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1) joe1Sometime last week I saw this piece roaming about on the news wires… “… single British mom who splashed some serious cash after mistakenly having £50,000, aka, $88,000, put into her bank account (assumed checking) has been told to pay it all back – or face going to jail.”

Seems 23-year-old Micheala Hutchings woke up one day and somehow checked her fund in her bank accounts… whether she checked online or actually went to her bank, it don’t really matter… she found an extra $88,000 in her accounts that was not there the day before.

So after saying “Wowzers”… or something similar… she decided upon a course of action… Which was: (a) she reported the funds to a bank official and inquired if it… the moolah, the do re mi, the cashish… was, indeed, hers to do with as she pleased, or, (b) she went bat shit crazy and decided hey “WTF, when the poor and down trodden find some extra lucre suddenly thrust upon their being, there is only one course of action to be followed… Spend it!”

Of course our dubious heroine, with sponge for brains, decides upon “b”.

She goes out and blows $8,000 on designer duds from such brands as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Dior. She even

"Gucci feels great on my face cant lie"
“Gucci feels great on my face cant lie”

tweeted a pic (see photo) that was accompanied with the words, “Gucci feels great on my face cant (sic) lie.”

She also gives mom $1,700… and… I’ll give her kudos for that little bit of largesse but also ask… that’s it? That’s all mumsy is worth? Then using about another $1,700 she paid off some undefined court costs… Horrors, she got court costs? Why is that not so surprising? And, finally with some semblance of a sane mind and possible proof that there is a chance she is not totally just some clueless twit, she banks the remaining $68,000 in a savings account.

But as we all know… all good things must come to an end sooner or later, and, in the case of sudden windfalls a lot sooner than anyone will ever expect.

So, the company… or as the case is in this scenario… the organization, the Lichfield District Council… probably got a call from one of its associated business partners who inquired if the money they were owed was to be forthcoming soon. And, of course, their bean counters said in their most appropriate accountant and business speak… “We done paid that!”

They then scurry off into their accountant cubbyholes and start doing some ciphering and checking of the records and suddenly go… “Oh drat that $88,000 check was supposed to got to so-so and not to this dumb twit of a lady!”

So long story short… the coppers were called; they went and visited the “lucky lady” and she was asked to give the money back… only as we all know that is sort of impossible as she done went and spent some of it already.

Longer story even shorter… she goes to court, and the court says here’s the deal… you are guilty of probably felony fraud but we’ll let you plead guilty to dishonestly retaining a wrongly credited bank transfer.

So what’s a poor girl to do? Accept of course… she might have sponges for brains but she ain’t stupid.

So, in March she accepted the courts offer. She got sentenced, back then, to do 150 hours of community service and the court told her to come back in a few months for a further review and adjudication of her case. On Tuesday (6/24) a Stafford Crown Court hearing ordered that she had to pay back all the cash. And, to do it within 6 months. AND… if she don’t? Then its 20 months in the can without passing “GO” or collecting $200.

Now, I got something to add… let this be a lesson to ya’ll that if some day ya’ll wake up and find an extra $88,000 floating around in one of your banking accounts… it ain’t yours. So, just call the bank and say there’s a situation you need resolved and be done with it.

Gucci may feel great but prison strips don’t... and, her face don’t lie
Gucci may feel great but prison strips don’t… and, her face don’t lie

AND, understand this… the only way you should even think that keeping any found money is worth it, is if the amount is north of  $2 million, and, you have a way to get the money safely transferred to an untraceable account somewhere, and, a fast ticket on an airplane to parts unknown.

And, the worst part of her comeuppance?

Her clothes, and other sundry stuff, she done brought will be sold at auction in order to help re-pay the debt and any court fees.

Moral of the story?

Gucci may feel great but prison strips don’t… and, her face don’t lie.


2) Unless you been living on a secluded mountaintop some where the last week or so, or, are just one of them folk who avoids TV, newspapers and the internet… both of which, I find to be a dubious occurrence else wise you wouldn’t be here… you had to have heard that the elephants in the personage of one John Boner… um sorry, Boehner… is gonna sue the prezness…. the

Boehner (left) and Obama (right)
Boehner (left) and Obama (right)

Bammer… for dereliction of duty, or, as the media is reporting it… “The Republican-led House will file a lawsuit accusing President Obama of abusing his executive authority by failing to carry out laws passed by Congress.”

