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NBA DraftHere at 7poundbag, we love the draft. We love arguing picks, we love the wish-lists, and we love looking back and bragging on how we did. The hardest two parts of any draft predictions, are: 1) the trades, and 2) all it takes is one idiot to blow it up.

The Rules: So for this one we split up the NBA with EJ, Zach, and David each taking 2 divisions Much like our NFL MOCK We declared no trades, you have to pick where you are. EJ has the Atlantic and Central, Zach the Pacific and Southwest and David the Southeast and Northwest.


Cleveland Cavaliers Andrew Wiggins
SG University of Kansas
EJ: I gave consideration to Embiid here, but it’s hard for me to pass up on Wiggins. Wiggins may not be as pro ready as Jabari Parker is, but he and Kyrie Irving can combine for a great future in Cleveland. He’ll also make Dion Waiters expendable and that’s not a bad thing in Cleveland.  

David: I can see the process here, Wiggins has been the pick since the draft ended last year. I think Parker is the smarter pick, since LeBron in the middle of yet another Finals run is making the owner an idiot. The Cavs have to win and win NOW.

Zach: I had the pleasure of seeing Kyrie Irving live in his lone season at Duke. All I can say about Irving is WOW. I can honestly say that besides the god-like talent that is Kyrie Irving…NONE of the picks Cleveland has maybe beyond him have been sensible. At some point, you have to stop blaming the kid and blame the team. Is it the player…or the environment? Barring a trade, I guess Mr. Wiggins is the next contestant.


Bucks Joel Embiid
University of Kansas.
EJ: If anyone can take a risk on Embiid’s back and his future potential it’s the Bucks. The Bucks struck gold on Giannis Antentoumpko last season, and now with Embiid, they’ll have two players who could be All-Pro in 5 seasons. The thing to remember with Embiid is that while he is raw, he’s a great athlete, and he’s a better inside-outside threat on offense then he displayed at Kansas.

David: The Bucks are in a slow go here, and I think they are perfectly willing to let Embiid develop. I would not be stunned to see Parker go here, but lets be honest, there isn’t a player on the Bucks Roster that is 100% sure-fire All-Star, Embiid is more than worth the gamble.

Zach: Same kind of goes for the Bucks as the Cavs. I guess it’s as good of a pick as any. I don’t really see it changing the team’s outlook any but hey. What can it really hurt?

Sixers Jabari Parker
Duke University
EJ: I gave some serious thought to Exum here, but it’s hard for me to see the Sixers pass up on Parker. In a perfect world, I think the Sixers would love to see Wiggins fall here, but in Parker the Sixers get a ready made starter that they can slide into the lineup, and they get a player that can either team with Thad Young, or potentially replace him.

David: Parker is a fairly easy pick here, the Sixers have a TON of youth here, and Parker is the most Pro-ready prospect in the draft.

Zach: I am good with this pick. Parker goes somewhere that actually has a shot at improving and making a difference. He still needs to work on his defense, but hopefully Nerlens Noel can serve as a safety net for him and allow Parker to essentially get there on a defensive platform.


orlando-magic-alternate-logo-2-primary Dante Exum  
David: 6’6 and quick. Penny 2.0? The big issue here is his age (18) and the fact he lit up Australia instead of the Pac-10 or the SEC. Personally, I’m not a fan of this pick, and since I’m supposed to be the GM here, I’m going to pretend I got overridden by my owner on this pick. Exum doesn’t have the best outside shot, but has SO much potential its scary. He’s going to be in the NBADL if he shoots 65% on his free throws in the NBA as a point guard. There is zero chance Exum gets past Orlando. I’m just gonna pretend I have to take him. Does play defense better than half the NBA points right now- but then again, so does my 13 year old.

Zach: Never really been a huge fan of european players, seeing as how only 1/3 of them work out, but hey…what can it hurt, right? Exum should be a good addition, though.

EJ: Exum can be a star or a bust. He has all the tools for stardom, he really does, but he’s very very raw. He may never be a good shooter, and he may not become a premier ball handler, but he could become Penny 2.0 or a taller Rajon Rondo if you’re willing to be very patient. I’d like this pick for Orlando.


Utah Jazz Julius Randle
PF Kentucky
David:He’s a bit undersized for PF, but he’s not quick enough to play SF and he’s not going to get 10 boards a game in the NBA. I’ll say that right now. What he will do is bust his ass to get better, and he might take a year to develop his outside shooting. He’s got some serious back to the basket skills, and is going to be a monster in the blocks vs the bulk of the NBA. I think the best we can hope for is a shorter Al Jefferson. If he is FORCED to stay inside until his jumpshot develops, he can be a very good pro. If he decides to be Dirk 2.0, he’s going to be hated in Utah. He’s going to need a good coach to be worth the pick. If I’m the GM, then I’ll make sure he has the coaching.

Zach: I guess the biggest point is this: Will Favors and Randle co-exist? If they can, then I love this pick. If not, Utah probably should’ve picked a shot-creator as opposed to a defensive prowl like Randle. I don’t really have a problem with this pick…more curious if the Randle/Favors combo will work.

EJ: Julius Randle is pro ready but does Utah really need him? Derrick Favors is being paid like the future at PF in Utah, so where does Randle fit? Julius is an outstanding player, and there’s nothing really wrong with this pick outside of what do you do with combining Favors and Randle.


