn) would have made the movie stronger if played by Eddie Murphy?

    If Eddie were in that role, and since it’s rumored that the script was almost entirely ignored and most of the lines were adlibbed, that character would have added a lot more.

    Winston as played by Hudson is the movie’s only real major flaw as I see it. In fact, I have always wondered why Winston was even in the movie. He adds next to nothing, IMO.

    Of course Eddie did Beverly Hills Cop so…

    And, as far as John Candy in the Rick Moranis role (that was the role Candy was originally cast in according to IMDB) … Moranis was perfect. Candy would have been too much.

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