Game Review: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow


aria3Game: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Platform: Gameboy Advance
Type of Game: Action
Beaten? Yes

Sound: Pretty standard soundtrack for a 2D Castlevania game anywhere from the classic orchestral pieces to the upbeat boss battle music
Graphics: Pretty decent graphics for a Gameboy Advance game. Definitely one of the noteworthy games for this little handheld system.

Pro: Good old classic Castlevania beat em up action with the ability to change your characters weapon from swords to spears, even guns. Definitely a strech from the classic games whip wielder.

Con: Annoying soul capture system during gameplay. In order to get new special abilities for your main character you have to kill enemies and capture their souls. Sadly this can become annoying really fast as some souls will not drop unless you’ve killed about 1000 of the same enemy.

Replayability: Only real replayability in it is going back and collecting whatever souls or items you missed while playing, or rebeating just to watch the alternate endings. Also not to mention the secret characters you can play as after beating it.




Recommendation: If you have a Gameboy Advance or plan on getting one in their near future, then I definitely recommend adding this to your collection.

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