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joe11) Its funny how one thing can sometimes lead to another… especially, for someone like me with a strong associative memory.

On Monday (7/7), there was a news article in the NYDN about some dumbass who stole an American flag from someone’s home. Now generally, a robbery like this happens all too much and is usually relegated to some back page… maybe under the obituaries… if put into the newspaper at all. But this flag was a little different… the flag had, at one point, flown over Ground Zero before it wound up at this Long Island home of someone who lost a loved one on the fateful day… September 11, 2001.

In fact, for Melissa Ielpi-Brengel, it honored her brother, Jonathan Ielpi, who as a 29-year-old firefighter from Squad 288flag perished that day running to help people who were in peril.

Just days before the Fourth of July, the thief took the prized and cherished possession and at least to Melissa an iconic memorial in honor of her brother. And, ironically, it was the only one stolen from the street she lives upon.

Well, Melissa went online and left some notes and messages about the “lost” flag and what it really meant to her in hope that maybe some dumbass would be touched enough to realize that they needed to return the flag.

As it were… word got out and Jonathan Ielpi‘s brothers from Sqaud 288 stopped off at Melissa’s home with an appreciated replacement… another Ground Zero flag.
But, then another circumstance occurred… the thief musta either done read the pleas and messages from Melissa, or at least someone else did and told the thief what he had stolen, and, either his conscience… peer pressure… or a little of both… well, maybe a lot of both… and he did what needed to be done.

When Fourth of July arrived and Melissa went outside to get her paper or whatever… maybe to smell the roses with a hot coffee in hand… her eyes probably opened wide… her flag was there… wrapped tightly with a terse apology… “I am so sorry. I had no idea.”

Melissa took back to the internet and thanked everyone who may have helped in getting the word out… “The flag means so much to me and my family and we are so happy and grateful that it was returned.” She added that she believes it would have never been returned without those who read her words and taking it to the streets.

I gotta hint for the thief… next time don’t steal anything. Try a dose of honesty and get right with the world. Simple piece of advice… not real easy sometimes… just simple.

Now, just go out and try to do some good instead of stupid evil. Ya just might find it does a body good.

And… my apologies to the American Dairy Association.

2) Now… about that “one thing sometimes leading to another”, I spoke about earlier?

I couldn’t remember what all organization popularized that slogan so I googled it. I found it, as might be expecteddrink milk within moments…

I also found another piece associated with milk and that quote… and that article, or blog, said it all depended on where you go that milk and whether it did a body good or not.

So without over taxing everyone’s mind with a long over drawn out regurgitation of the writer’s “facts” I give you this bullet list…

  • The majority of commercial dairy cows are kept in intense confinement, in individual stalls, on hard cement floors, hooked up to milking machines, forced to produce milk ten months out of the year, in an overcrowded building. For a life that is less than 4 years… cows on small dairy farms who tend to hang out grazing in pastures… live 12-15 years.
  • The massive amount of waste produced on a factory farm is beyond imaginable. Over one-fifth of the country’s dairy products are produced in the central valley of California where confinement operations create as much waste as a city of 21 million people! Much of that waste is forced unnaturally into the environment, polluting our lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Cows are supposed to eat stuff like grass but on big factory farms there ain’t enough grass to feed more than a handful of cows… if the cows were even that lucky… so… today’s factory cow is fed a diet of mostly grain, and other things that they would not normally eat. The bulk of that feed consists of corn and soy, which receives 80 percent of all herbicides used in the US. Grok this…animal products can contain up to 14 times more pesticides than plants.
  • Animals need nutrients to thrive and be healthy. Well cow food at the factory farms is not meant to nourish, rather, it is meant to bulk them up and get them to producing. And that results in sick cows with a lot of drugs in them… and… like pesticides them drugs can find their way into the milk, too.
  • Just a note… levels of vitamin A and D drop off precipitously when cows are given any feed other than green growingmilk_cartoon grass. Two of the biggies why we supposed to be drinking that milk.
  • Most folks, these day, try to avoid using antibiotics too often… they ain’t always the best thing for your body or immune system. Over 50 percent of all the antibiotics produced in this country are mixed directly into animal feed. You may be doing a hell of lot more antibiotics than you ever dreamed you were doing.
  • Antibiotic resistance is a serious issue… what happens is that bacteria are mutating and outsmarting the antibiotics, making them ineffective. Now… hold onto your hats… milk contains traces of up to 80 different antibiotics.
  • In 1930, the average dairy cow produced about a gallon and a half of milk per day. In 1988, the average was about a tad less than 4.5 gallons. This was accomplished by selective breeding to obtain dairy cows that produced a lot of pituitary hormones, thereby generating larger amounts of milk. But that was not good enough for the milk industry peeps… rBGH, a synthetic growth hormone, is used to get even more milk out of the dairy cows, bringing the average up to over 6 gallons of milk per day.

