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joe11) Heard about the guy in Connecticut? Left his child in a car and the kid wound up dead.ridgefield

Listen up peeps… when it is 85 degrees out here… that’s Fahrenheit… and you leave a car with windows closed… it gets to over 110 degrees… that’s Fahrenheit… in matter of ten minutes. And, from that point on… it does nothing except get hotter, hotter and hottest… and… the air becomes less and less and whomever may be unfortunate enough to be in that particular vehicle is now trying their damndest to live… they will die eventually and usually real soon if nothing is done.

Know what the dude told cops when they asked him why his son was in that car… that damn hot oven of a car… “I forgot.”

How the fuck do you forget your own child is in a damn freaking car in the middle of a hot summer’s day?

That’s your child… how can you forget him?

You are that damn busy… so very damn busy… you forget that your kid is in a car? And, what were you doing that he could not be with you anyway?

heat and carsI just really wanna know the answer to those questions… please?

It is too damn easy to have children in this world. I do understand its hard being a parent… I understand. But… some peeps should just not have kids.

I watched my mom raise me as a single poor person. We struggled and we did without sometimes so she had lots on her mind… trying to make ends meet and take care of us both. But, never would she forget where I was… ever… because when we went some place… when she had stuff to do and took me along… I never freaking was from her side.

So… I gots one question… How the fuck do you forget your kid?

Now… here’s something sadder. This dumbass is not alone…according to Eyewitness News… Connecticut’s CBS affiliate… this incident, at the time it occurred, was the sixth time police said someone left a child in a hot car in Connecticut over the month of July.

And… according to statistics provided by the Connecticut state police, there were 44 children who died in hot cars in 2013, and more than 500 have died of hyperthermia after being in a hot car since 1998. In 2014 so far there have been 15 deaths related to children being left in hot cars.

In Connecticut, a person could face a felony charge for leaving a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle.


2) On Tuesday (7/15) the front page of the NYDN featured the words “He Should Have Killed More Cops”.

NY_DNInside the paper the accompanying article led off with words… “(Jersey City Police) Officer Melvin Santiago, 23, was shot to death Sunday by Lawrence Campbell, 27… and residents of the neighborhood are offering tribute to the thug with empty liquor bottles and white T-shirts. Campbell’s wife said her husband should have killed more cops if they were going to ‘shoot him like a fucking dog.’”

Here are the details… at least all the details that are need to be known, in my opinion… this nutcase goes into a 24-hour Walgreens store and starts trouble… he and an accomplish blind side a security guard… cold cock the guy and lay him out… then steal his weapon. They actually try and make sure they did the guard in by firing that weapon at him but for some reason can’t… either the gun jammed or they couldn’t figure how to off the safety or just blind freaking fate… but the guy looks dead as he is laying there, not moving, so they leave.

But, before they go from the store, Campbell tells an eye witness to watch the news because he was gonna be famous…

By now, peeps at the store have called police and officers are responding. Unfortunately, Campbell has also figured out why he couldn’t fire the stolen gun and lets off a fusillade of rounds at the first officer arriving at the scene through the front windshield of his patrol car killing the cop with a bullet to his head.

Other cops arriving respond by killing Campbell “in a hail of police bullets”.

So, now the media peeps find and locate the wife of the murderer and ask for a comment and she rants about how “If they was going to stand over my husband and shoot him like a fucking dog, he should’ve took all of them the fucking out,”

When asked about her comments by the NYDN, she tried to backtrack and offered an apology to the dead officer’s family and said her husband had a drug problem… but by then what she said she said and as trite as it may sound… it is what it is.

My gut says… Sorry, lady… your guy was a mutt… a mongrel… a cur… he started the bullshit that caused his own demise; he deserved what he got. Justice sometimes is served very harsh, cruel and immediate. And, sometimes is well deserved and efficiently correct.

As for using that sad, trite and sorry excuse… he had a drug problem… someone forced a needle in his arm… a snort up his nose… whatever he used to derange his mind… someone held a gun to his head and made him get that way?

Now, I ain’t trying to pass judgment on a person’s being but in this case it sure do seem like the situation is real cut and dried And, eyewitnesses pretty much establish the perp did what he done did.  So… sorry… the citizens of Jersey City got saved a trial and justice got done.

It doesn’t make the situation any better and it doesn’t make peeps feel a whole hell of a lot better either.

On some level, I actually do understand, and, I feel for that woman, but… and this might sound really cold and heartless but it’s what I believe… he got what he was looking for and frankly deserved.

