MMA Roundtable: 7/18 Edition

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable, where this week we talk UFC 174 and if the UFC has learned its lesson, Woman’s MMA and if Gina is really worth it?

Taking your questions is Roni, Collin and of course, David.

Dana White1. UFC has cancelled it’s second show, do you think this might get the UFC to start stacking the PPV cards more to cover injuries or backing down on the number of cards?
Collin: No, I don’t.  As frustrating as these watered down PPV cards are, the UFC must still be making money this way.  Dana and the Fertitta brothers are not in the business of losing money, so they are probably doing quite well with this current setup.  What do they care really about canceling a card once in a while?  I don’t think that they lose enough cash canceling one show a year to justify stacking the cards more than they do already.
Roni: One can only hope, but it’s hard to think they will change.
David: I don’t think this changes a thing, The UFC and FOX need cards on FS1 and Fight Pass has been a money pit. Dana White is convinced that people want to see fights, he’s been right every time he’s rolled the dice, he’s gonna keep throwing.
2. UFC 174 actually lost money, and had the lowest buy-rate since UFC 53, is that a problem for the company or a blip on the radar?
Roni: Cards are not good nowadays. Mostly one good fight and the rest are… meh!
I don’t like it.
They take away from the excitement we felt before, while waiting for a good card.
IMHO thye are trying to saturate the market, so people follow what they know (UFC) and will not look for Bellator of WSOF. I disagree.
People will look for the more exciting cards, and as such, UFC might lose more money than hurt their competition.
Collin: Right now it is just a blip, as I said above they are still making good money.  It does warrant attention though, as obviously no company can string together a series of losses with good results.  I know about all the “best pound for pound” talk and “most exciting division(s) in the UFC”, but the reality is that they need to keep anyone under 155 away from main event status if the want people to care.
David: I think its it a sign of the times, not every card is going to make millions. The UFC makes a lot off Fox Sports and the live gate, plus other sponsors are still painting their logos on the canvas. Lets keep in mind that the UFC needs to find stars- some of these guys begin to throw finishes back to back and Dana might find stars.
Conor McGreggor3. Battle of the UFC Fight Nights!  Cerrone vs. Miller or McGregor vs. Brandao whats the better card?
Roni: Here’s a perfect example. UFC fight nights battle… heck, UFC is competing against itself! Crazy!!!
Either way, both cards are average. I am looking for McGregor vs. Brandao more. I mean, the GOAT is back from injury, and Diego lost last time (twice! the fight and missed weight), so he knows he needs to perform. So I expect a good fight.
Collin: Cerrone vs Miller, unquestionably.  I know hindsight is 20/20, but that card was built from the ground to be an exciting card.  Plus it featured 4 top 10 lightweights, and 3 that are really close to being top 5.  Other than Sherdoggers and the Irish, who really cares about McGregor right now?
David: I’m Irish, and I care about Connor. Cerrone vs Miller is the better card, but McGregor is waiting on Miller, this is set for a highlight reel for him.
Holly Holm4. Is Holly Holm deserving a title shot upon signing the contract?
Roni: No. And I don’t like how UFC is spoon feeding Ronda. They need Cyborg. NOW, while it is still a good fight.
Holm is a prospect. But give her a top talent first.
Same with Gina.
The only fighter I think is a challenge for Ronda is Cyborg. And they know it also. They will endup killing her appeal if they keep throwing some hyped-up name instead of the only one people believe can win against her.
Collin: No.  I am a firm believer in that no one should be given an immediate shot with an 0-0 inside the octagon.  But hey, who the hell else is Ronda going to fight?  How about get Holly a fight while Ronda has her injuries taken care of, let her box the ears off of one of the “world class” fighters the UFC is trotting out in that weak division.  Then make the fight happen when Ronda comes back.
David: I think she gets one fight and then has to get the title shot. She’s undefeated, and good looking. I’m certain she could carry a title just as well as Rhonda.
Gina Carano5. Is Gina worth all this time and effort from the UFC? 
Roni: Yes… and no.
Too long removed from fighting.
She’s great name, but I’s rather see how she fears back into a cage before awarding her a title shot.
IMO this is one more attempt to throw a name at ROnda, with full knowledge Ronda will win. Ronda’s been training and being punched in the face. Gina has been filming, and probably not hitting the gym with anything close to the intensity of a training camp.

Collin: Yes.  People somehow forget that her fight with Cyborg drew almost 600K to watch showtime. Can you imagine how many people would watch her fight Ronda?  Her popularity is still sky high, and even though she hasn’t been fighting her movie career has kept her in the public’s interest.  That fight will happen, and it will draw a zillion people to watch.
David: No. She would get destroyed by Rhonda, She’s a one and done fight and just not work all the time and effort here.


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