Speaker John Boehner announced Wednesday (6/25), “I believe the President is not faithfully executing the laws of our country … (and the president is) ignoring some statutes completely, selectively enforcing others, and, at times, creating laws of his own.”

Now of course peeps on both sides of the aisle… elephants and donkeys… are having their say. And, while Boehner is stopping short of calling for Bam’s impeachment… as some of his elephant compadres are wont to do… he is once again in direct opposition to Bam’s plans for the country and still following a path of obstructionism instead of trying to find alternative solutions that could offer some give and take compromises. While the jackasses… I mean donkeys… are saying this is much ado about nothing because all the elephants are doing is making a lot of noise and storm and fury so it looks to the masses (electorate) like they be doing something when it really won’t amount to a hill of beans.

And, truth is that according to many up on the law folks it really won’t amount to even a hill of them there beans.

Peter M. Shane ( Jacob E. Davis and Jacob E. Davis II Chair in Law at Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law) writes as a guest editorialist in the Monday’s 96/30) NY Daily News…  “(The) threatened lawsuit against the President … seems a cynical attempt to appease a GOP faction that thinks “governing while Obama” is an impeachable offense. The suit will go nowhere for three obvious reasons. First, although the speaker has yet to name the actions he is challenging … itself a bad omen … the ‘faithful execution of the laws’ is a more complicated matter than he suggests. Executing laws is not like following recipes. Those administrative initiatives that most rankle Republicans typically represent exercises of executive branch discretion that are at least arguably lawful under statutes Congress earlier enacted.

Second, Obama is the wrong defendant. Few of the initiatives about which Republicans complain are, legally speaking, presidential. The Affordable Care Act is implemented by the Departments of Health and Human Services and of the Treasury. The deferred deportation policy belongs to the Department of Homeland Security. And so on.

Third, and most glaring, is the problem of ‘standing’. Federal courts consider themselves constitutionally limited to resolving disputes on behalf of plaintiffs who have been injured… or who are threatened with some injury… in a particularized, concrete and personal way. They will not address what the Supreme Court calls ‘mere generalized grievances’.”

He then says… “Add it up, and the suit is a dead letter.”

He then adds even further that it ain’t the Bammer who bears the brunt of the blame… not by his self any way… but all the congers-folks… both sides… gets a lot of the blame to bear.

Shane explains it thusly… “When the President’s party controls a house of Congress, that house, especially in recent years, seriously relaxes its oversight of the executive branch. A GOP-controlled Congress did virtually nothing to constrain the Bush administration. Now that a GOP-led House confronts a Democratic President, we see how the reverse can be equally bad.”

But having said all that with the obvious help of Mr. Shane…. and, why do I have this incredible urge to say.. “Shane. Shane.Shane Come back!”… it is obvious the congers-folks seem mule headedly intent on not giving Bam anything that could help him go ahead and implement any of the stuff that he said he would implement after he got elected. In other words, when he ran for the presidency, he said he would do stuff, and then, got elected on those words, and, the opposition is now shocked at the fact he wants to implement anything that he promised when he ran for office… shocked I tell ya!

Now, here’s the rub… whether anybody realizes it or not… Bammer knows that his policy agenda is essentially somewhat aligned with public sentiment. Hell, on his worse day, his in the toilet approval ratings still far out run… usually by triple… anything Congress gets. So, let’s face it, he has no reason to stop using whatever power present laws provide and thus do whatever he thinks is in his country’s best interests. It is what he believes, and for the most part what most donkeys tend to agree with, that needs to get done to allow the country to be up and running again.

So… if, hte elephants in Congress wants to do something constructive and get the president to do stuff differently then they best be doing less suing and more schmoozing.

Now, me? Fine is how I feel about the entire lunatic episode… if ya’ll wanna waste time and money go ahead and sue whoever you damn well please… Hell it ain’t… but wait a sec… who is gone be paying for this? Excuse me? The answer is… us?

Yes sir, buddy… me and you… the taxpayers. One more time we gone be taking one sideways up the wazoo.

Or, in the words of one political know it all… aka nattering nabob… “… they are considering a taxpayer-funded lawsuit against the President of the United States for doing his job, (and that) is the kind of step that most Americans wouldn’t support.”

The problem is which taxpayers are gonna be aware of the reality that we the peeps are the ones paying for this? My guess… only those that care in the first place and then actually have the capacity… or is it the temerity… to think for themselves.

