LeBron comes Home: Thoughts

In case you were under a rock over the last 24 hours, you have not heard the big news.

LeBron James has chosen Cleveland and Dan Gilbert as his new place.

So how does this impact the NBA at LeBron +1?

miami heatMIAMI HEAT

Well, Lets keep in mind they still have two-thirds of the Big Three, and they added McRoberts and Danny Granger. They are still old, they are still flawed, they are in serious need of a better point guard.

The real fun? Its not going to be a sign-and-trade back, to the Heat are still going to be losing another first round pick to the Cavs. If the Heat fall apart- or had they not gotten Bosh. That could have been a very valuable pick. Bosh getting the MAX is going to hurt- but not exactly in a Amare hurting the Knicks type move. They are going to have Wade and Haslem in a bit of and upset mood, but its not going be a happy year in Miami. I think they truly thought that LeBron was coming back, and everything just went out the window. I wonder if the Granger signing was the last straw, he’s another Rashard Lewis, another reclamation project.

NBA Eastern ConferenceThe rest of the Eastern Conference playoffs teams.

Obviously, the road gets easier. The hard part is getting through both the Heat and the Cavs going forward. Where getting through the East playoffs meant avoiding the Heat as long as possible, now you have two very good teams and you can’t skip them both until the East Finals.

Beating 2 very good teams 8 times can be harder than beating a great team 4 times.

The harder part about this? The talent that was in the East, stays in the East. Bosh stays in the East, Wade stays in the East, LeBron stays in the East. The severe talent gap between the East and West keeps 2 big guns around. Keep in mind that in this years All-NBA teams, only 2 First team and 2 Third Teamers came from the East. That’s a big gap in power.


Cleveland CavaliersHere are the problems for the Cavs- part 1, as outlined here by DJ, is this is not exactly a solid team already- yes the Cavs have been handed 3 top picks in 4 years, but I would be willing to bet they would trade all 3 for the  the ‘Brow, and I am also certain that New Orleans would hang up the phone if they called.

LeBron, for all his greatness- has never been a very good recruiter, he he may have love for Ohio, but the Browns and Bengals are not exactly reaping the benefits of all those OSU alimni in the NFL.
have the Cavs done a great job of pulling great players to Cleveland? of Course not. Have the Cavs done a great job of surrounding a franchise player with awesome sidekicks? Of course not, a broken Shaq and Larry Hughes is not exactly a good start for teammates, but lets face it, Wade added LeBron to Miami, Lebron didn’t add Wade to Cleveland. If LeBron really wanted to do the whole thing- he could have easily had the Cavs dump space to get Wade to join him in Cleveland.

Varejao, Bosh, LeBron, Wade and Baron Davis would have been a good start for 4 Finals runs in 4 years.The Cavs take pole position in the East Finals, but are razor thin. Its better to be the chased instead of the chaser, in any league.


And of course, the Spurs get the last word.


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