People need to realize that if ya’ll wanna be a thug… act and live the thug life… then sometimes you will get what you wish for… a thug life complete with a thug funeral. It’s real simple… been this way for an eternity… been this way for as long as there been guns… been this way as long as there been thugs… if you wanna use a gun then be aware somebody might come along and use a gun on you.

He did; they did. Violence begets violence.

Unfortunately now, there are two dead and whole lot of grief and hate being passed around… hard feelings and a lot of displaying of raw emotion and a whole bunch of ignorance.

And, considering all that happened, ya’ll know the family of Officer Santiago gotta be grieving big time and filled with a powerful amount of emotions… including anger bordering on hate.

That woman’s apology? Santiago’s stepdad, Alex McBride, retorted… “He should have killed more? Come on, is she serious?” Then he… McBride… says about the security guard… “I think he’s an idiot. How are you going to let someone come into your store, beat you up and take your gun?”

Like I said a whole lot of emotions… raw emotions.

But, here’s another thing McBride had to say… and I gotta say I understand what he says and I agree with him… “They’re so fucking ignorant, they don’t even know.”

And? What inspired that comment?

Seems a memorial was set up that paid tribute… not to the murdered rookie officer but to the murderer.

As is so often seen in various communities, as well as often on highways and byways, when someone dies suddenly or tragically… a makeshift memorial appeared about two blocks from his home with dozens of candles, balloons and empty liquor bottles. And, there were white T-shirts taped to a wall with messages scrawled in black marker… messages like… “Thug in peace”.

McBride added… “He’s not a hero…”

I agree.

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop added… “There are people in every single community who just don’t value life, and this is highlighted by a situation like this… They aren’t thinking.”

At one point, between a show of cops and the rain that poured down, the crowd around the “memorial” left and someone removed the t-shirts.

But, two of the killer’s siblings… a sister and a brother returned the shirts to the wall… the sister said “I’m sorry about the cop, but I just lost a little brother.”

Yeah… you did… and, for that you should mourn… but… a memorial in his honor… for what he did… so close to around the family who is grieving for an innocent man taken down by your brother’s insane and unconscionable act… right near where they can see it… a little respect should be shown and you should mourn in a less showy display. Sorry. That’s just the way I sees it. It’s called respect and it’s owed.

Besides… in my opinion… murderers should not be praised and held up for neighborhood children to admire and aspire to be.
The thug life ain’t all that great if the truth be told.

The legacy of Officer Santiago and Lawrence Campbell tells a story… not of glory and fame… but… of proof why being a big badassed thug ain’t such a great way to live and go.

3) Last Friday (7/11), I saw this little news item in the NYDN… “Kim Kardashian is a hot mama and she knows it.”

Seems, the 30-something relatively newly married mom had an interview appear in Lucky Magazine where she mentioned how proud she is of her post-baby body.

Essentially, what she did was brag on herself a tad…well… ok, maybe more than a tad. But, hey, she got rid of whatever excess weight she may have put on carrying her child and worked to get herself into a nice svelte… well svelte for her, I mean she ain’t exactly Twiggy, ya know… so she be entitled to brag on herself is the way I sees it.

But, let me let her words speak for themselves…kardashian11f-4-web

“I am definitely way sexier ever since having my daughter. The struggle to get back into shape after giving birth is such a real one. It’s so difficult to do, and afterwards, all you want to do is show off your body and feel sexy. I mean, my style’s definitely more simple.”

Then one of Kim’s sisters chimed in… “I think your style’s the same, really… you’ve just amped up the sexiness.”

And now, comes the purpose of why Kim is included my column today…

“I know,” Kim agreed. “I just want to be a MILF!”

Okay… different strokes for different folks… and, lord knows I have my randy side and have been know to walk on the obscene side, so, I ain’t claiming to be any holier than thou. But, but… aspiring to be a MILF? That’s a goal? For somebody who has so much influence on young women?

I mean, whether she likes it… or whether we think it’s a good thing or not… lots of young females out there follow her lead.

I don’t know about anyone else but this is why I don’t care for people like Kimye… You have so much and could do so much and you really don’t. Yeah, I am sure you donate and you do other stuff but then you turn around and do and say stuff like this.

Being a MILF is not something I think women need to aspire to be. I reckon, being a MILF is in some way a backhanded compliment… but… it is in so many other ways nothing but a big put down. I mean, unless you aspire to be an object or thing to be used… or a porn star.

