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joe11) Personally, I don’t have a problem with folks naming, or calling, their teams after certain ethnic groups of folks… How’s that?

Well lately, there is lot of hoopla revolving around this especially as regards to certain teams that have names that are related to the indigenous people of America… the various Indian nations that existed before we almost eradicated them from the face of the earth. So, if anyone cares… I don’t care what you call your team and if ya’l l wants to use an American Indian as the face of, or for your, team then knock the old socks off your toesies.

Just do it with some respect.

I got no problem with Cleveland calling their team the Indians but that stupid looking logo they call an Indian is really racist and demeaning. I mean, let’s face it, if, somehow some why acceptableteam were to call their team the Cleveland Negros or the Cleveland Picannies, or, maybe the Fetchits ya think peeps might be a tad offended? Especially, given some of the cartoonish and ignorant illustrations that usally accompanied those just mentioned terms?


... but this would be unacceptable?
… but this would be unacceptable?

Or… maybe a team in New York called the NY Jews… or the Hasidics… or Hebes?

Or… in San Francisco, one called the Chinamen… or Chinks?


Or…  maybe in Washington… a team called the Redskins? Oh… wait… there is a team called the Redskins… humph. Ya’ll know what a redskin is? Indian scalp… And ya’ll know here that came from?Scalping.jpg1

Comes from when the government paid for each Indian that was killed back in early days of our country. Instead of carrying the bodies they would take the scalps to prove they had murdered a native American.

So… what was that all about how the term “Redskin” is really not an offensive term and is actually a tribute to the noble “Redman”?

Just asking is all.

Like I said early on… I got no problem with certain teams being called certain terms as long as it’s done with respect.

Don’t see anything respectful about naming a team after some poor dead man’s scalp… dead dried moldering skin and hair. Do you?

2) Monday the newswires were carrying a story about the musician that goes by the name Sting… Sting is worth a cool $306 million. But some wags were saying maybe he should be called Sting-y. Why’s that you say? It might be because the news wires were stating that his progeny ain’t gonna get a freaking thing… not one cent… one dam sou… nada… nothing from his millions when he goes and gives up the ghost… kicks the old bucket and says sayonara and adios to this cruel hard world. Sting

In his own words, Sting said the wealth… his millions… would be “albatrosses” around the necks of his six children. He also added that “There won’t be much money left because we are spending it!”

Now hear this… I got no problem with his words and I see them as being very far from him being stingy. He made that money and it’s his to do with as he sees fit. If, he feels like spending it foolishly then that’s his to do. If, he wants to give it away, well then, that’s his right to do, also. And if, he wishes to do anything in between… then, that too, is his to do as he sees fit.

Those kids did nothing to earn that money except to be the fortunate result of daddy and mommy conjoined together at the loins and a short shot in the dark so to speak. And, for that they are entitled to not one penny of Sting’s hundreds of millions of dollars.

So Sting, baby, go and spend it if you want… not that you need my permission to do it.

The thing is… as I have already said… he made that money and those kids… all six of them… need to go out and make their own money now.

Sting knows all about hard work… he was the eldest of four who grew up the son of a hairdresser and a milkman in a very working class environment… the shipyards of Wallsend. He found his love of music early on when a friend of his pop left behind a guitar. He practiced as often as he could… whenever he could… as he worked as a bus conductor, a laborer and a tax collector before he earned a teacher certificate and taught for two years after that. Then he went out to try his hand at being a musician. Arguably, he could be called a success at that job… a $300 million plus success. The point being he worked for what he got and he now wants to instill that ethic into his children. For that he deserves kudos and not a lecture from some press idjits and being called stingy.

I see nothing wrong with that lesson that he seems to be trying to teach his kids. But so what? They still have the security blanket there, if, they ever need it? Yeah… they sorta do as even his Stingness says, “Obviously, if they were in trouble I would help them…”

But, it’s not about security blankets, or, whether, he is being stingy, or, whether, kids deserve inheritances… it’s all about realizing that it’s your own personal work that is what makes you the person that you are and what you are to be.

