More speculation on Melo’s next destination

Melo KobeFirst, let me say he’s staying in New York, I truly believe that….

However, let me talk about why he might consider the Los Angeles Lakers more than any other team in this free agent wine and dine period:

1-Kobe Bryant.

Melo and Kobe have a good friendship and Melo respects him. That’s not something that can be said about a lot of players in the NBA, Kobe can be a moody and anti-social individual. He’s an introvert basically, he’s not as outgoing as a player like his former team-mate Shaquille O’Neal. To be blunt, he’s an asshole. Most of the super-stars are, they have an insatiable ego and need to feel important.

Melo and Kobe played on the USA basketball team and got along well and lately they have both talked about wanting to play together. Lots of players say this, but this duo may actually mean it.

2-The Laker history.

They may have struggled to win just 27 games last season in their worst ever campaign, but history shows they win titles. It’s what they do. Kobe is on record saying he wants to win and that has to resonate with Melo since they are good friends. Kobe isn’t look to ride off into the sunset on a losing team, he made that clear last season when he made snide comments about not talking to players on teams far below .500. If the Lakers sign Melo, Gasol may be interested in re-upping in LA since it’s a clear sign the team is looking to get better and win now.

GO West, Young Man!
GO West, Young Man!

3-Melo can have his input on the next coach.

Byron Scott has been interviewed three times, but he hasn’t been officially announced as the next head coach. Experts are saying that is because the front office wants to be able to let him have some input on their next head coach. Something Chicago, Houston, and Dallas can’t offer and this has to have an appeal for a player looking for a new home. Players love to feel like they are being involved in the process and have a say in things.

4-Melo can be the man.

Kobe played in just six games last season and may never be the same player he once was, he looked a lot slower and didn’t have the same explosiveness. Melo can come to Hollywood and be the man from Day One. Melo is probably one of the very few players Kobe may give that to. Like when Wade gave James the leadership reigns when he went to South Beach. Melo had one of his best seasons this past season (27.4 points per game, 8.1 rebounds per game, and 3.1 assists per game) but the Knicks struggled to a 37-45 record in the weakened Eastern Conference.

Like I said, I think he stays in New York. He has stated he doesn’t want to move his young kids to another city, but I think I have given some serious reasons on why he might want to seriously consider the Lakers. Just food for thought. Please leave any comments you might have, good, bad or otherwise. Feedback is always appreciated at the bag.

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  1. “They may have struggled to win just 27 games last season in their worst ever campaign, but history shows they win titles. It’s what they do.”

    Truer words were never spoken…

    Nice take on the subject, DJ.Some very valid arguments. I think he stays, but for different reasons.

    All your points are good ones. On paper, a Kobe/Melo duo should be very competitive… but I think the ego aspect you mention is the weak link. Neither one of them is getting better. Not enough time left for either Kobe or Melo to develop any chemistry.

  2. Fair enough, Michael….but Kobe will never be the same player he once was. I think he truly wants to win and think he could concede the top dog spot to Melo and he showed he can facilitate the last half of the 2012-2013 season when they made the playoffs. He averaged nearly 8apg and 6.3 this past season. I know it was just 6 games, but he has shown he can pass more and with Melo? I think he would, especially if Gasol re-signs. He gives them another really good passer.

    It’s all just what if anyway. He will ultimately stay in NY.

  3. Hey, DJ

    Good post and good points. It’s intriguing to think of Melo in LA, but I can’t see it happening.

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