Once again… using a line that just last week a fellow 7Pound writer… Jane… reminded us all about from the mind of Mr. Walt Kelly… “We have met the enemy… and he is us.”

3) There are happy meals and then there are happy meals…

Last Wednesday (6/25) Carla McFarland went to a Sonic fast food restaurant and put in her order. And, just like that other restaurant that has them there Happy Meals, she found a little extra sumpin in her food when she checked the order. SeemsSonic McFarland fumbled around checking the food order and getting ready to chow down when she found a little green plastic baggie in the fries container.

Sorta gave the line “Ya want fries with that?”, an entirely new meaning.

For ya’ll a tad slow on the uptake… or just a tad naïve… she found a dime bag. Well, what is considered a dime these days… back in my day a freaking dime was an entire oz.

Ummm… btw… don’t bother going to that Sonic on the off chance that fry order filler will be working… and maybe will accidentally lose another dime… she is no longer employed as a Sonic employee… her Sonic career is toast… ya might say she got fried out of the place.

Now it’s obvious I see the humor in this situation as well as many of McFarland’s friends did too… in fact, a lot of articles I read on this were rife full of all sorts of innuendo.

McFarland, however, was not seeing the humor in the situation as she says her two young children were in the car and could have easily got hold of the order and somehow ingested the weed.

She complained to a manager as well as to the cops and that’s the reason someone’s Sonic career done got fried. The manager asked around and an employee admitted the pot was in her apron and must of slipped out when she was filling fries orders and into a container that went to fill McFarland’s order. Toasted, roasted, wrapped and delivered to go.

Now, I understand the possible concern that two young kids coulda got hold of a bag that held drugs… let’s face it, pot is a drugn-MARIJUANA-large570 and it is not as innocuous as everyone makes it out to be.  It ain’t no sentence of death or to living a life of crime or whatever else some peeps make it out to be but it is a drug and drugs alter reality when ingested and sometimes can have deleterious effects on a person’s body and mind. It’s got THC… remember? Or, is your short term memory shot?

And, from what I hear, from folks that still smoke, the stuff out there today is way more powerful than the stuff we did back in the day. So, who knows… maybe if they… these little kids… did ingest the drug it coulda caused a bad reaction… no one knows. And, no one needs to know or find out by accident.

So, on one hand it’s not a laughing matter and the fast food worker sorta deserved the canning that she got. If, for no other reason than she was being stupid and probably high while working. And, I’ll be the first to admit I would rather have someone who was high on pot working with me than a lot of other things that they could be high on. But, if, I’m working around hot grease and stuff then I really want someone to be fully aware of reality and in not in some altered state of mind.

But… I gotta say this entire scenario is so ripe for way too many easy one liners. Like… Special orders don’t upset us… Have it your way… Where’s the reef?

4) This is a man who (1) has way too much time on his hands, (2) needs to get over himself and (3) it ain’t all that serious dude if ya never get your Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame that everyone is supposedly due.

There be this guy in Sweden who is so desperate to be noted and known for something that he changed his name so it would be 63 words long. He’s after the longest name, if, you haven’t guessed his goal.

It all started when he was 18… that was when Alexander Ek, first changed his name from his name that was given at birth.

He is now 25, and has changed his name 6 more times. Ready? Here goes… He’s now formally known as Kim-Jong Sexyman-kim-jong-sexy-glorious-beast Glorious Beast Divine Dick Father Lovely Iron Man Even Unique Poh Un Winn Charlie Ghora Khaos Mehan Hansa Kimmy Humbero Uno Master Over Dance Shake Bouti Bepop Rocksteady Shredder Kung Ulf Road House Gilgamesh Flap Guy Theo Arse Hole Im Yoda Funky Boy Slam Duck Chuck Jorma Jukka Pekka Ryan Super Air Ooy Rusell Salvador Alfons Molgan Akta Papa Long Nameh Ek.

He’ll come to the dinner table, or anywhere else for that matter, if you just say… Papah Long Nameh for short.

For this poor dude’s sake… I hope he gets what he desires and his name is declared the longest. I reckon it’s that important to him and what the hell… Go for it, if it’s what rocks your boat. But I just gotta wonder that maybe somebody ought to be hiding that bottle of glug (aka glögg) that the Swedes are kinda know for sipping on occasions. I think the jug maybe just a few liters light.

