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As eyes turn to the Mid-Summer Classic most players catch their breath in hopes of a great second half while many in turn just hope to put the first half behind them. We will discuss a little of each in this week’s Round Table.


1. Has there been any player that has fell from grace more than Dan Uggla in the last decade? What do you think will happen to him in the second half of the season?


ARCHIE: As a Braves Fan, I for one wish they would drop his dead ass off the roster. He is just holding a spot that someone else could actually contribute.

JOE: Seriously? … Off the top of my head… nope. If he don’t get it together relatively soon… DFA

STEPHAN: It’s hard to put anyone else in that category. A once All-Star calibar player is now not even a footnote for the Atlanta Braves. I think ultimately they will release him during the second have of the season. Especially if Rookie Tommy La Stella keeps playing as well as he has been playing.


SANDY: Uggla used to be a decent player, especially with Florida, he hit a low of 27 HRs in 06 and a high of 33 in 2010. His first year in Atlanta he hit 36 HRs, but he went down hill fast. I think he should be traded/released, but I don’t know any team that needs a 2nd baseman who’s batting .162   and with La Stella there, he doesn’t look to get much playing time.



2. Sunday the 13th of July history was made by battery mates Buster Posey and Madison Bumgarner. The two Giants took a giant leap into the history books as the only battery mates in the entire history of Major League Baseball to both hit Grand Slam homeruns in the same game. What are your thoughts on this event?


ARCHIE: I love baseball and all the stats and facts that get generated. This is one of those odd stats that when you think about all the years of baseball and some of the great hitting pitchers of the game, it actually took me by surprise to hear. But then it is not that often that the battery as pair even get the opportunity in the same game, let alone accomplish said feat.

JOE: I put it on the same level as Tony Cloninger… a pitcher… hitting two grand slams with nine RBIs in one game. It’s an oddity… a piece of trivia… nothing more and nothing less.

STEPHAN: It is significant because Bumgarner hit a Grand Slam for the second time this season. Considering only 54 pitchers in the history of MLB has a pitcher hit a grand slam. I think it is a great feat for Bumgarner, but the significance of both Posey and Bumgarner doing it in the same season is really irrelevant

SANDY: It’s in the history books now, so they get the credit, but they did it against a last place team with both pitchers having over a 5.00 ERA.

3. Masahiro Tanaka might be through for the season with a partially torn Ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow. The Yankees prize acquisition is trying to avoid TJ surgery with injections. Do you think this is wise or do you think he should just bite the bullet and go ahead with the surgery?

ARCHIE: I remember my first Platoon Sergeant in the Army always emphasized the phrase, “Bad news only gets worse with time. It is best to get it out in the open soon as possible.” I have always noticed this seems to be true with players trying to avoid the knife with these torn ligaments. It seems like none of them come back strong or last very long before they have to undergo the knife anyway. I say go get the TJ surgery and get it over with.

JOE: I really don’t know… but in my very unprofessional opinion and as a Yankee fan… I say bite the bullet and go under the knife. Rehab and come back strong next season.

STEPHAN: This is tough because Tanaka is the Yankees golden boy right now when it comes to pitching. I think as a former pitcher myself, he needs to head the advice of his doctors. Many have come back stronger than ever after Tommy John surgery, so if that will eventually prolong his career and avoid more serious injury down the road, he should definitely do the surgery.


SANDY: I think that players wait too long trying to avoid TJ surgery and they end up having it anyway. It just delays the rehab and what about setbacks in rehab. Chad Billingsley waited and now it’s been 15 months since the surgery and he did have a set back and is out for this season also.

4. Your thoughts on the new format Home Run Derby?


ARCHIE: I did not care much about the HR derby before , I like it even less now. That screwed up format does no justice at all. Other than that what the F’ was Puig thinking?

JOE: Don’ really like the HR Derby… didn’t watch it. So, I, on the one hand, have no opinion. But since I don’t like it any way… on the other hand, I say do away with it.

STEPHAN: I won’t pretend to know what this is about as I did not watch the HR derby.


SANDY: Didn’t watch it and think it’s a waste of time.

5. Your thoughts on the outcome/events of the 2014 All Star Game?

ARCHIE: Being a NL guy I did not like it at all. The two Braves players were pretty good other than the error Freeman made. I was surprised there was not fan interference called on the play at the 1st base side wall when he went for the pop up. Other than the error on the grounder, Freddie went 1-1 (Goldschmidt was 0-3) and Kimbrel struck out three.

Not for a single moment do I believe Wainwright grooved one for Jeter. The media is trying to make something of nothing. And where was the love for Tony Gwynn? Not a single mention, they were all too busy with the Jeter thing.

JOE: Jeter got a well deserved send-off… it was respectful and as a Yankee fan it was appreciated that all the players, coaches and other officials and the fans appreciated him that way. I only watched the first four or so innings so what I did see I liked… I’m an AL guy. And overall as an AL fan… for what it’s worth… the AL won… I’m happy.


As for Wainwright’s comment that he piped one to Jeter? I accept that he was just fooling around. Why? Because prior to the game he said he was gonna pitch the best he could and that he would not do that for Jeter. Unfortunately, it got misconstrued and taken way too far by the media, in my opinion.


STEPHAN: Loved it, perhaps one of the best played AS games that I have seen in a long time. It was a game full of doubles, and could have gone either way. I felt both managers managed very well. The fact that the retiring Jeter got two hits to send him off in style was great. I was glad that they didn’t give him the MVP just for that because Trout really deserved it, or Cabrera for that matter. Great all around game. I didn’t miss a pitch and was entertained throughout.


SANDY: See above. The whole mid season is just a money maker for players and MLB, once Selig attached home field advantage to the winner, I stopped watching. Home field should be determined on the field, not in one circus game in mid season.

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  1. FYI: The question about Uggla is now moot…

    The Braves made the expected release of Dan Uggla official Friday, just a few minutes after news leaked.

    The Braves will eat $19 million for the final season and a half of Uggla’s contract, after his struggles forced him out of the lineup this season. He was granted unconditional release, and will be eligible to sign with any team that wants his services.

    Uggla hit better than .230 just once in five seasons with the Braves, and the bottom fell out this season, as he hit just .162/.241/.231 in 130 at-bats.

  2. I still don’t quite understand how it works; but now that Uggla signed a minor league deal with the Giants, how much of this year’s money do the Braves still owe?

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