NBA Free Agency 2014 : Where They SHOULD Go

Alright, folks I’m back with another stint on NBA Free Agency 2014 : Where They SHOULD Go. In case you missed last year’s fun, check it out here! We’ve got a HUGE free-agency class in stock and we are locking down our picks for where some of the most notable free-agents SHOULD go, and where he will probably go. It’s all coming up next, so keep on…clickin’ on!







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  1. Wanna know where I would like to see Carmelo? Oklahoma. Won’t ever happen, but, hey, it would be a very interesting situation if somehow the Thunder could pull it off.

  2. Chandler Parsons as a Laker makes a ton of sense. I understand the Lakers have to do their due diligence in regards to Carmelo and LeBron, but I do hope they get a chance to make an offer for Parsons before someone beats them to it.

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