MMA Roundtable: 7/4 Edition

Welcome top the MMA Roundtable:Our Friday setup for the fisticuffs. This week we talk on Cub, UFC 174 fallout. 175 Preview and Fox Sports getting a better fight than the PPV. This week we roll with Roni, Collin and David.

1. Should Cub be given the next title shot?Cub Swanson

Roni: Well, After Mendes, I don’t think anyone can make a claim for it… unless Frankie or BJ plead their cases at their fight…
And even though I personally would not agree with it, they are bigger names, and the UFC could easily have them jump ahead.

Collin: Yes.  Cub has put on a 5 fight winning streak and beaten 5 killers. Siver, Poirer and Do Bronx, those are the kind of wins that an earned title shot should be made of.  Unless something happens in the Mendes x Aldo that warrants an immediate rematch, then who deserves it more than him.

David: I personally would love to see Diamond get a rematch instead in a 5 rounder, but with Aldo going down to injury, I think this is up in the air. I could see Cub getting a fight with Frankie if Aldo is out for a while if an interm is needed.

2. Did you watch both UFC shows?UFC Fight Night 45

Roni: No, I couldn’t. I had visitors during the day, and this meant BBQ.
I did record “Te Huna vs. Marquardt” and watched “Swanson vs. Stephens”.
But even though I love MMA, I don’t think either card warranted too much excitement over it.
And to be a double-headers, it was just too much time watching average cards in one day (and yes, I am being gentle).

Collin: Nope, just the FS1 card. I’ll probably go back at some point and watch the Marquardt fight and the Hioki x Do Bronx fights, but other than that I have no interest in the fight pass cards.  Oversaturation to the highest levels. It would be a full time job to watch all of those fights.

David: Not even close. I caught the highlights. I’m getting to the point that I don’t care about the undercard anymore. I watched Legacy instead for my local guys on AXS. 6 hours of guys ranked 30-40 in their weight class, I’m just done after a bit. I’ll catch a few of these fights, and I saw the highlights if any of these guys matter going forward.

3. Why is Rousey the Co-Main on UFC 175ronda-rousey

Roni: Because it is obvious she is not the draw the UFC tries to hype her to be.
Machida & Weidman is a way better fight, and the real reason people will buy this card.

Collin: Because she can’t really sell PPV’s as well as Weidman.  She can post above average buyrates, but 340,000 ppv buys won’t cut it fpr the Fourth of July event, one of the bigger cards of thr year.  Casuals tune in to watch her talk and pick up magazines to see her dress provocatively,  but they won’t drop $50 to watch her fight some unknown fighter.

David: I think this is more of a protection of Weidman than of Rousey. If this fight does 300K, then its not the top draw in female in history’s fault, its the pasty-white guy at 185 that can’t draw unless its against Anderson.

You would think with 87 fight cards a year, we would not need to have two title fights on one card. I think Dana needs to pop a huge buyrate. He would have been better served having Aldo or Mighty Mouse pairing with a more sellable champ, since both of these should be able to get 350-400K on their own.

4. Will we see a new Middleweight Champion?Chris Weidman

Roni: I think so. And hope so.
Note: I have absolutely nothing against Weidman. I won’t get mad if either guy winning. Both are great guys, great role-models. If it is Weidman, I am ready to enjoy him ruling over the divison.
But I’ve been a Lyoto’s fan for much longer, and I think he has the game to beat Weidman. Much the same as how Weidman had the game to beat Silva (but that is on paper, of course). We shall see how it works out for him.

Collin: I think so. This is the fight where we see if Chris Weidman is truly a great fighter or just that guy who had Anderson Silva’s number. Stylistically,  I favor Lyoto. He can frustrate Chris with  his movement standing, move in and out well, and possibly set up a TKO. I don’t think most people realize how difficult it is to close distance on a good Karate stylist like that; it is a different game than trying to box a Thai Boxer who will play in your range. Plus, I think his guard is good enough to a worst survive, and his trips are good enough that at some point in a give round affair he will put Weidman on his back. Lyoto by decision.

David:  I don’t think so. Lyoto might be hard to catch, but Chris isn’t trying to catch him to tag his chin, he’s trying to catch him to put him on his back. Lyoto is not going to knock Chris out, just not going to happen, so the only way he wins is if he pulls a Rampage and just moves and tags. I just can’t see that happening- and if it does, its a coin-flip he wins. I look to see Chris go for broke and get Machida down. Machida is HUGE for 185, but Weidman has that Hughes strength dragdown when he wants to.

5. Why is Uriah Hall on the PPV and Urijah Faber on Free TV? Uriah Hall KO

Roni:  I don’t know.
Both Faber and Carceres are fans favorite and better caliber fighters than Hall & Santos.
The only explanation I can come up with, is that Fox Sports probably complained about the fighters they get, so the UFC had to give them some names.
I could also be UFC wants to bring up new fighters they deem exciting while pushing Faber & Carceres a little away, since they are not in the title picture.
If the UFC could kick Fitch out of the organization (and he was a top 5), then it shows they can push even guys like Faber around…

Collin: Faber never really sold too many PPV’s, and I think I may have seen an interview where he said he asked for tbat spot rather than being buried on the bottom of the PPV, because more people will see it, though I may be wrong about that. He is a good name for that spot, I think he is big enough of a name to get people to FS1 but not to the PPV.

David: Faber is a draw, but lets face it, he’s never winning a title. Fox Sports knows they are getting crappy ratings, and Faber did pull good numbers dating back to his WEC days, Dana still thinks Hall has a chance to be a highlight reel, and its just not happened, if it does, then looking back, Hall deserved this spot.

6. Scale of 1-10, how excited are you for UFC 175?UFC 175

Roni: I’ll have to say 7.5. But only because I was also excited for Wanderlei & Sonnen… and Vitor  (well, two of the three) and this fight was removed from the card.
But it is a solid card with some good fights, some intriguing fights (i.e. Struve’s return to MMA) plus two title shots.
You can’t go wrong there!

Collin: 7. I am excited to see how Ronda can handle a decent grappler, and see how Chris can handle the striking of Machida. Other than those two, what is there though?  Struve x Mitrione might be fun, or boring, and Faber should crush Bruce Leeroy. Very top heavy card for sure.

David: I’m actually giving this one a solid 9.5. Keep in mind this is not the 9 you would look at a year or two ago, when each numbered event was an EVENT. But in the current UFC, when half the card doesn’t matter in 3 months, this card is loaded. I’m even into the Brimmage/Doane fight. George Roop is even trying to do something. This card, for this FoxUFC is pretty stacked.

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