Here’s the rub… it was once explained to me like this… You go buy a scratch off ticket… you hit for $1000… How fast does that money slip through your hands? It’s found money. Although, most peeps say “Heck, I’m gonna spend this wisely”, before they realize it, its somehow gone. Maybe not spent on clubbing and partying or getting high or anything like that… maybe in a way that would be called responsible… but still it winds up being spent a lot faster than you thought it would be spent. The point being it’s found money. And, it’s way easy to spend.

However, if you worked hard for that money… all week long… put in the time… maybe worked some 10 hour days… at the end of the week, on pay day, got a check for $1,000. How do you think you will spend that money? A tad more stingily?

I bet  a lot more carefully…in fact… I bet every last cent is accounted for and then totaled in your brain and what it’s going for. Why? You had to work for it. It means that much more to you. You earned that money.

So, the lesson is that Sting’s… and others like him… approach is that hard work pays off. It isn’t about your access to wealth… it’s not even your brains or smarts… it’s your effort; it’s your attitude toward working at your craft and making it pay off. It’s earning your way and contributing to making this world a better place, even if, it’s just being the best street sweeper you can be; being the best teacher; best cop or best scientist or best whatever. It’s doing whatever it is you choose to do and really working at it to be a success. Nothing is given; you earn it.

So, maybe instead of calling Sting stingy it might be better if those shallow scribes held him up as an example of what a dad should be like… especially rich dads. Might be a nice thing if a lot of other folks who got big bucks did the same. Imagine a world with a lot less stories about the Kardashians and the Hiltons and how they be spending their parents wealth. Might be sorta nice to pick up the paper and see stories of what folks were doing to make this world a better place rather than just figuring out new ways to spend lots of money and becoming stupid headlines due to their lame behavior.

So, hopefully, because of Sting we wind up with 6 less spoiled brats in this world and 6 more folks who can contribute to being responsible members of society who ultimately will pass along the lessons that their dad taught them to heir own children down the line.

3) Great balls of fire and holy damn and tarnation ya’ll. If you told me at any time what-so-ever that me and Senator Rand Paul would ever agree on anything that amounted to more than a hill of beans I would have said I’ll give you a million that you would have been wrong. Ok, ok ok… I’d would never do such a dumbass thing because I happen to subscribe to he theory… or is it the principle?… any way… that anything is possible and if I bet agin it then it will happen!

Still… the fact is that me and Paul agreeing on anything is such an outlandish thing I would have wagered a fancy steak andpaul_jpg lobster dinner that we could never, ever, see eye to eye on anything of any consequence. Yet there he was, just the other day, saying about American involvement in Iraq… in a diametrical opposition to neocon darling Dick Cheney… “You have to ask yourself, are you willing to send your son, am I willing to send my son, to retake back a city, Mosul that they weren’t willing to defend themselves? I’m not willing to send my son into that mess. Obviously, we have the military might and power. But the country as a whole has to decide, do we want to send 100,000 troops in? Are we willing to have 4,500 young Americans die to save a city like Mosul that the Shiites won’t even save, that they have fled?”

Well, hot damn, I reckon I gotta get to 228 West 52nd Street and order me a porterhouse steak dinner at Gallagher’s.

Of course those words from Paul prompted Cheney to say… “Rand Paul, with all due respect, is basically an isolationist. He doesn’t believe we ought to be involved with that part of the world.” Cheney also added… “I was a strong supporter then (back when he and the Bushman were in power) of going into Iraq… I’m a strong supporter now. Everybody knows what my position is. There’s nothing to be argued about there. But if we spend our time debating what happened 11 or 12 years ago, we’re going to miss the threat that is growing and that we do face.”

