Top 10 NBA free agents

LeBron Knicks1-LeBron James.

Was there any question who was going to be #1?

Fuck no. He’s the best player on the planet and there’s only a handful of teams he wouldn’t make an instant contender (Milwaukee, Detroit, Orlando, Philadelphia, Boston, Sacramento, and the Los Angeles Lakers). He’s a scorer, rebounder, playmaker, and a heck of a defender. He’s the total package when you think of the perfect basketball player.


Melo2-Carmelo Anthony.

Say what you will about Melo, he’s a ballhog, he’s selfish…bottom line is he’s one of the best pure scorers in the game behind just Kevin Durant and James. It could even be argued he’s as good a scorer as James, but for arguments sake I’ll say he’s the third-best. He’s capable of putting up 30 points per game and that’s no easy task.


Eric Bledsoe3-Eric Bledsoe.

Bledsoe is a superstar waiting to happen. Bledsoe can push the ball up the court, he can score and he’s a very good defender. He’d be a great fit on the Los Angeles Lakers or even to stay in Phoenix.


Bosh vs Noah4-Chris Bosh.

Despite his struggles in the playoffs, Bosh is still an excellent big man. He can score, rebound and play solid defense. He may be tempted to leave and be the big fish in a small pond….or he may stay in South Beach.

Dirk5-Dirk Nowitzki.

Dirk isn’t going anywhere, he’ll retire a Maverick and he’ll probably take less than he could make so Dallas can bring in some help, but he’s still a clutch player and assassin.

1379964769_dwayne-wade-gabrielle-union-zoom6-Dwayne Wade.

Wade certainly had his struggles with a gimpy knee in the playoffs and will never be the same player he once was, but he’s still a solid 3rd option on a championship caliber team.

Kyle Lowry7-Kyle Lowry.

Lowry is expected to stay in Canada with the Raps allegeldy offering him 14.5 million per season to be their starting point guard of the present and future. Lowry’s play was a huge reason Toronto made the playoffs and they battled the Brooklyn Nets tooth and nail before losing.

You want me to go where?

8-Pau Gasol.

Gasol isn’t the same player he was when he was helping the Lakers win NBA titles, but he’s a smart and saavy player who would be a perfect fit next to Tim Duncan in San Antonio. He can score, he can rebound and he’s a very good passer. His defense isn’t that great, it’s pretty bad actually, but he’s still a good all-around player.

Gordon Heyward9-Gordon Heyward.

The Phoenix Suns are reportedly going to offer him a max deal and that leaves me shaking my head. He’s a very good player and versatile, but he’s not exactly a player they can build around, he just isn’t worth a max contract. But, they may have to overpay to get a player. Phoenix isn’t exactly an ideal destination and Melo and James are both longshots to land in the Valley of the Sun.

Chandler Parsons10-Chandler Parsons.

Parsons is an excellent shooter and capable of playing either small forward or the stretch-four. Mike D’Antoni would have visions of sugar plums dancing through his dreams to have Parsons as his starting power forward. He upped his game in the playoffs (19.3ppg as opposed to 16.6 during the regular season) and showed he can play when it matters.

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