Game of Thrones: “The Children”

Tyrion LannisterWelcome to our weekly Game of Thrones Post, where we don’t do a recap. Our Game of Thrones fans- David and EJ, present candidates and opinions. Again, neither of us have read the books, so don’t be that person, ok?

EJ and I would both like to thank you for reading us this season, I don’t know if we are going to do a Season Four catchup like we did for the beginning of this season, but who knows.

Next week is going to be our final Q&A for the season, so if you have a question for us, by all means add it below and we will try and fit it in.

Again, thank you for reading.


1. Why did Cersei tell her father about her and Jamie?Cersei

EJ: I think she had enough of the whole “Lannister legacy” talk. Whether Tywin knew or not, I think Cersei felt it was time to completely destroy whatever image Tywin had of his children in his head. In my own way, I get it. Earlier this season, it was established that Cersei and Jamie are 40 years old. At 40 years old, you have to be tired of your father telling you what to do. So, why not completely destroy his whole illusions, and tell him exactly what his children have been doing. Some legacy, huh?

David:I think she knew the Jamie was going to help Tyrion. I think she is also being the good little daughter, she had to have seen that Jamie doesn’t have the sword anymore. Cersei wants to take over the throne, and Tywin is the only one in her way. You never know what she’s after, she is about to lose her next son to the same bitch that married her older son, and there isn’t a thing she can do about it. Tywin is trying to pass her off the the bitch’s brother? No. She’s going after the throne on her own now, and her father is in the way. She’s staying in Kings Landing- single, and her dad isn’t going to do shit about it.
2. Where is Tyrion going now?trial of tyrion

EJ: Well considering Varys is from across the Narrow Sea and from the continent of Essos, got to assume that Tyrion is heading to Pentos, or Lys, or one of the Free Cities across the Sea. Since Varys decided to accompany the body, because in my opinion he has some suspicion of what Tyrion did before getting on that boat (those bells over Kings Landing wasn’t for a good reason), I’m looking forward to the Season 5 buddy comedy that’s going to be Tyrion and Varys.

David: Would not stun me to see him show up and tell Prince Oberyn’s brother what happened to the Red Viper. I wonder what he’s going to be thinking while in that box. Will he want his revenge on Kings Landing or does he want to just flush the whole kingdom and move on. I wouldn’t mind seeing him show up to help the Breaker of Chains out ruling Slaver’s bay.

Ooooh imagine Tyrion, Varys and Danerys working together!

3. Were you suprised when Stannis showed up at the wall?Stannis Baratheon

EJ: Nope. Melisandre did tell Stannis that the real battle was up North when Davos read the Knight’s Watch call for help to Stannis. So Stannis coming to the rescue was expected. I liked that scene to be honest. Stannis, and Davos, looked real regal in that moment. I also liked the fact that Mance and Jon Snow both had a bit of regalness to themselves as well. I’ve never been a fan of the whole The Wall angle of the show but Season 5 looks promising with Stannis around.

David: This early? Yes. I thought we would see that at the start of next season, I think we could have waited for that. I am a little shocked that they arrested the King North of the Wall. Stannis wants to be king, yet he just arrests the man that pillaged his northern border? ok.

4. Why did Arya go to Braavos?Arya

EJ: What else is she going to do? The Wall really isn’t a place for a woman, even if it where she originally wanted to go. Winterfell and the North is in the hands of Roose Bolton, and her and Sansa are complete polar opposities. No way was Arya going to play along with Littlefinger the way Sansa is. What is the one thing we saw Arya do multiple times this season? Practice her “water dance” with Needle. Who taught her that way back in Season One? A swordsman from Braavos. Who saved her from Harrenhal and gave her the coin back in Season 2? A Braavosi. Braavos and Arya has been linked together for some time now.

I think she wants to be Danerys 2.0. She’s going to mature, and build an army- then come back to kick ass and chew bubblegum

There is no Bubble Gum in Westeros.

She is going to be a stabby stabby hellion when she comes back, only problem? She’s a bit of a bitch, and with no Hound, she might have a problem with the dirty deeds. I have to think Breene and her man Friday should have came with her.

5. Is Danerys starting to lose her soul? (Chaining her Dragons, allowing slavery)Danerys

EJ: I forgot which week I said this, but I remember saying that Danerys knew how to conquer but she had no clue how to rule. Her heart is in conquering, in freeing, but she’s completely clueless in how to lead people. How to control situations. She doesn’t know how to control her dragons, she didn’t really understand the power vacuum she created when she freed the cities of Slaver Bay and she really doesn’t know what she’s doing or what she really wants. Her soul’s been lost if you really think about it. I don’t know how she’ll get it back either.

David: She wants to do right. Much like the new King of the Seven Kingdoms, she wants to be a good queen, and sad to say, being a good Queen doesn’t always mean just doing whats right. She had to get rid of Ser Freindzone, and she is stuck without much guidance on ruling. She has a lot of growing to do, and she basically just has a great army with great leadership, and just incredible luck so far. Brash moves and a fighting army only helps as long as you keep moving forward, when you stop, both of those assets become liabilities.

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