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This week we have the panel doing their version of “Take It or Leave It”. If they agree with the statement they will “Take It” as the truth. If they don’t, well you get the idea. We will suggest to them a scenario or situation and they will give you their opinion on the topic.

So let’s get it started.

1. Casey McGehee leads all 3rd basemen in the NL in Batting Average, RBIs and OBP. He is not even in the top five of the ASG voting. However, he WILL make the roster under the manager selection or Final Vote. Take it or Leave It?


ARCHIE: I will take it. I do believe he will be selected for the bench as an All Star this year. Heaven knows he has earned it playing on a team with not much else going for them.

JOE: Take it. It has always been my feeling that the All-star game is, or should be, based on what the player does in the first half. Whether McGehee continues on whatever pace got him to this point or not… I tend to believe he’ll fade… his first half numbers should dictate he gets his deserved spot on the roster.

STEPHAN: Leave It. As good as a season as Casey McGhee is having. He does not have the name recognition to get in. While it should be, the All Star Game does not seem to reward those with great statistics, only who the superstars are, or were.

SANDY: Take it (He should be on the team)





2. Evan Gattis leads ALL catchers with 16 homeruns this year and he has missed the last four games due to back injury. Even if he is returns healthy by the AS break, he will NOT be selected to the NL team. Take it or Leave It?


ARCHIE: I will take it. Gattis was sent to the DL only an hour after I sent this the issues out. However, even if he comes back I do not think he will get selected for the bench. It is just something that tells me he is not favored among the other coaches well enough to get the nod over Molina or Posey.

JOE: Leave it. He will be selected. Then a replacement player will need to be selected in his place because he will be on the DL

STEPHAN: Leave it. He won’t start, because of Molina, but I think Gattis will get in either on fan vote, or will be selected by Mike Matheny. He is slowly becoming a name and a star for the Braves.

SANDY: Take it (Probably wouldn’t play coming off the DL)







3. The Milwaukee Brewers second baseman “Scooter” Gennett is nowhere to be found on the AS voting; however he leads all NL 2nd basemen in BA, SLG and OPS. The fact he plays in the shadows of Lucroy, Gomez, Ramirez and Braun will keep him out of the summer classic. Take it or Leave it?


ARCHIE: I have to take this as well. Each team having to be represented and the fact that the other four mentioned players are all racing well in the ballot will leave him unmentioned. He will not make the AS team.

JOE: Leave it… I don’t think his teammate’s shadows have anything to do with anything as far as being on the All-star team. He may not get enough fan votes but if he has those types of numbers then the selection peeps have to include him on the roster. I believe he will be on the roster.

STEPHAN: Leave it. I think by playing the shadows will actually help Gennett. The Brewers are one of the best teams in baseball right now, and people are starting to tune in to watch guys like Braun, Ramirez, Gomez, not to mention their outstanding starting pitching. I think if he continues to produce, then he may have a legitimate shot. I won’t say that he will get in, but the Brewers’ stars will not keep him out.

SANDY: Take it






4. IF Jose Abreu played for either the Yankees or Red Sox, he would be leading the AS ballot for the AL 1st baseman. Take it or Leave it?


ARCHIE: I definitely have to take this as well. The team he plays for is the only reason he is not leading the voting for his position this year. If everyone remembers the big stink Puig voters made last year is just a reminder of what the market they play for can accomplish. If Abreu was the starting 1st Baseman for either the Yankees, Red Sox, or Dodgers he would be leading the voting by a landslide.

JOE: Take it… sort of… being a team in major market, especially a team like the Yanks or the Red Sox certainly can be a difference in being voted onto a team or not.

STEPHAN: Leave it. People love when Rookies have awesome seasons. Take Pujols back in 2000, and Trout just a few years ago. Abreu is no different. It is not like he plays in a small market. Chicago fans can vote just as easily as Boston and New York fans. Plus, I think people tend to vote against Boston and New York more so now than before.

SANDY: Take it


5. Derek Jeter is leading the SS position for the AL voting due to his pending retirement this year. Take it or Leave it?


ARCHIE: I find myself taking this as well. His reputation and the fact he plays for the Yankees, and this is his announced final year, fans are giving him the vote.

JOE: Take it. It is what it is. I don’t necessarily like it because I think All-star selection should be based on production in the first half (remember my first answer?) but peeps are voting for him because he is who he is and it’s his last year. What should be done is that he be given a special selection waiver, be given his moment of honor, and, maybe, even be allowed an at bat. Then, go sit on the bench. And, let someone who deserves the spot play in the game.

STEPHAN: Well lets make it a clean sweep. Leave it. Jeter has absolutely no business PLAYING in the All Star game never mind starting. But he will get in, and he will start. However it is purely a popularity choice. This happened with Cal Ripken in his retirement year. He was selected to the All Star game. If I remember correctly, he hit a Home Run in the game. But I don’t think he really deserved to be in the game.

SANDY: Take it (..but he’s not an all-star this year)

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