Neat, right?

  • FDA documents show that cows injected with rBGH are 79 percent more likely to contract mastitis (aka udder infection) as well as there are now more dead and deformed calves born to cows that are treated with BGH.
  • Pasteurization is a process of heat treating milk to kill bacteria. Louis Pasteur? He developed that process… hence the name. We all are led to believe he did it specifically for the milk industry. Maybe not… some stuff I read says he did it for preserving beer and wine and he was never responsible for applying it to milk.  Rumor also says that was done at the end of the 1800s as a temporary solution for and until filthy urban dairies could find a way to produce cleaner milk. But, instead of cleaning up milk production it was used to cover up dirty milk. The more milk that was being mass made the more the producers need to use pasteurization. How else to increase the profit margins, after all?
  • The result… raw milk was now bad… very bad… and blamed for all sorts of diseases and sickness outbreaks. But…Pasteurization another rumor and a lot of other stuff says raw milk contains healthy bacteria that inhibits the growth of undesirable and dangerous organisms. Who out here reading this eats yogurt? Yogurt that contains healthy bacteria… probiotics? And… guess what… modern equipment, sterile milking machines, stainless steel tanks, refrigerated trucks means it is possible to bring clean, raw milk to the market anywhere in the US.
  • Want more “good” news? pasteurization also greatly diminishes the nutrient content of the milk. Pasteurized milk has up to a 66 percent loss of vitamins A, D and E. Vitamin C loss usually exceeds 50 percent. Vitamins B6 and B12 are completely destroyed during pasteurization. Pasteurization destroys lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat, which impairs fat metabolism and the ability to properly absorb fat soluble vitamins A and D. The dairy industry? Fergeddaboudit… they know all about this stuff. So, they do things like fortify the milk with vitamin D. Ever drink this fortified milk? It don’t taste like milk… not at all. They do a similar thing with OJ… calcium fortified… tastes like crap.
  • We have all been led to believe that milk is a wonderful source of calcium, when, in fact, pasteurization makes calcium and other minerals less available. Complete destruction of phosphatase is one method of testing to see if milk has been adequately pasteurized. Phosphatase is essential for the absorption of calcium. Oops.
  • Milk straight from the cow contains cream, which rises to the top. Homogenization is a process that breaks up the fat globules and evenly distributes them throughout the milk so that they do not rise. This process unnaturally increases the surface area of fat exposing it to air, in which oxidation occurs and increases the susceptibility to spoilage. Homogenization has been linked to heart disease and atherosclerosis.

This has been a public service announcement …

Do whatever you wish with this information.


Just some food… or is it drink… for thought for the next time ya’ll go pouring that milk on your Cocoa Puffs.

Them there Cocoa Puffs? That’s another story for another time.


Lindsay Lohan spotted on her birthday in NYC
Lindsay Lohan spotted on her birthday in NYC

3) Lindsay Lohan recently turned 28 and one rag… ok, it was the NYDN… said “From ‘It Girl” to “What Happened?!'”

Real simply…

She got into a lot of bullshit…

Thought she was all it and found out her limited talent couldn’t take her as far as she thought.

Then a lot of booze and drugs…

And, it didn’t help that a lot of people…

Mom… most of the rest of her family… and her so-called friends told her what she wanted to hear… told her lies… enabled the hell out of her.

Even Oprah enabled the hell out of her…

And… Viola…

Here she is now at 28.

Nothing happened except reality.

4) Seems one of our top moms for making fun of… Ms. Sarah Palin… oops… she done it again.

Sarah tweeted a happy birthday message to George Washington… “It’s #July4th. Happy birthday to George Washington, a great American patriot and conservative.”

Yep she be just a tad late… and just a tad confused, too. See, she wished George a happy birthday on July 4th, which as most of us know is the day we set aside to commemorate the point at which we… well the fledgling Americans back then… declared America’s independence from Great Britain.