Boston Celtics Aaron Gordon
SF/PF University of Arizona
EJ: I’ve seen some comparisons to Blake Griffin with Gordon. I don’t see it. What I do see is a versatile player that can fill up a stat sheet effortlessly. I’d like to think he’s going to be a Lamar Odom type in the NBA. He won’t be nearly as good as a ball handler as Lamar is, but he’s someone you can play at SF/PF or even at center in a small ball lineup. He’ll give you 12 points a game, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists like nothing. He’ll block a few shots too. He’s just the type of player Danny Ainge loves. He works hard, he’s got a bit of an under the radar type of game, and he’ll be another valuable piece in the Celtics rebuilding project.

David: Gordon will never, EVER be an all-star. He will be the guy that will play a decade in NBA- I can almost see him as another Jalen Rose or even a Kawai Leonard. Just someone that will end up the night with 15/5 on a regular basis with above average defense. He’s a player that will be loved in Boston- even as they are looking to replace him in 3-4 years with a name.

Zach: I, for one, am excited for Aaron Gordon. I think if he puts on 20-30lbs and adds some muscle, the kid could be a very dangerous target in 3-4 years. I like this pick, a lot from Boston. Could you imagine Sullinger/Gordon in the frontcourt? Could be interesting…


Lakers Marcus Smart
Oklahoma St
Zach:Although Gordon would’ve fit here, I like Smart taking on L.A.. The kid has a high motor, proven scorer/passer, and would work well as a Russell Westbrook/type combo guard. The only deal: can he coexist with Kobe? If he can get with Kobe in the final years, this should be a solid step towards L.A. getting back to success.    

EJ: As a Lakers fan, I’d love for Exum to fall here, or for the Lakers to take Vonleh. Problem is neither of those guys are ready to help Kobe now. If helping Kobe is the only thing the Lakers are concerned with, then this is the perfect pick for them. Smart is ready to start day one. As far as getting along with Kobe, I don’t think that’ll be much of an issue.

David: I’m not big on Smart, and I’m scared as a Hornets fan we are going to end up with him. Can he create on his own? Can he take over in the NBA? I have too many questions.


Sacremento Kings Tyler Ennis
Zach: This one was tough, seeing as how Sac-town has all their positions filled with possible young talent. Ennis provides the Kings with a little security as a point guard that can lead a team. Ennis was always calm, cool, and collected at ‘Cuse and I would view him as a solid contributor, should Thomas buckle. Although I wouldn’t look past a trade here, I think Sacramento would be stupid to pass this one up.

EJ: This works. Isaiah Thomas has put up points for the Kings, but he’s built more as a backup PG than a starter in the NBA. Ennis is the type of distributor that’ll carry the ball up, dump it into Cousins and rack up assists. Fine pick for the Kings.

David:Boogie is going to love this guy. He’s a better creator than Thomas, and is more worried about the wins than the stat-sheet. If he can master man on man defense, he’s going to be a force.


Charlotte Hornets Rodney Hood
David: In this gift pick, the Hornets take someone that is perfectly fine with having the rock in the closing seconds of the game, and won’t get exposed defensively while during it. Hood has a lot of work to do, but with a big wingspan- can float around a lot of lineups- and again- LIKES TO SHOOT. His big knock on him is that he’s skinny and can’t rebound- oh wait- I have Al Jefferson? Never mind.

EJ: I get the logic here with Hood. I just feel this pick is about 10 spots too high. The Hornets do need shooters, and Hood can shoot, but I can’t help but feel McDermott or Stauskas are better fits at #9.

Zach: I think Hood was taken a bit high here, but nonetheless a fitting pick. Rodney Hood is a good, all-around player to have. He’s young and can do a lot of different things, mainly pertaining to his offensive game. The best part: he’s a hustler. No matter what, hustlers will always have a home in the NBA.


Sixers Noah Vonleh
University of Indiana
EJ: I make this pick praying that Jabari Parker does not eat his way out of the SF position, forcing Vonleh to the bench in the near future.  Vonleh is an inside-outside kind of player. He can play with his back to the basket, and he converted 48% of the 33 3-pointers attempted at Indiana. Despite his upside, he does come with some risks. He didn’t exactly make a middling Indiana team better, and he doesn’t strike me as a game changing talent. However, he’s great value for the 10th spot and for a young Sixers team that is big on player development.   

David: I got problems here: Indiana has a ton of talent, but you never really saw him just put the team on his back and impress me. Could he be a star on the NBA level? Not a chance. Can he be the type of guy that can make it easier on Parker on the offensive end? Absolutely. I just wonder if his defense is good enough to let him stay on the floor.

Zach: Vonleh is a Joakim Noah-type player. He will never change a team from under .500 to over .500, but will be a solid addition and a night in-night out contributor. He’s essentially going to handle the dirty work for a team. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a good pick here.


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  1. Quickly this has become one of my faiorvte all time shows, it puts asmile on my face every time.Right now I’m in school for film, and what you’re doing is just great, I especiallylove the awkwardness of this, and quite frankly I would buy seasons of this.I found this oddly enough through 4chan, then i saw Zach’s youtube page(which i became an instant fan) and now I’m here :)Who ever reads this, just know me and my friends love you guys here in toronto.-Erik

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