NBA Mock Draft: Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our NBA Mock Draft!NBA Draft

Here at 7poundbag, we love the draft. We love arguing picks, we love the wish-lists, and we love looking back and bragging on how we did. The hardest two parts of any draft predictions, are: 1) the trades, and 2) all it takes is one idiot to blow it up.

The Rules: So for this one we split up the NBA with EJ, Zach, and David each taking 2 divisions Much like our NFL MOCK We declared no trades, you have to pick where you are. EJ has the Atlantic and Central, Zach the Pacific and Southwest and David the Southeast and Northwest.

Part One is Here


Denver Nuggets Zach LaVine PG
David: I want to see what a GOOD coach can do with this kid. Athletic, and QUICK. Sounds like another PG I have on the team- but this guy is a bit taller, he does tend to get on bad shooting streaks and doesn’t drive with reckless abandon, so he might not ever shoot a Free Throw in the NBA. He’s raw as Hell though, but if he learns from Lawson and coaching, he could be a star – just in time to leave Denver for Miami or the Lakers.

Zach: Agreed. The kid is a good backup point guard pick, but will his talent transfer to potential? Learning from Brian Shaw should help his career immensely, but will raw talent transfer to a starting job or will he be doomed to the bench? An interesting pick, to say the least.

EJ: I like this pick. LaVine is raw, so it’s going to take time but he’s super athletic, and you just can’t pass up on a 6’6″ ball handler. He should learn a lot from Ty Lawson and from head coach Brian Shaw.

orlando-magic-alternate-logo-2-primary Nik Stauskas SG
David:I have my backcourt with Exum and Nik. Problem is defense is going to be an ongoing problem. Good news? 44% from 3. Just keep saying that. 44% from 3. At worst I have a gunner off the bench, at worst I have a guy I can try in a 3 guard offense that is going to BOMB from 3. Would you take Steve Kerr at 12? He’s not as bad defensively as he looks, and does protect the ball pretty well.

Zach: I’m choosy about this pick. Stauskas can shoot, no doubt. But the backcourt is now becoming a little loaded and where Nik fits isn’t exactly known. Could he start in the NBA? I have my reservations with his defensive skill-set, but think he would fit nicely as a set-up shooter (Korver, Miller, Allen). All in all, I would give a thumbs down to the pick. Frontcourt needs some help with viable options still on the board.

EJ: I like Stauskas but I question the fit here. Taking Exum earlier, and now Stauskas here, you have taken two guards and you already have last year’s pick in Oladipo. Stauskas is an excellent shooter, but unless the Magic plan on going with a 3 guard lineup you can’t start all three of them. Assuming Exum goes at #4 I think if a PF or a SF slides to this spot, I’d expect the Magic to jump all over that player instead of Stauskas.


Minnesota Timberwolves Gary Harris,
Mich St
David:Let me explain. Harris is a SOLID defender, and can help hide Rubio as he can take the better offensive opponent and Rubio won’t have to work as hard. Now Harris does need some work offensively, and shoots only 35% from 3, but if Rubio doesn’t have to work on the defensive end, he should be able to pick up the slack on the offense that Harris is going to cause.

Zach: So the thought here is to balance out a defensive-less Rubio? Should be an interesting pick. at this point, about the best pick to make. I always said Minnesota was just one scorer away from really blowing the lid off this team. But defense wins championships, right??

EJ: Much needed pick. If anyone in this lottery need a shooter it’s Minnesota. Probably won’t start right away with Kevin Martin in town, but Harris is your future shooting guard with the Timberwolves.


Phoenix Suns Doug McDermott,
SF, Creighton
Zach:Dougie will walk into this nobody Phoenix squad and fit right in. Not only will McDermott join a brand of youthful, below-the-radar talent, but he will do so with panache. Fresh off a Naismith award, McD is Kyle Korver…but better. The guy can shoot, create, rebound, and pass. Since Phoenix is all about becoming the basketball version of Major League, why not invite McDermott to town for a fitting? This pick makes the most sense to me.

EJ: Good pick, even if I think McDermott will go a little higher than #14. However, if he does fall to the Suns, he’s another good piece for a young team.

David: I always get a little concerned about big time scorers from small schools- maybe its all the Adam Morrison flashbacks. McDermott is better, or at least I think he will be, but this could be a solid base hit pick, just what the Suns want.


Atlanta Hawks Kyle Anderson,
David: He’s not the fastest kid in the draft, and that fits in with the Jeff Teague offense, he averages over a steal a game, and has a MASSIVE wingspan, needs a little bit of work on his defense and a LOT of work his shooting.


