Our ESPY Ballot

espy2Last year, EJ and David took a look at the ESPY awards and how we would vote.

With the show tonight, thought we would do the same.

Now, we have taken the liberty of removing some awards, just to let you know. This year, EJ and David add Stephen to the ballot list.


Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

Luke Kuechly, Carolina Panthers

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles

Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks

Peyton ManningStephen: How can you pick against a guy like Peyton Manning. Seems like he can do it all on the field. (With the exception of the Super Bowl)

EJ: Has to be Russell Wilson. He’s the Champion, and although Peyton seems like the odd on favorite, I’ve got a little Peyton Manning fatigue. He’s on the way out and Russell is on the way in. 

David: Much as I’d like to pick LUKE, I have to go with Peyton. Just an amazing year, and even though the Super Bowl ruined the storybook ending, you cannot deny the record books.



Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Chris Davis, Baltimore Orioles

Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles Dodgers

Max Scherzer, Detroit Tigers

Mike Trout, Los Angeles Angels

Stephen: Normally would have said Cabrera, but Kershaw is by far and away the best pitcher in all of baseball. And with pitching numbers up right now, he gets my vote.

EJ: Yeah, I got to go with Kershaw here. He’s been dominant. 

David: Don’t care about baseball. Punt.


Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

Ryan Getzlaf, Anaheim Ducks

Anze Kopitar, Los Angeles Kings

Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers

Jonathan Toews, Chicago Blackhawks

Stephen: Sidney is the best player in the NHL. Some call him the LeBron of the NHL.

EJ: Homer vote alert! Going with the King. Henrik Lundqvist. The Rangers might not have won the Stanley Cup but he was the reason they got there, and he’s the best goalie in the game. 

David: See Baseball


Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers

LeBron James, Miami Heat

Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls

LeBron vs LanceEJ: Kevin Durant. Sorry LeBron but it was the Slim Reaper’s year. Take a seat. You’ll be back next year.

Stephan: LeBron is the best player on the planet. While Durant won the MVP. James is by far the best in the league.

David: LeBron is alive? Then its him.


Elena Delle Donne, Chicago Sky

Angel McCoughtry, Atlanta Dream

Maya Moore, Minnesota Lynx

Candace Parker, LA Sparks

EJ: Honestly? I don’t want the WNBA so I’m just going to pick the player I’d want to bang and that would be Maya Moore. She’s cute.

Stephen: Purely a favorite pick here. I loved watching Elena at Delaware, and without her, the Chicago Sky are virtually helpless.

David: Uh, Pass.


Jon “Bones” Jones, MMA

Floyd Mayweather, Boxing

Manny Pacquiao, Boxing

Ronda Rousey, MMA

Andre Ward, Boxing

Mayweather whatEJ: Just give Floyd Mayweather the damn award. Better yet introduce him to Ronda Rousey so he knows who SHE is.

Stephen: Ummm…Floyd has NEVER Lost. Cant argue with that stat. Not only unbeaten in Boxing, but he is unbeaten at Wrestlemania too (The Big Show).

David: Mighty Mouse should have gotten the nomination. I’ll go Ronda, since she has dominated everyone, in MMA you can’t coast the last half of the fight.


Johnny Gaudreau, Boston College Hockey

Doug McDermott, Creighton Basketball

David Taylor, Penn State Wrestling

Lyle Thompson, Albany Lacrosse

Jameis Winston, Florida State Football

EJ: Crab Leg Jameis Winston gets the award here. Give it to him before he steals the thing.

Stephen: The kid can score almost on command. Doug was the NCAA’s 2014 Player of the Year, and he could bring some much needed offense to Chicago in the NBA.

David: Pure Freshman, wins the big trophy, without being in the SEC? Yeah. Give him the Crab Legs!



Morgan Brian, Virginia Soccer

Taylor Cummings, Maryland Lacrosse

Breanna Stewart, Connecticut Basketball

Stephen: Breanna had an amazing regular season, and tournament to go along with the UCONN undefeated season. She led the Huskies to maybe the most dominant season in school history. And that is saying something for the UCONN women.

EJ: Taylor Cummings of Maryland Lacrosse. Why? I’d smash. She could get it, no doubt.

David: Uh, whatever.


Nick Foles, Philadelphia Eagles

Damian Lillard, Portland Trailblazers

Richard Sherman, Seattle Seahawks

Masahiro Tanaka, New York Yankees

sherman-crabtree-960EJ: Richard Sherman wins it for me and it would be funny as all hell to have Michael Crabtree present him with the award.