OKaaayyy… let’s forget all about the crap you and Bush done told us to get the US to invade a country that didn’t do squat to usIs-Today-GOP-Foreign-Policy-More-Paul (at least according to the evidence at hand, they did not) and got a majority of us hoodwinked… the liberal press and liberal politicians included… into thinking invading Iraq and remaking a foreign government was an honorable thing to do. Let’s forget that Iraq had nothing to do with an invasion of our country by terrorists and an attack upon our people. Let’s forget the subterfuge and the fact that you made bunches of dollars based onthat subtrefuge because you were able to get America to invade Iraq and thousands of young Americans died directly due to your lying about weapons of mass destruction being Iraq.

But let me ask… is it ever gonna be okay to debate anything when all is said and done and we go back into Iraq and lose another fine group of young Americans? How many more thousands will be dead for what?

Nothing is what… because if it happened before… them peeps in Iraq just going all hellacious like and returning to fighting amongst themselves… what makes anyone think any amount of weaponry, money or feets on the ground will change anything in Iraq now? By what logic does anyone think that possible? Just asking…

Now… hold onto your chairs my fine feathered friends… because Paul got one other thing to say… that I just might happen to side with… “I don’t blame President Obama. Maybe there is no solution (to the Iraq situation).”

Just like there never was a solution back when Bush and Cheney led us by our noses right smack dab into another big muddy war all those years ago.

Humph… Strange days are definitely coming ahead and down the pike if the two of us can see eye to eye on stuff. Very strange days indeed. Dogs and cats doing it in the streets type stuff.

4) I was looking for something last week in the New York Magazine website and I came upon this article from June 2nd… “Saintly New Yorker Pays for Homeless Man’s Funeral”

The writer of the article goes on say that the article is a reminder “… that not everyone in New York City besides you is terrible…”

The writer adds that the woman, a banker on the Upper East Side, got to know a homeless man who slept in the vestibule of the bank for 11 years… she would wake the dude up daily and by the sweet by and by he and she got sorta friendly like. He even starts calling her “sis”. Then he died… and when she discovered he had no next of kin “…she paid for his burial rather than let him end up in a public cemetery.”

Then this writer writes the following words… “Don’t take this as an accusation but … What have you ever done?” judging-others-300x225

And, I mean… I mean… what have I ever done? You mean to say you got the damn gall to ask me what have I ever done to be of service to anyone???? And, then have the audacity to say it’s not an accusation??? Not… an… accusation??? Then how exactly am I supposed to take those words? As soon as you said don’t take this as an accusation you were accusing me and everybody else you directed your… well… your accusation upon.

And if it be known, off the top of head I done a lot but ya know what??? It’s none of your damn business what I done and I intend to just keep it that way.

But, the chutzpah of this damn writer to even dare to ask anyone what they have done is beyond the pale. Who… or what… gives them the right to go around challenging anybody on whether they have, or have not, done any good deeds?

Judge not lest ye be judged… my friend… judge ye not lest ye be…

5) Wanna a good reason not to over indulge by more than few drinks or so? Here’s a thing to keep in mind… this Louisiana dude was obviously a tad on the way over the limit side of inebriation. Why I say that? Well… because he… our hero… and some friends are driving down a road; spot this 11 foot gator on the roadway; throw some t-shirts over the gator eyes and thengator24n-3-web this guy… who is definitely the drinking version of being one toke over the line… tries to pull the gator… all 11 feet of this strong and big ass reptilian behemoth… by its tail off the road.

The gator says essentially says “fuck off” … and thinks… WTF… wanna play? Well, play with my freaking jaws as they be clamping down on your offending hand that be grabbing at my ass end.

Now, there are peeps out there who spend their lives studying various wild life forms and that means some of them peeps spend time studying on creatures like the 11 foot gator involved with this here story. And, during the process of studying on gators some of these peeps get to wondering about stuff like how powerful are a gator’s jaws when it decides to take a chunk out of whatever it decides it wants for dinner on any given day. So, they got this pole that is designed to measure an animal’s bite pressure… they get the gator to chomp down on it; it leaves bite marks and somehow they use those marks to figure out how many pounds of pressure are applied when it closes it jaws down on prey… or, in this situation being discussed… an offending arm and hand.

