Where do the Big Three go?

Miami-heat big 3Since everyone else has given you where they think all the Free Agents are going, I figured that I would spoil Free Agency for you and tell you where the prime players are actually going to go.

The first shot out of the gate is what does Miami do? We need to kick the first 3 out of the gate, since that is going to cause the ripples in the NBA pond that we are all looking for.

Sorry folks. The Big 3 are coming back.


LeBron’s already played the gun for hire role, and I don’t think he likes the backlash, and I don’t think he really wants to be going from team to team and making people wonder what kind of Jersey he’s going to be wearing at his hall-of-fame induction. I mean look at Moses Malone vs Patrick Ewing. Both first-ballott hall of famers, but one jumped from team to team and still hasn’t gotten the credit he deserves. If LeBron goes to Houston, wins 2 rings in 3 years, then goes to LA and wins another pair in 4 years- he’s never going to be in the room with Bird and Magic, let alone Jordan.

Wade opted out. If he was going to play for the Kobe Money, he would have kept his contract. If he gets HALF of that contracts value, he’s still overpaid unless he comes back stronger than he played late in the year. Wade is the ICON in Miami, he’s not going to Chicago- he’ll never be Jordan, and the town is still going to be waiting on Rose. If he’s going to play second fiddle on his own team, rather it be to the guy that’s working on being the GOAT, then a guy thats played almost as many games as I have in the NBA the last 2 years. Dwayne Wade

Bosh is the fun one. He could go anywhere and be the second best guy on any title team. He’s been THE MAN, and I don’t think he liked it very much in Toronto. Bosh seems like he’s perfectly fine being the Grant/McHale in this title run. Bosh is no idiot, he’s going to be fine being the third leg with multiple rings. There are worse things to be than James Worthy.

Lets keep in mind that the big three won 2 titles and went to the Finals 4 times, yes they got wiped out in the Finals, but they also lost to the best PF in history and possibly the best coach since Riley and lets face it, just a buzzsaw of a performance from a Spurs team that would be right at home vs the Lakers or Celtics in the mid-80s.
So what happened? They didn’t add size, they only had Ray Allen for outside shooting, and lets face it, they got old in all the wrong positions. They thought bringing in talented players and putting them in the system would work for them, the way that has worked for those same Spurs that slapped them around, the Lakers that Pat got a fistful of rings for, and how Riley got Patrick Ewing as close to a ring as anyone could get.

Big 3 ringsThe Problem was, it worked fifty percent of the time, AND THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Jordan played FIFTEEN YEARS and “only” won 6 rings and he’s considered the GOAT. Bird is right up there and has THREE Rings, Magic has FIVE. Other than Mr BILL. No one in NBA history has gone 50% for winning a ring with any single team.

So here is whats going to happen to the Big Three.

They all come back. LeBron is making noise for wanting a MAX deal. Look people, LeBron is making more from the Beats by Dre sale this year than he’s making from ANY NBA team this year. The more teams clip salary cap money in hopes of signing anyone the better talent that is out there to sign. The longer the three sit out there, the better chance Lowry or PP comes to Miami.

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