FYI: Swedes are allowed to change their name once free of charge, then they pay $149 each time afterwards. So, right now, he’s just south of a grand at $894.

Papah Long Nameh? Be happy they don’t charge by the letter.

5) It’s a game but some guy had to take it much more serious than that. He took it very serious as if it was a life determiningRefree_Down_2-665x385 moment… and… now it is all about life.

On Sunday (6/29) a guy was refereeing a soccer game and was punched by a player and was knocked out cold.

On Monday 96/30), it was announced that the same man was seriously injured… critically injured was the official word… he could be left handicapped or worse.

On Tuesday (7/1) police relapsed a report that said the man, John Bieniewicz, 44 had died. Worse had happened.

Bassel Abdul-Amir Saad was bitching about a call the ref had made and in response the ref issued a second major penalty that meant Saad was about to be expelled from the game.

Saad, 36, “allegedly” punched Bieniewicz in the face after he was about to receive his red card.

The official fell to the ground knocked out cold… Saad fled the park before cops arrived.

However, quick thinking players were able to use their cells and got pictures of Saad’s getaway car and its license plate. Using the techno-info, the cops found the car and the driver.ref injured

From there it was just a simple task of due process for Saad to be arrested and arraigned in Livonia District Court on Monday.

He faced a charge of assault with intent to do great bodily harm. His bond was set at $500,000 and he is expected to return to court on July 10. If convicted, he faces 10 years in prison.

Now… it may be a lot more time than that because it just got a lot more serious.

Sports is not life and death… sorry… it just is not. It was never meant to be that way… at least in our supposedly modern times it ain’t. But here we are… a man is dead because another man lost his damn temper and decided his anger was license enough to go and haul off and punch someone into tomorrow… a tomorrow that is now never to come for a man called John.

So… now… Mr. Saad faces being put away for a very long time. Unless some stupid ass judge listens to some fancy pants glib tongued barrister argue his client was adversely affected by a life where he was never taught life is more serious than games or some other sort of stupid gibberish.

But personally, I hope sanity prevails and no one is dumbass enough to fall for some lawyer’s inane legal mumbo jumbo.

Facts is facts and what seems to be factual here is that some jackass lost his temper when he couldn’t get, or do, things his way and thought he could be god and rule over a game with his fists. Then when he wasn’t looking life happened and he took away something that can never be returned… a life.

And, he did it in front of a whole lot of witnesses who sound all too… happy is the wrong word… satisfied… justifiably satisfied to tell what they saw.

6) Okay… by now ya’ll know the Supremes ruled against woman and for men… no… not the singing group you silly geese… the highest court in the land… the Supreme Court.supremes

Ya see, its 9 folks who get their jobs by political and presidential appointment. Which has to go through all sorts of Senate bullspit vetting but once they get “okayed” they are there for life. Only way to get rid of them is if they die, retire or get impeached and thrown off the court. They cannot be fired otherwise. And, they get to decide on a lot of important stuff that really affects our lives.

Now, depending on how that group of folks is comprised… liberals, conservatives, in betweens, or, whatevers … some weird stuff can happen. Sometimes a conservative will switch sides and go with the liberals and sometimes it goeth the other way around. And, when that happens some peeps get all bent out of shape.

But… ya’ll knew that stuff anyway… right? Ya did? Okayyy…

Now… what just went down by this robust and honorable group is this… for certain limited held companies that don’t hold with the idea of providing birth control through the company’s sponsored medical plans based on their personal religious beliefs, now, don’t have to worry about that… they are off the hook. They don’t have to provide or help pay for it. The vote was 5-4.

Now… five conservative justices ruled in favor of closely held for-profit businesses… those with at least 50% of stock held by five or fewer people… not being liable to provide their employees with plans that pay for birth control.

The fearless five essentially accepted the argument that the Affordable Care Act violates the First Amendment and other federal laws protecting religious freedom because it requires them thinkingto provide coverage for contraceptives like the “morning-after pill,” which the companies consider tantamount to abortion.

Okay… but what if my beliefs don’t agree with that position.

Or, as Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who voted “nay”, said… “The exercise of religion is characteristic of natural persons, not artificial legal entities.”

Or… people exercise religious freedoms… individuals… not corporations, even closely-held ones… they don’t exercise religious freedoms.