Now this is from a person who once ran for the VP of our country… you would think someone who thinks they got the cred to run for such a high office would have a modicum of knowledge about basic American history… like George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 and his birthday is celebrated n the third Monday of that month… aka Presidents’ Day.

And, July 4th celebrates the day the so-called patriots adopted the Declaration of Independence which formally declared our severed ties with the British.

Now, all this led to her being held up to some immense online ridicule… and, naw, I ain’t gonna repeat any of it although some were very creative. Not worth my time. After all she is what she is… not exceedingly bright in my opinion.

And, now, of course, in typical Palin fashion she tried to run her ignorance back at those who criticized her for that fact… her ignorance… when she alluded to the liberals being behind it all… “All this nonsense on Twitter is just another example of the gotcha liberal media trying to play politics with our nation’s most sacred holidays.”

But to tell the truth this faux pas was not even one of her better ones… my pick?

Oh… back around last year… around October … 23rd… Sarah Palin claimed that Jesus Christ celebrated Easter during his time on Earth.

Palin BookShe was in an interview with Fox and Friends to tout her new book, Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas,about the left wings “war on Christmas” and argued that all Christian holidays should return to the traditional versions practiced by Jesus.

In her words… “It makes me so gosh darn angry. The liberal left in this country has targeted Christian holidays and is trying to secularize them right out of existence. When Jesus celebrated Easter with his disciples there were no Easter bunnies or egg hunts. There were no Easter sales at department stores or parades in the street. Easter was a special time of prayer and Christian activism. Jesus would gather all the townspeople around and would listen to their stories about the meaning of Easter in their lives. Then he would teach them how to love one another, how to protest Roman abortion clinics and how to properly convert homosexuals. You can’t even do things like that these days without getting called out by some wacko left-wing human rights group. Christians had more freedom under Roman rule than we do now in our own country! We need to return Easter back to the way it was when Jesus was alive.”

Now… this one statement just stands alone as one of the more inane things this poor misguided and forlorn creature has ever said as far as I am concerned. It is chock full of misguided “truths” and the sad part of it is that peeps out there will say, “You go Sarah” as if she is the gospel word.

But, I’m gonna just stay on one point here… Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

Now the obvious… because Easter is a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, it is highly unlikely… in fact almostsarah-palin-claims-jesus-celebrated-easter assuredly impossible… now, I know this is Jesus, the Son of God we be talking about… he does miracles and all that stuff.. but it is still nigh unto impossible that the man celebrated the Easter holiday before his death. And in fact, according to my notes… the first recorded celebration of Easter appears to be in the mid-2nd century.

Now on that day the Fox and Friends team, sort of took her to task… I mean this is her own camp doing this stuff. But… to their credit they called her on it…

Brian Kilmeade said, “Sarah, you know that we love you… I can understand if you think Christian holidays have become too secular and you want to return to the days of the early church. But you have to know that Jesus never celebrated Easter right? I mean you have to know that. What do you think Easter celebrates?”

Sarah… “Well, Brian, Easter celebrates, you know, sticking it to all the liberal lefties out there who want to be taking our guns and our freedom. It celebrates the rights of the unborn and the right to religious freedom, to not have government come in and tell you who to believe in and who not to…”

Kilmeade… “It celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus. It celebrates his death and resurrection from the dead. Now Sarah, tell me how can Jesus celebrate his own death before he died?”

Now I didn’t see this but… I hear tell that Palin stared blankly into the screen for about 15 seconds… then co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck went to a commercial.

Yep… this is the person that, if the Bam man didn’t win the election, would have been one death away from being the head of our country.

Now, let’s face it… and this includes all of you who claim to be conservatives and elephants… that doesn’t scare you that the elephants had her on the presidential election ticket back then? Honestly?

5) Saw this article just before the weekend… maybe it was Thursday (7/3)… about an Indiana cop, who back on Oct. 1, 2013, had shoved a handicapped wheelchair guy to the ground guy, but was recently allowed to keep his job… even after a police review board said he should be fired.

Hmmm… says you… and me… there has got to be more here than meets the old eye.

Lafayette Police Lieutenant Tom Davidson was one of several officers who responded to a reported and possible threat from Nicholas Kincade, the guy in the wheelchair. Seems Kincade was wheeling about near a school and had told some folks who worked there that he had a weapon… specifically a firearm.

