MMA Roundtable: 6/13 Edition!

Welcome back to the MMA Roundtable! Sorry its taken so long for us to come back to you, but here we go! Less talk, more fighting!

This week, we have Roni, Collin and David!Talking Dodson, Crackhead scorecards, and more!

1. Did John Dodson earn another title shot?Dodson vs DJ
Roni: Sure, why not?
He won his last 2 fights against good guys. If Cain, Junior, Gus and so many other fighters get a return title shot after one win, why not Dodson?

Collin: Sure, why not?  Jobi strangling Tim Elliot was not a big enough win to justify him again (yet), but Dodson put on a pretty good show on a former top contender. 125 still isn’t a super deep division, so a win like that is probably enough to justify a great personality like Dodson into another crack at the belt.

David: I would say if it was a squash win, without a doubt, but Dodson didn’t look like Dodson usually does. He won, get got a stoppage, but he didn’t look crisp. I think he needs another fight, and wait until the UFC can put it on FOX.

2. Did Benson become the number 1 contender?Benson Henderson
Roni: Well, while this might be true, he lost twice to the champ, and decisively.
So I am not too keen to give him a rematch so fast.

So while he is indeed the top of the line, he could fight Khabib Nurmagomedov (the guy he thought he was supposed to fight this weekend), and with a win, he should get in line after El Nino.

Collin: Not in my mind.  I would rather see him win a few more before seeing him fight Pettis again. Rustam is an awesome fighter and one of the top prospects in the division, but his #11 placement in the UFC’s rankings was accurate. I’d like to see Khabib get the next shot personally.

David: Well, he’s gonna fight again, Gilberto has him next, and we have TUF75 to film and show first, so Benson might fight once if not twice. Let him face some bottom 10 guy again, then Khabib Nurmagomedov for the number 1 contender spot. If not for TUF, I’d give him another shot after Khabib Nurmagomedov gets Pettis next.

3. Guess the blood-alcohol content of the judges during the Diego/Ross fight
Roni: I don’t know what to tell you.
I saw a clear 30-27 Ross. I would even understand 29-28 (Ross) if the judges wanted to look favourably to Diego. but 30-27 Diego? I was speechless!
The worse part though, is the realization that this is not the worse decision, and as this is not enough, the knowledge that the judges will get no heat for that!

Collin: That was a horrible decision, but as Diego was walking forward flailing wildly and not landing, what did you expect? I was not surprised at all. What has been done to fix the judging crisis since his last garbage W, or the one before it?  His strategy of Leonard Garcia’ing his way to trash decisions has worked in the past, so I wasn’t surprised at all when Pierson was robbed.

David: I’m gonna go with twice the legal limit. The sad thing is this happens to Deigo, does he hold the record for robberies?The UFC has to start going after the commishions, not on Dana’s Video Blog, but behind closed doors- I mean If I’m coaching Khabib Nurmagomedov, there is NO Chance in hell I’m fighting Deigo in anything short of a 5 rounder in a state where he’s never robbed anyone, if I’m a title holder, I’m not fighting under certain commisions. I’m just glad Dana paid Ross his win bonus.

4. Should Andre Arlovski be on a Main Card in the UFC? Arlovski

Roni: Yes, why not? People like HW fights, and AA is an exciting fighter.
I am actually ok with the placement they put him on (with Schaub). Main card, but not “co” nor “main” event.
He is a known name, and an ex-champ. SO IMO he does belong to the Main card.

Collin: Sure. He is a former champion, one of the top 10 heavyweights of all time, and an entertaining if not super relevant fighter. I’ll pay to watch him, as long as he isn’t the main event.

David: Arlovski is a name, and he won’t pull many people to buy a PPV, but the heavyweight roster is THIN, and maybe Arlovski can serve as a warning to some people in the lockerroom that the UFC DOESN’T NEED YOU. Lets also keep in mind that getting to the UFC has never been easier. I have no doubt that card placement means less than it ever has, but on some PPVs you may want the top spot on FS1 over bottom rung PPV.

UFC 1745. Scale of 1-10, how excited are you for this UFC 174 card?
Roni: It’s an OK card, but nothing I’d hold my breath over.
DJ & Bagautinov should be a good fight, as was Dodson’s.
Woodley & MacDonald should be a great fight with obvious title shot implications. Bader & Cavalcante is ok, and AA & Schaub should also be ok.
Overall the card is ok.
I’d give it a 7

Collin: 7 Solid card, but I still have a hard time getting excited to watch 125’ers. I know this makes me a terrible fan, but that is just the truth. DJ is awesome though, and this card has one solid co-main in Woodly/Rory. Plus a fun fight in AA vs Schaub. I guess I’m just having difficulty dealing with the fact that I have to pay to watch Ryan Jimmo fight.

David: I’ll give it a 5. Only one fight is a legit toss-up in my mind- and only if McDonald doesn’t get back to the promise he did have. If Rory is slow, Woodley is gonna slap him around. The rest of the card? Either two guys treading water- or trying to keep their spots.

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