Okay this ain’t gonna go away and is gonna come back and bite someone in the fanny pack. Believe that… it will come to be. It’s a vey thorny path we just started down, full with all kinds of spooky stuff.

But… grok this… they… the Supremes… did rule in another decision at another time that it was okay for men to get their wee-wees erect so they can go out and potentially impregnate women who now don’t have access to birth control to protect them against an unwanted pregnancy. Maybe unwanted because they can’t afford to have kids?

And, don’t give me that abstinence crapola. It’s “ok” for men to get their jollies off, but,

One point of view...
One point of view…

not women? How the hell is that fair, just, or, right? That’s just a stupid double standard. Men can be sluts but not women? Sorry for being blunt. But, that’s what some of ya’ll reading this are thinking whether you know it or not.

Besides.. why don’t ya ever hear a big cry for men to keep in their pants… zipped so to speak? Yeah… once in awhile ya hear about peps saying men need to be repsosnbile but usually its all on the women.

Got that?

Problem with it?

... and another point of view.
… and another point of view.

Yep, I do… I got a problem with the Supremes deciding what they did… here’s why…  Out of 9 justices 5 voted for the side that “okayed” some limited companies to refuse to pay for birth control. Those 5? Were men appointed by elephant presidents. The dissenting side… the other 4 voters… were donkey approved women and one donkey approved man.

As NYDN writer Linda Stasi says in the today’s (7/2) News… “The bottom line? Insurance companies will pay for impotent men to impregnate women who don’t want to have children but can’t afford birth control.” Her next line is priceless and I wished I had thought of it… (bitc… oh… I can’t say that?)… “Noncompliant females will be stripped of their burqas and stoned to death.”

Look it, everyone has a right to their religious beliefs but you do not have the right to have those religious viewpoints rule my, or anyone elses, life. And, ya know… even Medicare doesn’t provide for Viagra or Cialis or any other dick-hardening substances so why should any other insurance plans be okay with providing that benefit?

It’s okay to use our money to help me get erections but not to protect women from unwanted pregnancies? Really?

Now I got one other thing to add here… most of these religious decisions or trains of beliefs? Where did they all come from?

A long, long, long time ago. And, who created them?

Ummm… men?

That’s right, Sparky!

Look, ya’ll may believe that God somehow came down and inspired those men to write down how He… or She… wants us folks to “worship” Him/Her and how we need to live “good” lives in His/Her image but ya really think having men… just men… men that often think with what’s between their legs instead of what’s inside their skulls… interpret what He/She was saying and meant is a real good thing to have?

Just asking.

7) Ya know… every time I’m just about ready to say old Hillary ain’t that bad… she just has to come out and say some stupidBroken crap that makes me rethink it all over again. This entire prop of her being our president… I mean, does anyone really believe them guys… Hils and Bills… were ever that damn broke at any time? Yeah, they may have had a cash flow problem at one point but so does everyone… from time to time. A little financial finagling and that gets fixed real easy.

But… it musta been tough moving from the Casa Blanca to a deluxe apartment in the sky… OK…it was Chappaqua, NY in sorta tony Westchester County. But…still… not exactly the section 8 housing that you see on the way down to Yankee Stadium. graphic-clinton-0609

I, for one, do not believe the Clintons were anywhere near being broke if ya’ll wants my opinion. No food pantry visits were scheduled at no time. Their mortgage was never in any real danger. No fear of the utilities being shut off.

Sooo… that makes me just think she is just fudging with reality one more time. And, yes, I know if someone is in politics they are liars… it’s a part of the business. Ya can’t lie then ya can’t be a political figure… at least not a successful one.

But, she is so damn obvious … and… about such stupid stuff.

Sorry, Hils… ya’ll be really putting me in a tough spot depending on who all runs for the presidency in the next election but I can’t see myself voting for someone who so obviously keeps saying really dumbass things.

8) Ya’l l really like free enterprise… right? I mean its just great… right?

First… free enterprise is s lot of hooey. Everything is so damn regulated and there is so muchbehind the scenes stuff being done and the money involved…that ys gotta throw around… just t ogetthings done. There is nothing free about free enterprise.

What all be bringing this rant about?

This… Starbucks, just last month, opened a store in Fordham Plaza (Bronx, NY).

So? Who cares?

Welllll… a newsstand in the rear lobby of One Fordham Plaza… supposedly has a mean buttered roll and a very decent, yetcoffee2b-2-web cheap, coffee… is now barred from serving those decent, but cheap, cups of joe.