Now, when the officers got there and confronted this guy it was quickly determined there was no gun involved at all and, in fact, Kincade had only a pocket knife.

Officers told Kincade to move along and if he came back to the school he could be busted for trespassing.

So, Kincade, after probably grumbling about this and that, moved to leave, and, funny thing about wheelchairs… they sometimes don’t always go where you want them to go… yep… he ran into one of the cops. Yep… it was LT. Davidson… right in his leg.

Davidson, kinda pissed he got run into by a crippled guy, reacted by pushing Kincade to the ground.

Kincade tumbled to the ground and cut his face when he hit the pavement.

“Now you’re going to jail,” one of the officers tell Kincaid as he’s being cuffed on a charge of battery against a law enforcement officer.

“I didn’t see you,” Kincade said.

How we know all this? That it actually went down this way? Footage from a camera mounted to one of the responding officer’scop pushing wheelchair patrol cars shows it.

Investigating officers reviewed a 33-minute video of the episode and then Davidson’s own police chief said… “It was just inappropriate. The subject was complying at that point in doing what we’d asked him to do.”

The Chief of Police added that the use of any force whatsoever could have been avoided by Davidson simply taking one step out of Kincade’s way.

Simply… by the facts of the video… an internal investigation into the incident found that the officer’s conduct was in violation of the Lafayette police department’s policies regarding “unbecoming conduct” and appropriate “response to resistance.” And, the police chief, Patrick Flannelly, told news sources that every member of the department’s command staff recommended to the investigating officers that Davidson be terminated.  And, the Investigating officers recommended that Davidson be terminated for his actions…. Davidson should be stripped of his badge and gun and removed from the force.

And, incidentally, before I forget… Kincade’s charges… five months later… the charges were thrown out by a court of law.

But, after the police review board made its decision known… The Lafayette Police Civil Service Commission, which is made up of local citizens and is empowered to decide matters related to officer hiring, promotions, and discipline, took the case under advisement and voted just last Tuesday (7/1) that Davidson be punished with a 30-day suspension, stripped of his rank, and, be placed on supervisory probation for a year.

And… just to be safe… the police chief said Davidson would be transferred to the department’s Administrative Services Division in order to “put some distance” between the department and the incident.

I am sorry… something is wrong here… something just smells rotten like it did to the Bard when he wrote that little off Broadway piece all those years ago. This guy’s own police force… his peers… other similar ranking officers… determined that he should be fired for using unnecessary force on a compliant person in an ongoing investigation. They specifically said that if the officer had just taken one step away there would never had been an incident. And, now some other bunch of community folks say firing is overly punitive? Then when they… the Lafayaette PD… find out he ain’t gonna be fired, they kinda, sorta push him away and stick him someplace where they hope he stays quiet and out of the away?

Look it, I have no idea what the Lafayette PDs motto is, but, on many police vehicles I have seen it is “To Protect and To Serve”. And, I think that is a pretty good appraisal of what police men and women should do for their communities. Pushing handicapped peeps to the ground from wheelchairs is not protecting and serving. It is going out of the way to be everything other than that. It’s just plain bad and is what many see as the stereotypical image of police officers… of cops… being badassed, mean tempered bums who carry around a chip on their shoulders and are just power grubbing SOBs. And, I really gotta believe this is not this guy’s… LT Davidson’s… first run in with the review board… or… they probably would have recomended some punitive action rather than being fired.

I’ve mentioned this before… I believe cops have a very hard job to do… I would never be a cop… you gotta take a lot of shit and sometimes ya gotta do shit that needs to be done and folks just don’t understands that, yeah, some force needs to be done because some asshole needs a good slap upside of his head before he hurts somebody. But, not always is it that the way… and… there are some cops that are bad, wrong, or, simply not deserving of the right to carry a badge.

Now… from what I see here… this guy should not be having a badge or gun. Why is that? He has some obvious anger issues that he, for whatever reason, does not have a handle and it gives him “reason” to act inappropriately and in an irresponsible manner. And. that is not something any community needs to have on their police force… a cop with anger issues.

I mean, what if his temper got so carried away that he used his weapon?

Oh? But, he didn’t?

But, what if that temper problem… which it sure do appear as if he might have a wee bit of an anger issue now and again… were some day to erupt in a future situation and he does something… like use his weapon… that everyone regretted and can’t take back?

Does this Civil Service Commission ask for a do over then?