First and foremost I think what you should aspire to be is a person who looks for greatness no matter what that greatness may be. I turn to the words of a man I respect and admire greatly…

“And when you discover what you will be in your life, set out to do it as if God Almighty called you at this particular moment in history to do it. Don’t just set out to do a good job. Set out to do such a good job that the living, the dead or the unborn couldn’t do it any better. If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like Michelangelo painted pictures, sweep streets like Beethoven composed music, sweep streets like Leontyne Price sings before the Metropolitan Opera. Sweep streets like Shakespeare wrote poetry. Sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have to pause and say: Here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well. If you can’t be a pine at the top of the hill, be a shrub in the valley. Be the best little shrub on the side of the hill. Be a bush if you can’t be a tree. If you can’t be a highway, just be a trail. If you can’t be a sun, be a star. For it isn’t by size that you win or fail. Be the best of whatever you are.”

Begin the best MILF you can be is one thing I don’t believe Mr. Martin Luther King would have hoped any women should aspire to be.

4) Some big news recently was about the pissing contest between Barack Obama and Rick Perry when on Thursday (7/10) Perry layed into the Bamster for his failure to visit the Mexican border.

As he criticized Bam he said, “That’s what Presidents do.”

Some things of note here… More than 57,000 unaccompanied children from Central American countries have arrived in the U.S. since October and Obama has a request for $3.7 billion in emergency funds to address the border issue.

The emergency money sought by the President would hire more border patrol officers,Obama and Perry judges and others to deal with the unprecedented influx from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador while providing more detention facilities and other resources… all designed to speed up the processing of the child immigrants.

Now… can I ask what may seem like to some of ya’ll out here to be a stupid question…. but to me it ain’t? WTF does visiting the Mexican border have to do with anything? And, why is that so damn presidential?

This Perry dude, and that other dim bulb, sometimes really get my ire rising when they do/say stuff like this.

The other dim bulb is Boner… sorry, I mean Boehner…

Okay, here’s the deal… I’m in my car driving from work to my little nook in the burbs and he comes on the airwaves criticizing the prez about immigration… and, in a raised and feigned voice of indignation, he… Boehenr… says “This is a problem of the President’s own making. He’s been President for five and a half years. When is he going to take responsibility for something?”

Add this to Perry’s inanity when Perry compares the border/immigration inundation to the same thing as Hurricane Katrina or Superstorm Sandy or the tornados that plague the Midwest or some earthquake happening…. “The American people expect to see their President when there is a disaster.”

Ummm… this inundation of illegals across our borders is not the same as Superstorm Sandy or some other similar tragedy. Sorry… it just is not.

Now, Boehner, Perry and other Republicans say it’s all the Bamster’s fault… he invited the problem. Boehner says, “The children are a symptom of policies that have enticed them to come. The first thing you have to do is stop the flow, because if we don’t, then the problem’s not going to be the size we have today.”

Last  I heard, the present immgration law/rules were signed into effect by the previous prez… the Bushmaster.    immig news

And btw, reread his words… his phrasing… don’t make sense… but, that’s ok, because some folks say I sometimes make little to no sense either… so… I’ll let that one pass. Besides, I think I understand what he’s trying to say and if he stopped being so damn pretentious then he might have the time to seperate reality and phoniness and speak a little more precisely and clearly.

Simply, I think he says if the prez… aka the donkeys… had done something about the illegals coming to America then we wouldn’t have this problem today. See, it’s not so hard, Bones… I mean… Boehns.

Now then… present administration and party-in-charge… aka donkeys… officials blame the influx on dire conditions in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the three countries of origin for most of the child illegals. They say there really are not that many folks from other countries trying to cross into America illegally and that shows it… the present extremely large influx of illegals… involves those kids fleeing from horrible situations that exist in those three Central American nations. The implication being something needs to be done about those countries horrible conditions… what is not clear… which may be, and probably will be, another problem altogether.

Obama’s emergency funding request seeks $1.6 billion to bolster customs and border efforts as well as crack down on smugglers. Another $300 million would go to help Mexico and Central American governments counter claims by smugglers to desperate parents that U.S. officials won’t send their children back.

Bam says, “While we intend to do the right thing by these children, their parents need to know that this is an incredibly dangerous situation and it is unlikely that their children will be able to stay (in America).”

The request also includes $1.8 billion to provide care for the children that make it into America.

I would, if I could, tell Perry… what you, and the rest of the elephants, have done in the House is nothing but obstruct, avoid, stall and do essentially nothing. Because, instead of trying to solve our country’s problems… which include feeding the hungry, creating jobs, fixing roads, fixing health care… yeah, it needs to be fixed, we should have a single payer system but the elephants shot that one down in the past and we got what we got and need to fix its present problems… as well as countless and myriad other problems, the elephants’ goal is, since they obviously couldn’t beat him at the polls, is to obstruct and hinder the president every which way but loose in hopes that citizens vote against his fellow donkeys in whatever elections are nigh.

