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Gooooooood Morning Vietnam!! It feels sooo good to be back!! After nearly a month off chasing another dream, I’m back and ready for another round of No-Huddle Sessions. And since Lucy has some serious ‘splainin’ to do, I’m going to be sure and make it up to you guys this week. I promise. So this week we’re going to cover a few different things. We’re tackling New America vs Old America, if heaven is for real, and our weekly tribute. It’s all next so keep on…clickin’ on!


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  1. Where to begin… you and me… don’t always agree when it comes to our politics but I think if you peel back the layers we do agree on where we would like our scoiety to be.

    I wholeheartedly and entirely agree it is a matter of respect and matter of being allowed, and able, to think for yourself and do the best you can in this world so that when we leave this world it was a tad better that we had been in it.

    That ain’t exactly earth shattering and world changing but its a whole lot better than what a lot of peeps do with their lives. And, if ya think on it… if we all just did that then the culmative effect just might be… earth shattering and world changing.

    As for protesting and demonstrations… maybe some of them folks be on the asshole side of reality, but, supposedly we do have the privilege of free speech in this country, so, I say let ’em rant on. Hell, my generation did enough of that in my day and while it it’s arguable whether we did any good or not, I like to think we did.

    The real issue is folks need to think and not just be sheep and follow somone/group because they are loud and out there and boy howdy that sound good. The real issue is no one seems to be able to read anything or listen to anything and then think and form their own opinions… and that goes for all ages. It’s not just generational.

    As for heaven… it can wait… naw… that was another movie and my attempt at humor ;-)… but here’s my take on it…
    It doesn’t matter whether heaven is real or not because I firmly believe… I firmly think… that what I now know in this life is… I just need to live my life honestly and doing the best I can. And, whether I know heaven is real, or not, will not change how I go about my life.

    I leave you with some lyrics from the mind of one of the best song writers I have ever heard, or, had the pleasure to know (yeah I actually did know him for a few short months a very, very long time ago when he was unheard of).

    It don’t take a vision or a religion
    Understanding is just not that demanding. No.
    And then you don’t need no alibis, no excuses, no tellin lies.
    And then you know how to live and let live
    How to give when you take
    Never make a lot of heartbreak
    Honest man, Doin’the best he can. (Lowell George)

    And thats just my opinion… just saying.

    BTW… just a great job of thinking and opining.

  2. Always a great read.

    Thank you for keeping our fallen soldiers on your posts. No politics needed.

  3. lol thanks Joe. It’s true, we can agree on the same society outlook. I guess we can agree that, while the right to peacefully (being the key word) protest is a necessity, it’s not always so peaceful and not always so lazze faire. I have guess I could’ve elaborated more on that: it’s not the protest that makes them an ass…it’s the vengeful attempt to shape others minds that grinds my gears. Tommy Lee Jone’s line in MIB about people was the best one. a person is fine. People..not so much.

    Absolutely, heaven can wait lol. More true word have never been spoken. Thanks for sharing, bud. I follow my lead from the WTFs.

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