One test using a 12 foot crocodile… I reckon that’s close enough for government crocodile-bite-test-strength-measured_work, as well as, our purposes… found the creature’s bite force was equal to 2,500 pounds of pressure. By contrast, when someone like us humans bite done on a hunk of meat we usually apply about 150 to 200 pounds of pressure. So, we be talking about some mighty big pressure here.

To put that into some perspective… go tie a rope onto a pickup truck and then hold the end of the rope. Now, have someone drive the truck away as you hold that rope… yeah, that type of pressure.

Got all that?

Back to our drunk dumbass… somehow the dude actually got his hand out from the gator’s jaws and skedaddled his ass out of there. Eventually, made it to a hospital ER… 80 stitches.

With some amazing keen insight into the obvious observations skills, he later told a local TV station, “I’ve always been the kind of guy who learns the hard way.”

Ya think? 

Maybe 80 stitches and whatever scar will be left over will be enough to remind him how stupid dumbass stuff can happen when alcohol is involved, and, if, he is going down the road and sees a gator trying to get to the other side of that road… drive around the damn thing and leave well enough alone.

6) I got something I gotta get off my chest… I guess, I need to vent as some folks is fond of saying these days… so a venting I am going. 

The other day… well… almost every day, in fact… I’m driving down the highway… traffic is not real heavy… guy next to me puts on his signal light to turn into my lane. Now mind you, he’s almost right along side of me… barely a car length in front of my vehicle and in the next lane over… then he starts pulling over. Sooo… I gotta slow down… a lot… not slamming on my brakes type of slowing down but decidedly slower than the speed at which I was going. Needles to say… I flipped him the bird. 

My problem? Look it, I applaud the guy for using a signal because usually too many idiots out there just pull over without even using a signal… which is simply asinine for whole bunches of reasons I don’t think I need to even get into because they are that damn obvious why a driver should not do that. So, at least this dude used his signal… however… YOU STILL NEED TO LOOK BEFORE YOU JUST PULL OVER INTO THE NEXT LANE THAT SOMEONE ELSE IS DRIVING WITHIN!!!!! car-crash

See, there is this law in physics that says two damn objects cannot occupy the same space without something drastic occurring. And, if, there isn’t a specific law saying that… well, there should be. It’s common sense in my book.

The other guy is driving about two tons of metal and plastic and whatever other materials that are in his vehicle, and, I am driving the same… more or less. If, he tries moving over into the space I occupy, or that within seconds I am about to occupy, then, I need to drastically alter my speed and maybe the direction that I am travelling or we are gonna have an accident…. which in my view is really an on purpose. Why? Because the other driver purposefully drove into my space without considering the logical consequences of his stupidity of assuming that I would, or even could, slow down to allow him to pull in front of me. 

Simply put, the other guy cannot… at least not safely… just pull over without making someone… namely me… needing to drastically decelerate. And, this is not even taking into consideration that there are probably other vehicles involved… like all the other drivers behind me… that will also have to drastically need to decelerate. And, with all the dumbasses out here texting, putting on makeup or doing whatever instead of what they should be doing… like freaking paying attention to what the hell they are doing… which is operating tons of machinery that can easily be turned into a killing machine if the proper care is not taken. 

Okay… I be done. Just be careful out there when ya’ll be driving… it’s a jungle out here and it can eat you alive if you don’t pay attention.

7) Here’s another genius in making… Wonder why the legal system seems al lscrewed up sometimes? Try grokking this…

Back in 2012, a 21-year old Montana man got pinched for stealing a BB gun and then going on a shooting rampage wherein he, and a codefendant, shot out the windows of 100 cars. He eventually got sentenced to 10 years time with 5 years suspended and was ordered to pay folks for the damage he caused… about $13,000.

Now, for whatever reason… my guess is someone wanted to know why he was taking so long to make restitution to peeps…Judge Baugh he was before Judge G. Todd Baugh who asked him what he was doing to make good on his debt. The dude said he was working at Burger making $9.50 an hour and paying what he could.