And, yes, he is not on active street duty but he still has a badge and a gun, and, personally, if, I were in his burg I sure wouldn’t feel real damn safe.  No siree buddy… not knowing there is some guy walking around with a known temper problem and carrying heat. Now compound that circumstance with a badge…

Brothers and sisters… we gots ourselves a recipe for a disaster.

This is my opinion, and, I be sticking to it.

6) Back before most of us… if, not all of us… including older than dirt me… were born, there was this little child who was the poster girl for the Nazi party.

She was called the “perfect Aryan baby”. Little Hessy Taft was seen as the perfect encapsulation of all that was good and holy

Hessy Taft as a child
Hessy Taft as a child

about the peeps who were the Nazis… the piece de résistance of propaganda. They… the Nazi party… slapped her picture… a very pretty one at that… on magazines and postcards all across a growing anti-Semitic Germany.

But in an incredible instance of schadenfreude… or… a karmic kick in the ass… Hessy is now an 80-yerar-old woman who lives in NY… and… is Jewish…

Hessy says, “I can laugh about it now. But if the Nazis had known who I really was, I wouldn’t be alive.”

So how did this all come about?

Hessy says that she was taken to well-known Berlin photographer Hans Ballin to have her picture taken in 1935. And, that Ballin, without the family’s knowledge, then submitted one of the pictures he took into a competition to find the “perfect Aryan baby.”

Months later, Hessy’s mum… Pauline Levinsons … who was feeling the brunt of racist persecution just like all Jews in Germany… was floored to see her daughter’s face on the cover of a “family” Nazi publication.

So she… the mum… went down to Ballin’s studio and essentially said “WTF….”

And Ballin was said to reply… “I wanted to make the Nazis look ridiculous.”

Somehow a copy of that Nazi propaganda made it down through the years, and, Hessy, who is now a chemistry professor at St.

Hessy Taft today
Hessy Taft today

John’s University in NYC, recently handed the magazine featuring the picture to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel.

So how the hell did she wind up at a Catholic school in NYC?

Well her dad, Jacob, who was a promising singer, until rabid anti-Semitism forced him to take a lower profile position as a door-to-door salesman, was arrested on a trumped up tax charge but somehow was able to secure a release from imprisonment. So, first chance he had, he upped and moved his family, exit stage right, to their home country of Latvia, and, then managed to wend their way to Paris. When Paris fell to German occupation they got passage, post haste, to Cuba… and, then eventually moved to and settled in the good ole U.S. of A. by 1949.

The rest as they… and, I need to ask who is this “they” I always hear about that does all this damn talking… is history.

Sometimes it may take a while but it’s like my mama used to always tell me when I was being a little rat dastard (sic) as a teenager… “You’ll get yours. Someday… you’ll get yours.”

And, it took a long time, but now, as I approach my twilight years and reflect upon my life… there were times that she was so very correct in her predictions… because, I definitely got mine… with interest sometimes… usually, when I least expected it.

Oh, lordy did I.

But… Hessy being around to tell her story… now, that’s just a delicious spoonful of justice delayed but justice served.

And, I’d like to think that somewhere in hell them damn Nazis be getting theirs.

7) On Tuesday (7/8) the NYDN had a headline that spoke out and said… “Health Department warns city’s drinkers in summer ad campaign.”

New ads, which feature images of alcohol-fueled situations gone wrong, will be put up in bars and subway cars to reminddrinking8n-1-web drinkers of the stuff that can go wrong and  to drink respsonsibly. The ads will tout the fact that New Yorkers should watch what they drink and sorta be their brothers… and sisters… keepers in a manner of speaking. That is… be aware of what thy neighbor be imbibing so maybe you could intercede to “Keep your friends from hurting themselves or others”.

One ad shows a woman with her face against a car windshield, while another shows a guy holding a beer bottle who is about to fight.

According to the NYDN… “The campaign comes on the heels of a Health Department report that found 22% of city dwellers have been directly affected by another person’s drinking in the past six months.”

I got nothing to add except for once it is what it is… fair warning…

Okay, I lied… I gots stuff to add…

Think twice before having that one drink for the road… or even the sidewalk if you decide to do the better thing and walk it home. Trouble and alcohol seem to so often find themselves in situations that later become tragedies.

Nothing wrong with some sociable drinking, and, even getting a buzz on now and again…   just drink responsibly is all we are asking.