Zach: I’m curious how this is going to work with Atlanta’s offense. For ATL, I think a center would’ve fit perfectly here. They still have Horford playing out of his true position (even with Josh Smith gone), and really are full at the small forward position. I’m honestly not a fan of this pic. I think, if anything, a big man was needed here.

EJ: Anderson plays at a snail pace but he’s a true point forward. He’s a 6’9″ ball handler and someone I’ve kept an eye on since he was in high school. It’s hard not to keep tabs on Anderson when he was playing just across the bridge in Northern New Jersey. Kid got talent, but I worry that his lack of athleticism will hurt him badly in the NBA.


Chicago Bulls Dario Saric
EJ: With another pick at number 19, I can take the gamble on Saric here. Why is it a gamble? Well it’s a bit unclear when Saric will come to the States, but the Bulls, are in a good position to take the skilled 6’10” big man. Saric can handle the rock, shoot some, and crashes the boards. He might not be the elite shooter the Bulls need, but he’s a good pick here.

Zach: Well since he won’t be coming to the U.S. for a while, I guess we’ll see what comes of this. i think the Bulls needed to work on their frontcourt a little more with Boozer probably leaving, and Deng’s hole at small forward is obvious. Obviously it worked out for Minnesota and Rubio, but I’m just not a fan of wait and see picks, especially in the first round.

David: Not a bad player to stash overseas, but the biggest issue is how does he fit on the Bulls? I can’t see him seeing the floor with Thibs demanding defense, and if he plays a lot, then Noah is going to cover everything. Of course, by he time he comes over- who knows who might be coaching the team.


Boston Celtics Elfrid Payton PG Lousiana-Lafayette EJ: I call this pick the “in case Rajon Rondo leaves” pick. Rondo will be a free agent the summer of 2015, and there’s no guarantee that he’ll continue to be a part of the Celtics rebuilding project. Payton, is a decent fall back option. The 6’4″ PG has been climbing draft boards because he’s an exceptional athlete, plays hard nose defense, and can get to the hole. Sounds a lot like the man, he could be replacing one day.

David: I actually have not heard a lot from him, but his defense is supposed to be unreal. I can’t argue with the pick, outside of the monster leap in quality of opposition.

Zach: So does this mean that Avery Bradley or Rajon Rondo is gone? Picking a point at this spot seems…interesting. He even seems like a bigger version of Rondo. Don’t get me wrong, I like all-around athletes like this. I think they can be a HUGE help to a rebuilder. I’m just curious where he fits in. Should be interesting in the days to come.


Phoenix Suns P..J. Hairston, SG, Texas Legends Zach: Oh, I am going to catch fire on this one. This is a damned if ya do, damned if ya don’t kind of pick. Hairston has the play of some GREAT talent. BUT…his attitude is what catches the eyes. Jeff Hornacek has done a magnificent job of tapering this young squad’s emotions and off-court attitude. So much that either Hairston goes here or next to Thibs and company. I think Hairston could get his shot in the draft. Why not pull the trigger now?

EJ: This is a boom or bust pick indeed. Feels like a reach to be honest, because I don’t think he goes before the late 20’s but the kid can shoot some, and can come off the bench and play SG.

David: Interesting Pick, to say the least, I think he might be a good fit, but I have to think this is a Major Reach here. I Don’t think he plays anywhere but SG in the NBA, so will he get the minutes he is going to need on this Suns team?


Chicago Bulls James Young,
EJ: The Bulls have Jimmy Butler and Tony Snell but the Bulls need shooting. Rodney Hood would have been a great pick here but he went earlier. Young came into Kentucky as a player with a consistent outside game and while he didn’t show it all the time for Coach Cal, he fills a need in Chicago.

Zach: Well this covers one of the spots. I actually like this pick, because it fills a hole at forward. I also thing Young slipped here, a major advantage for Chicago. Overall a decent pick here.

David: My big issues here is consistancy, or lack of same. Chicago doesn’t need a guy that shows up once or twice a week. I can’t hate on the pick too much, as he could turn out to just need a coach that – you know coaches.


Toronto Raptors  Adrien Payne,PF,
Michigan State
EJ: This kid is a legit stretch 4. He’s 6’10” and can really shoot the 3 ball. With Patterson and Hansbrough doubtful to return, I like the fit of Payne with the Raptors.

Zach: This kid reminds me of John Henson. He needs some work, but could be a nice addition to an already great band of Raptor players. I feel he was taken a bit high for the value you are getting, but he’s got some potential that I think will compliment an already intriguing Raptor lineup.

David: Can he rebound on the NBA Level? He’s got a long wingspan, but he got out jumped a lot in the BigWhatever, and that is only going to get worse in the NBA. I also have some stop and pop concerns.

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