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Al Mandatory FunI love me some Weird Al, I’ve bought every record he’s ever made, some several times over, and I bet I can still belt out the Lyrics to “Frank’s 3000 inch TV” without missing a word- and I don’t think you could name a song I couldn’t do this to all the way up to his latest album, not due to my “out-growing” Weird Al, far from it, its just that I wasn’t of an age to throw a CD in my car and spend hours listening to it. One of the best days of my life is when my wife at the time got me tickets to an AL concert, pretty much a 2-plus hour party.

So now Al has his new album out, Mandatory Fun, and I will admit- it might be the best one cover to cover since Bad Hair Day. (Click on the Amazon link-> ) I personally feel his best effort is still Dare to Be Stupid, but this one is a solid solid effort and well worth the listen. The best track is Word Crimes, a Robin Thicke parody, and one of his all time best, I can seriously state it might be the best loved song off this album. Foil – A parody of Royals and of course- an Imagine Dragon parody that could have used a bit more simmering. The first single is out “Tacky” a solid hit, but maybe the third best on the album- but with the biggest hook on it.
As with all Al songs, there are the original songs, and as always they hit and miss, I’ll leave it to you to discover those yourself, and yes, there is a Polka- simply cause AL loves Polka- and so should we all.
As a Close Personal Friend of AL, I feel it is my duty to present to you, my own personal top 10 songs of Weird Al Yanokovic.


I almost went with I can’t watch this, or Brady Bunch of I’ll Sue ya or even eBay, But I love me some Grover. Al loves him some STAR WARS, so we have to have this one up here.


9. Its all about the Pentiums

Weird Al. Rapping. Oh yeah. I love everything about this one. The Video, the tone, the cameos, its just a great great package. It doesn’t age, much like there is no classic rap radio stations, but just like flipping channels and coming across “Sabotage” I’ll stop when I see this on my youtube feed.

8. The Night Santa went Crazy.

Oh Lord I love this song. My favorite holiday song, sorry Bing Crosby.
Just a funny funny song, and I know when Christmas is coming, when I want to take an old German Luger to all the Reindeer I see.

(Not official)

7. Your Pitiful

Just a great song. The original is one of my favorite songs, and Pitiful is just hilarious, from the beginning where he starts too soon, to the entire video. I just love it.

6. Dare to Be Stupid

Might be a little high, and my son loves it since it was in the Transformers movie. I love it more and more due to the video. Just pure goofyness and gold.

5. Eat It

We would not have AL without having Michael Jackson, lets face it, if Jackson felt the same way about parody that someone like , say Prince does, or Eminem, then we might never have gotten Al at all, after Dr Demento and of course, MTV, the three biggest reasons why we have the greatness that is Al. Eat it is of course, the song that put Al over the top that later parody acts just can’t find.


4. Word Crimes

Off the new album, and yes, its this good. This is Al at his best, being funny and in a smart way. I can’t stand the original song, but this one? Just hysterical. I mean I had to send this out to everyone I knew as soon as I heard it. Just an instant classic.


3. White and Nerdy

My son’s favorite song, bar none. He loves this song more than life itself, and I’m right there with him, and just a perfect video as well. While I don’t have a problem deciding who I like better, Kirk or Picard, I do have a problem figuring out what song I like better, this one or the next one.


2. Amish Paradise

When the wife and I used to go Karaoke, this was the one that I always got asked to do. Yeah, Coolio might have hated it, but I love the video, the tone and the just the sillyness of this song- to me his best parody to date.


1. One More Minute

An original song, and yes it came out when I was dating. It might not be the greatest for you- but it does what Music does better than almost any medium, brings back memories. One more minute is a solid song- but also has some funny bits. Its timeless, and just the perfect breakup song.



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