The office building manager, Tony Wallace, is said to have told the guy who owns the newsstand in the building’s lobby that there is to be no more sales of hot beverages.

Now, when I read the article that relayed this info to me it said neither the owner of the stand or the building manager could be reached for comment but that about 10 people who work in the building, offered, more or less, the same version of what went down.  And, from some accounts the word is that the newsstand owner says his business is down 80% since the ban went into effect on June 13.

Now… a lot of peeps are not happy they can’t get their coffee at the stand and are being “forced” to go to Starbucks… so… office workers in the building are passing around petitions that will be sent to Wallace and One Fordham Plaza LLC asking for the ban to be lifted.

A Starbucks rep says, “Starbucks does not dictate what other stands or locations sell coffee. In fact, Starbucks welcomes competition and has helped to create a market where independent stores and small chains can continue to grow along with Starbucks.”

Fordham Plaza
Fordham Plaza

Now, realize that the 14-story Fordham Plaza tower is home to the offices of the Department of Education, Montefiore Medical Center, NYCHA, and the state’s Department of Human Rights. And, while some folks who work there will probably gladly go to Starbucks, others probably loved the fact that a cheapo and decent cup of coffee was always just a relative few steps away.

Now, it is, in my humblest opinion, disingenuous to not think that building management didn’t say… over a handshake… and in secret… that they would do anything they could to limit any competition. But regardless of what I think… WTF is all the hubbub about?. Some little newsstand is not gonna run Starbucks out of businesses… is it?

Wellll…. maybe… this is Starbucks second shot at doing business in this neighborhood. The first store opened in 1999, only four blocks to the west of the current spot at Fordham Plaza. But, that shop went belly up in 2002. No word if that newsstand was around then… but… obviously… the peeps around back then were not making Starbucks their first choice for “coffee and”.

So, maybe a little grease was applied to some building mangers palm to see what could be done about stacking the deck in Starbucks favor?

The bottom line is this… from a Montefiore employee at Fordham Plaza… “They shouldn’t be able to dictate who I buy my coffee from.”


9 & 10) Now, then I need a little extra room today, so I am deleting one news item and taking up the space  Iusually use for the weeks” gratuitous pics” spot and presenting a World Cup WAGs pictorial… enjoy…

And… you are welcome… EJ…


Aida Yespica, GF of Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari
Aida Yespica, GF of Italian footballer Matteo Ferrari
Melissa Satta wife of Ghanian national Kevin Prince Boateng
Melissa Satta wife of Ghanian national Kevin Prince Boateng
Ann Kathrin is the partner of Germany’s midfielder Mario Gotze
Ann Kathrin is the partner of Germany’s midfielder Mario Gotze
Amra Silajdzic, Bosnia's Edin Dzeko's girlfriend
Amra Silajdzic, Bosnia’s Edin Dzeko’s girlfriend
Bruna Marquezine has been seen with Brazil's Neymar.
Bruna Marquezine has been seen with Brazil’s Neymar.
Sarah Brandner, Germany's Bastian Schweinsteiger's girlfriend
Sarah Brandner, Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger’s girlfriend
Irina Shayk rumored GF of Cristiano Ronaldo
Irina Shayk rumored GF of Cristiano Ronaldo
Jamie Lee Darley USA soccer star Sacha Kljestan’s girlfriend
Jamie Lee Darley USA soccer star Sacha Kljestan’s girlfriend
Lorena Bernal is married to Spanish player Mikel Arteta
Lorena Bernal is married to Spanish player Mikel Arteta
Natalia Velez is linked with Colombian striker Radamel Falcao
Natalia Velez is linked with Colombian striker Radamel Falcao
Sylvie van der Vaart is married to Dutch footballer Rafael Ferdinand.
Sylvie van der Vaart is married to Dutch footballer Rafael Ferdinand.













Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau is married to dutch footballer  Wesley Sneijder
Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau is married to dutch footballer Wesley Sneijder







































































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  2. Those soccer players are lucky bastards. You want to get American boys serious about soccer? Show them those ladies, and say if you really get good you’re going to have one of them too. Good lord I bet it works.

    Also, that Swede who changed his name sounds kind of cool. I’d have gone with Kim-Jong Sexy for short instead of Papah Long Nameh, but to each their own.

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