The judge’s response? “Why can’t you get a real job?”

Look it the dude screwed up… he’s doing the best he can. And, I gotta say I don’t like judging without knowing the entire story but I am gonna guess this dude was not the smartest or brightest guy in his high school graduation class.

I mean look it what he got busted for.

Now… like I said I don’t know all the info regarding the case but going on appearances that’s not exactly the brightest thing to get busted for… and .. that sentence… come on… who was his lawyer Mickey Mouse, or, maybe, Goofy? 10 years for essentially what was vandalism?

Any way… Burger King is either all he could get because that’s what fits his abiltities or there ain’t nothing else around, or, some combo of the two circumstances… either way… he is working and he is making restitution. So, cut him some slack and try showing some compassion, your honor.

Oh, wait a mo… this is the same dirt bag that is facing public censure and a suspension from the bench because he said a 14-year-old rape victim appeared “older than her chronological age.”

What I gotta ask is… why is he still in a court room presiding over cases? He should be told to take a time out until a final decision is rendered on the charges he is facing.

Case closed.

 8) Saw this on the wire service yesterday (6/24)… Johnny Rhoda, Republican chairman of the 2nd Congressional District in Arkansas, when asked what he thought about the type of reception that Hillary Clinton would get if she campaigned for the presidency in Arkansas… “Probably get shot at the state line… nobody has any affection for her. The majority don’t.”

ArkansasNow first off… did this fellow not engage his brain before he spoke? In these times when all kinds of folks are being shot and there are all kinds of gun violence and all kinds of nutcases out there… he really suggested that she could get shot? Now, do I believe for a second he is advocating for someone shooting Hillary… nope, I am not but still…

Second… he makes this comment despite a poll that says Hills leads all elephant candidate possibilities except the state’s former governor, Mike Hukabee. Yeah, the poll was by a Democrat leaning group but still… don’t sound like a lot of folks be hating on her all that much to me.

And, it’s true that she does owe some of the good will due to her relationship to another former Arkansas Governor… her hubby Bill… but, I mean, all in all… no matter how you roll the dice it still don’t sound like she is all that disliked in Arkansas when all things are considered.

So, this guy really thinks peeps would be out gunning for her? Figuratively speaking, of course! Again… where was this guy’s brain? Or, was it a case of him having two brains? One’s lost and the other is out looking for the lost one.

9) Is this a sign of the time or of the coming apocalypse …

"Like a Rolling Stone" draft... worth $2 million plus?
“Like a Rolling Stone” draft… worth $2 million plus?

In today’s (6/25) NYDN there is a story that says a draft of Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone,” sold, on Tuesday, for $2 million

which is being called new record for a popular music manuscript.

According to the auction house Sotheby’s’, “(it is) the only known surviving draft of the final lyrics for this transformative rock


The draft is written in pencil on four sheets of hotel letterhead stationery with revisions, additions, notes and doodles.



10) This week’s gratuitous pics…rosie h










Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (27) is an English model and actress


rosie_huntington_hot_pics_rosie strawberry











EXCLUSIVE: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Shopping For A Bed At Hastens















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  1. Great stuff as always.

    I’m not a fan of Rosie. I think you finally found a woman I’m not crazy over.

  2. Interesting news item out today… some group is suing the Indians for $9billion (Ithink thats what the number was) because of their logo.

  3. Judge G. Todd Baugh will be retiring at the end of this year (2014). Why he wasn’t just pulled off the Bench and kicked out of the Courthouse I’ll never know. He sentenced the vandal to 10 years with 5 suspended yet sentenced Cherice’s rapist teacher to a suspended sentence with 30 days served. If I were the D.A. I’d go back over all the cases this judge presided over to see if he was always like this or if maybe he’s showing signs of dementia.

  4. Bad thing is, he gets to retire with full benifits.
    You can’t retry the rapist, since that’s double jeopardy

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