Stephen: I love Tanaka, but the season is still young for him. Foles took the starting job away from Vick, and led the Eagles to the playoffs when many had counted them out.

David: I’m going Richard Sherman.


Connecticut wins National Championship, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Mercer over Duke, NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

Chris Weidman over Anderson Silva, UFC 162

EJ: Mercer over Duke and have that white kid who hit the Nae Nae so perfectly come on stage and show Drake how to do it.

Stephen: Major upsets happen every year in the NCAA tournament. I would bet that no one out side the state of Connecticut picked UCONN to win the tournament as a 7 seed. I did not even have them out of the first round.

David: Weidman over Anderson Silva. Won’t win, but its Weidman. It would take me too long to explain how monumental this upset was.


Alabama vs. Auburn, Iron Bowl

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Indianapolis Colts, AFC Wild Card Playoff

New York Rangers vs. Los Angeles Kings, Stanley Cup Finals Game 5

Iron BowlStephen: Still gives me goose bumps when I think of the Iron Bowl. Not only the best game of the year, maybe the best game of all time.

EJ: Got to be that Iron Bowl. That finish was amazing.

David: Again we all Agree




Geno Auriemma, Connecticut Women’s Basketball

Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

John Farrell, Boston Red Sox

Kevin Ollie, Connecticut Men’s Basketball

Gregg Popovich, San Antonio Spurs

PopovichStephen: You may think that I am a Spurs fan. I really am not. But it is hard not to pick any one other than Coach Pop for this award. As I said before..PURE DOMINATION.

EJ: Can’t pick against Pop. Just can’t.

David: Pop. Easy. Ollie should get some love, but its Popovich.



Josh Beckett, LA Dodgers

Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins

Dominic Moore, NY Rangers

Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City Thunder

EJ: Let’s go Rangers. Dominic Moore’s story will leave you in tears. Find it somewhere on line and I dare you not to cry. I double dog dare you.

Stephen: Won the NHL MVP Award after coming back from injury. Hey Peyton..you have company.

David: THOMAS DAVIS SAYS FUCK YOU. 3 ACL tears in 3 years – finally plays all 16 games and goes 123 tackles and 4 sacks.


Rafael Nadal, Tennis

Inbee Park, Women’s Golf

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal/Real Madrid

Sebastian Vettel, Formula One

Stephen: I love watching this guy play. He really got me interested in watching Tennis.

EJ: I’m partial to Cristiano as a soccer fan but it’s Nadal’s award to lose.

David: How Vitor Belfort isn’t up here, or even Connor McGregor. Don’t care.


Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos

Floyd Mayweather, Boxing

EJ: How much money did Floyd Mayweather make last season? Enough to buy the award.

Stephen: Would have said Manning here, but his performance in the Super Bowl makes me put Cabrera on top. Back to Back MVP’s and could very well do it again this year.

David: I’m going with the Durant here. He not only dominated offensively he raised his D- and unlike Mayweather, he had to do it over a hundred times.


Maya Moore, Minnesota Lynx

Ronda Rousey, UFC

Mikaela Shiffrin, Olympic Skiing

Breanna Stewart, Connecticut Women’s Basketball

Ronda RouseyStephen: I don’t know much about any of these players, except for Maya Moore. She was a best at UCONN, and is tearing it up in the WNBA.

EJ: Got to be my boo Maya Moore. We go together. In my dreams, anyway.

David: Rhonda Rousey. She not only carried a division on her back, but did it with FINISHES and a domination not seen since EJ got that gift certificate to that Austrian place he wont talk about.


Jimmie Johnson, NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion

Kawhi Leonard, NBA Finals MVP

Shabazz Napier, Men’s NCAA Tournament MOP

David Ortiz, World Series MVP

Stephen:  Have to go with Ortiz here. He hit almost .700 in the World Series against the Cardinals. Probably one of, if not the best World Series performances of all time.

EJ: I want to give the award to Napier but who are we kidding: It’s Ortiz. It’s Ortiz and oh yeah did I say it was Big Papi David Ortiz? The award is his.

David: Not caring as I do about Baseball, I’m going with Napier. Just a great run.


Boston Red Sox, MLB

Connecticut Women’s Basketball

Florida State Football

Los Angeles Kings, NHL

San Antonio Spurs, NBA

Seattle Seahawks, NFL

San Antonio Spurs

Stephen: Tough to pick against the UCONN Women, but the Spurs dominated the regular season winning at one time 19 straight games, and steam rolled there way to their fifth NBA Title by dominating the two time defending champion Miami Heat.

EJ: You and I are in full agreement. It’s the San Antonio Spurs. No doubt.

David: Has to be the Spurs.

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