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With the end of this season of Game of Thrones, there isn’t a weekly show that I want to use to take its place. So lets talk some movies.

I thought we would start this new series, and talk about some of the classics of cinema, these are going to be movies that should be part of anyone’s collection. We are going to be doing this like a normal Q&A, if you have a movie and/or questions on a modern classic, let us know. If you want to Join In, let us know as well.

Today’s Movie- one of three musicals I allow in my house that does not have Danny Kaye in it:

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Grease1. How many times have you seen the movie, and how recently

Zach:Good grief, I can’t even count how many times and different versions I have seen. For now, we’ll stick to the movie version, though.
David: About 2 weeks ago. I must have seen this movie a hundred times. I know all the songs, I know all the players, I’ve never seen the play though- but I love me some Olivia.

2. Thoughts on the movie?

Zach:I mean it’s a classic, people. A true original, in its time. The cast, music, and idea was just perfect. 12 out of 10.

David: Best musical in my house. How its only you and I showing love to this film, Zach, I have no Idea, and I think it might a problem in this country.
Kinickie3. Who is your favorite character

Zach:Growing up, I always tried to be like Kenickie. He was always my favorite, always will be. Looking back, I probably ended up being more like Sonny or Eugene. Suffice it to say, those were some…interesting days. Kenickie was edgy, cool, and was severely underrated compared to Danny. Danny way okay, but I always felt like he took his moves from Kenickie.

David: Oddly enough, I love Rizzo. She dominates the film to me, I know the whole history of Stockard Channing, and its a damn shame. She would have been a STAR in the 30s, 40s and/or 50s- I mean Bette Davis was a blazing sun- yet Stockard Channing got second billing on this great movie then vanished.

4. Who is your least favorite character or part?Zach:Frenchie. Her character was just annoying, flimsy, and could’ve easily been replaced by a more intellect being. Then again, every school had a Frenchie. The girl everyone knew, everyone could depend on, and could kinda…blend. While French was a member of the Pink Ladies, she wasn’t a true lady like Rizzo. She was more like…honorary.

David: Frenchie is there to get Beauty-School Dropout out there. My least favorite part? The whole Danny becomes a jock subplot. There is no reason for it- and its dropped like a cigarette at the end when Olivia shows up in black spanks.


Grease Now5. Will Danny and Sandy survive?

Zach:Can we say yes? I would like to live in that world where high school sweethearts made it a little bit more.

David: How? They going to go back and open a Delorian dealership in Sydney? The only way this lasts is if he knocks her up and they open up Xanadu Tire and Dents in Rydell. I’m not happy about how they are going to end up. The question is will Rizzo and Kenickie last. I think that does. She’s gonna *****-whip him until he ends up teaching auto-shop at Rydell and she becomes a manger at Target.

6. Since Grease II doesn’t exist.  If we go back in time, who would you most like to see a spin-off/sequel/prequel of?

Zach:Ohhh I’m not really a big prequel/spinoff guy, but I would probably have to say Rizzo and Kinickie. Yes, yes, previous biased strikes again. For me, though, I always had a feeling there was more to the story with them two. Something just was a little…mysterious about them. It’d be cool to see Jeff and Stockard also get a more definitive role in the movie, other than sidekick.

David: Cannot agree more.

Grease End7. Favorite song?

Zach: “We Go Together”, for sure. My high school choir sang that song and it always meant so much to me. For those who would care to remember their high school years, We Go Together does exactly that. Everything about that song describes exactly how every high school kid feels after graduation. Things will never change. How could they? After all…we’ll always be together.

David: I like “Summer Nights”. Sue me.

Can Olivia get me a friend, too? I mean I just love the whole setup. The best thing? You got both gangs, none of this whole- This is Marty, I’ve known her since 4th grade, this is Putzie, he’s a moron, but he’s ok. Etc. We get all our entros while setting up the plot.


next week, we do our first TV Show!


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  1. While I’ve never actually seen this movie on purpose, it was hard to avoid it when the big anniversary came up and every talk show had Olivia and John as guests and would play scenes from the movie. I have to say that in my opinion Saturday Night Fever was a better movie.

  2. The thing about Grease is that it really underscores how good of an actor… an all around actor… Travolta really was. In a lot of ways he was an actor in the classic old school mode back then.

    And, I forgot about Jeff Conaway. Another underappreciated actor.

    If, this is one of three musicals you allow in your house, I hope to heaven above, that West Side Story is one of the other two! One of the best sound tracks ever written. I don’t know how many times I played that damn record on my turntable back when it came out…. wore that damn vinyl right out.

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