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SNL CastSaturday Night Live has been on the air for longer than most writers on this website have been alive, and while most people seem to have their own favorite casts and characters, so I got to thinking, If we put together an All-Time cast, who would we put together?

Now being SNL, we have to fill in some slots- so we have not only a great cast, but a cast where we can do any character we want without having Finesse Mitchell do Obama.

So here are the parameters.
7 People (Have to have been people on the show- don’t pick Charlie Chaplin or someone like that)

The list of qualities our cast must have:
2 Women
3 Dead People
1 Racial Minority
1 former cast member that has never came back and hosted
1 former host that was never a member

One person can fill multiple spots.

Don't expect to see many of these people
Don’t expect to see many of these people
I.E Gilda would cover Woman/Dead/Former Cast Member
add in Janet Jackson and you get Female/Woman/Minority/the host, never a member ,
add John Belushi & Chris Farley for dead and then you have all the criteria, now you can add 3 more people since all the criteria have been completed.

We had thought of doing this as a draft, but decided early on against it.

So enjoy, As Lady Jane, Zach and myself present our All-Time SNL Cast.


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  1. I have to say that I wanted to add Mike Myers to my list for his work as the host-ess of Koffee Klatch and as Wayne in Wayne’s World, but figured I’d have to find room for Dana (Garth) Carvey and I can’t stand Dana Carvey.

    Gilda and John–RIP.

    This was fun to do and fun to read. Thanks for letting me take part.

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