NBA Roundtable: 6/26 Edition

Welcome to the NBA Roundtable! Due to all the Draft Stuff, we are a few days behind, and thats totally my fault, but this week I am joined by EJ, as we go Mano-a-Mano and talk Duncan, LeBron, Embiid and should Golden State be pushing in its chips? NBA Roundtable Logo


1. Duncan has exercised his player option for 10.3M. Considering how small a market San Antonio’s market his, how underpaid has Duncan been in his career?

EJ: Duncan clearly has been underpaid in relation to his talent and his accomplishments, but this is clearly what Timmy wanted. Duncan had the opportunity years ago to take the big money offered by the Orlando Magic and join Grant Hill in free agency but he turned it down. Not every player desires the major market and the most bucks. In a time where most are going after Kobe Bryant for taking huge money and limiting the Lakers chances at rebuilding, it’s refreshing to see a star like Duncan taking enough to make him happy, and still giving his franchise the cap space to keep building.

David: I think that by the time Duncan is done, he will have only made half of what he should have made, if only he could have maximized every singe damn dime he could have, you know like Karl Malone or Danny Manning or  . . .everyone that ever played in New York. Good thing they all have that money to keep them warm at night, poor Timmy has to warm his hands over the shine of all those rings.

2. % chance LeBron and Bosh are playing in different cities next year.Bosh LeBron

EJ: 5%. I don’t see Chris Bosh leaving Miami. He loves the City, the City loves him, and as I read recently in an in depth ESPN profile on Chris, he likes the fact that it’s near his wife’s native Venezuela, and gives Chris a chance to use his growing comfort in speaking Spanish, allowing him to be marketed in Latin America. So, I think Chris stays. I honestly believe LeBron stays too, but I’ll open the floor up to 5% because you never know with LeBron. As far as his legacy, staying in Miami is the correct thing to do, but LeBron is so ring focused, he may honestly believe that he can’t get it done anymore with Dwyane and Chris, and look for what he perceives to be greener pastures.

David: 0%. Chris Bosh has kinda settled into his prime and his role, and much like Pau Gasol, no one is going to expect him to be the number 1 guy on a title team. I think he stays with LeBron, since they do work well together, and lets face it, would you rather be LeBron’s number 2 or Kevin Love at this point? I’ll be honest- If I have to pay Melo 19 or Bosh 15, LeBron should take Bosh and the cap space for a backup.

3. Is Blatt a good hire?David Blatt

EJ: I like the fact that Blatt isn’t a retread but I’m not sure on this hire. Blatt has experience with his time coaching in Europe and the Middle East but he hasn’t been a part of the NBA game. He has proven he can coach overseas, but coaching the Cavs could be a different animal. This is a team in flux, and it’s owner is a constant meddler. Can Blatt handle the locker room turmoil, and a meddling boss? I don’t know.

David: I think its well worth the risk, the guys won everywhere he’s gone, and the players all loved him, let keep in mind the Great Philbo came from the old minor leagues as well, I am a bit suprized that a team with more of a international flavor wouldn’t be the one to give him a shot- like Denver.

4. How far does Embiid slide?JEmbiid

EJ: No lower than the Boston Celtics at #6. With two first round picks, Danny Ainge can gamble on Embiid if he falls into his lap, but I don’t think Embiid gets that far. I still see Embiid wearing a Cleveland Cavaliers hat at the end of the day. The Cavs won’t take him #1, but I think it’s in the Cavs best interest to pull off a draft night trade with either Philadelphia (so they can get Wiggins at #1) or with Utah (so they can get Parker or Wiggins at #1), pick up some assets that can help now and still get their man in Embiid a few picks later.

David: To the first team with a confident medical staff. If I’m the Suns, I do whatever I can to get this guy. They heal everyone. I don’t see him getting past Boston either- but they won’t get the chance, since someone will auction the pick after the other big 3 are gone.

5. Are the Warriors looking to make too big a jump too soon?Golden State Warriors

EJ: No. Of course not. The San Antonio Spurs may be the Champions, but their window has to close eventually. If the Warriors are making a move for Kevin Love, now is the time to make it. The Warriors are locked into a tight group with the Spurs, Clippers, Thunder, and the Rockets as teams who could land the number 1 seed in the West next year. In order to stand out they have to make one more big move to play alongside Curry, Bogut, and Iguodala. Is that landing Love? Making a run at Carmelo? Shoring up their bench? Who knows, but they have to make it in order to seperate themselves from the pack.

David: Normally, yes, but in today’s NBA, no. You can’t wait until your guy has a year left on his contract, now you have to worry about him 2 years before. Usually, you want to see if Klay and Curry can jell, but today? We gotta build and try and get to the Final Four today!

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