If, not for yourself… then… maybe for your loved ones?

I know, I probably be talking to the choir but sometimes… just maybe… something gets through to someone.

Again… you really don’t need that last drink for the road… do you?

8) Want a little more schadenfreude?

Some dude… I ain’t gonna name him it because it really doesn’t matter, and, unless you live in Newcastle, England, his name won’t mean diddly to ya… but, this dude… got a little more than he could hope for when he began double dipping his wick.

See… this lothario was dating this young lady for quite a few years and they decided to go their separate ways as far as theirfrazer4n-3-web loving went. So, our lothario eventually takes up with another young lady before long.

Hey… why not? He’s got no ties… right?

One slight problem… he starts spooning with his former lover on the side.

Well, all was going good… as far as our lothario was concerned… or, so he thought. Until one morning there appeared a long banner… a very professionally created banner… stretched across the busy highway that goes into the Newcastle business area.

Sign says… “Steve Frazer you’re dumped by both your girlfriends.” And, has pictures of all three of the lovebirds involved emblazoned upon it.

In the words of “they”… Oops…

All involved are very red-faced and sorta laying low until the smoke clears. Especially, Steve…oops… I said I wasn’t gonna go and say his name, didn’t I?


Oh, WTF… the damm picture has his name in it any way.

9) And, I recently saw this in my favorite tabloid, “Texas grandma, 83, fights off home intruder with stick and boiling water”.

Listen up, buckaroos… just because someone is 83 don’t mean that they still ain’t got some feistiness left in dem ole bones of theirs.

See, this Texas lady, Lillie McClendon, a Houston-area woman, had just showered and got a load of laundry started when she

Lillie McClendon
Lillie McClendon

thought to herself…“What’s with that window… it was closed before… and why my stuff all out of place?” She picks up a stick she got laying near and looks around.

And, there’s this dude who wasn’t supposed to be there… being there.

Now, I ain’t about judging but I gotta think this young dude thinks grandma gonna be an easy touch so he could stave off his jones for a day or two. I mean a pro thief ain’t about to bother with some working class or middle class home… ain’t no money there… no real money that is. Gotta go hit jewelry stores or rich folk’s homes… that is, if you a real pro thief and not just some lazy-ass punk doing who knows what.

Anyway… this punk and this grandma are face to face and the punk says… “‘Where’s that money at? Where’s that money at?”

And Grandma says… “What kind of momma you got that raised you up like this? You oughta be ashamed of yourself.”

Then the punk grabbed her in a choke hold and repeated his demands…

Somehow, granny slips from his grasp… and she whacks him with her stick and then grabs a pot of boiling water off her stove and heaves it at the dude.

One yellow tailed skunk done went off yelping with some bruises and scald marks and very sorry he had ever picked on Lillie McClendon.

Unfortunately, Ms. McClendon never got that good a look at the wannabe badass and thief… just his eyes she says… so, police got no real leads and he still out there. But, hopefully he remembers to think twice before thinking some old lady is gonna be easy pickings and he just gone waltz in and out with some cash.

Better yet, maybe he ought to start thinking on getting into a new line of work… right? He doesn’t do the thieving stuff real well, do he?

What kind of mama indeed… not like you, Ms. Lille McClendon, that’s for sure… else he would’ve felt that stick a hell of a lot more in his life, I bet.

10) This weeks gratuitous pics…



 Luisana-Lopilato_1111-8Luisana-Lopilato-ultimo-04luisana-lopilato-ultimo-lingerie-Luisana Lopilato (age 27) is an Argentine actress.

























and another thousand words or two… African_Lionsnamibia-safari

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  1. Always a pleasure to read your blogs. Just one thing…….that story about the ‘perfect Aryan baby’….if only it were known if Hitler found out about her real heritage and that’s why his head exploded, or if he said “oy vey” and then blew his brains out.

    You know, sometimes I have trouble believing some of the things Sarah Palin says are really things Sarah Palin says and not Tina Fey saying these things while impersonating Sarah Palin.

  2. I just hope, if there is a hell, that the peeps there will know exactly why they are being crispy critters for eternity.. else it sorta defeats the purpose of hell, in my opinion.

    There is a site that is called the stupid things that Sarah Palin has never said… I didn’t check it so I have no idea what it attempts to do. My guess is that it might try refudiating some of the things that have been allegedly said by her.

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