I’ve said this before… I repeat it now…..if you are not part of the solution; then you are a part of the problem. The House elephants are a big problem right now because they refuse to look for solutions.

Look it, I got issues with the Bam man, myself. He does things that make me take pause at times. But, if ya’ll gonna be criticizing the man for doing his job… for doing his job in a way you think is inadequate… then try to do it with stuff that freaking matters. Visiting… or not visiting… the Texas/Mexican border is not really on the top of any list that I can imagine that any president should be overly concerned. Doing something about the problem that involves that border… illegal immigrants… is another issue and one that needs attention.

Finding a solution to the immigration problem is a double edged sword at best. I see it from two sides at least…

On one hand, a lot of these illegal peeps are children… last I heard some 57,000 or so… trying to get out of some very bad situations… abuse that they know as life… both physical and sexual as well as just being poor and probably not with much hope of a long life expectancy and if they by some chance get to live a long life then it likely will be a future without much quality to it..

But… I really don’t want our country footing the bill for them… illegals… when we have so many of our own who be hungry, beyep abused… look at the media see or hear the news on that BS every day… child abuse, women being abused, families killing one another… kids being left in cars and dying… peeps still without jobs and many not even trying to find work anymore … well… ya’ll know the drill, so I’ll stop listing the craziness. But… we need to fix our own bad situations and find a way to pay for all of the fixing, so taking on countess amounts of other bad situations would be adding to and compounding our own bad situations and that ain’t no answer.

Well… I do have an answer but the greed in America… especially corporate America… won’t allow it. Have the peeps at the top of the largest corporations, including the financial empire, take less profits and turn it back to where it is needed… lowering gas prices, lowering food prices, fixing the roads… ya’ll get my drift. Right?

But, saying the president needs to be at the Mexican border because that is what presidents do… that is not very helpful and is instead stupid; is ignorant, and, frankly, very non-presidential… and considering the jamoke who done said those words thinks he is president material… that’s just sad.

5) Andddd… ya’ll heard about John Boy Boehner wants to sue the president for not doing his job and ignoring the constitution… well back up to a WTF column or two and ya’ll see I addressed that and pointed out that the lawsuit is sortaLaw suit weak at best and kinda stupid, and in all probability, never gonna see the light of day, so, it is just a lot of storm and fury and much ado about nothing. But, the Bam man addressed it the other day any way… “Really? Sue me for doing my job? Use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job while you don’t do your job? It is lonely me just doing stuff. I’d love it if the Republican did stuff, too.”

John Lennon… it was as the Beatles but it was really John’s words… once sang “You say you got a real solution; Well, you know we’d all love to see the plan…”

So… elephants… if, you got one… really, really do have one… then ya wanna share? Else… “shut your traps.”

Here’s the deal… you come up with a real plan… an honest, feasible and potentially viable solution…I mean for putting America back on track… better than the guy in the Casa Blanca already be doing… to making it so us working folks get our heads above water and start living like we oughta be, instead of always wallowing in the muck and mire trying to just make ends meet… struggling just to get some scratch together to just pay the bills… and… do it by not robbing us of stuff we need and/or already have… I will help elect you. But, until then I will vote for whichever donkey that gonna be running for whatever office and that includes their eventual presidential candidate… even if it is… shuddddderrrrr… the Hils.



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  1. She looks good to me. I don’t know what she’s talking about, and Kim Kardashian is a MILF. Good lord she is!

    Great blog as always. I really do read everything even if I am more concerned with the beautiful women.

    P.S.: That drunk judge could get it too.

  2. Outstanding blog. Hit the proverbial nail on the head on all topics. As for Margot Robbie not seeing herself as particularly attractive, that’s a condition many women have. IMO Margot looks healthy, happy and not afraid to tackle a plate of hot wings.

  3. Thanks, EJ… And, I guess she is a MILF but I don’t think if I had a daughter that I would want her to follow Kim’s example is what I am trying to say.

    But, then, if, I had a daughter I woudl have hoped I instilled in her the fact that she should think for herself and have respect for herself. So, she would decide what she was gonna be, for herslf, and, I would need to live wtih that decsion… for better or worse.

  4. Thanks… and, I agree about Margo and would even pay fo the damn wings if she would share ’em.

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